Defending Lionblaze; by Lupinepaw

With spoilers, Lupinepaw sets out a defence argument for the character of Lionblaze. All court-y, isn’t it?

Alright, so, as the title says: in this article, I will defend Lionblaze, as I have seen ‘Gary-Stu!’ and ‘Stupid Russetfur murderer!’ written too many times. Well, if you have those thoughts, think and read again. Is he actually a psychotic Gary-Stu? Let’s review. (Josh Edit: poet and you didn’t know it). Again, spoilers.


A Quick Review

Okay, let us start with the major thing. During a battle caused by Ivypaw’s extreme intelligence (omg so intelligent i can die) of believing Tigerstar like a mouse-brain, Lionblaze had accidentally killed Russetfur to save Firestar, the leader of ThunderClan at that time. So now let us see about his powers. Lionblaze’s powers were quite too much, honestly. He could never be defeated. But revealing that had made Cinderheart upset or feel way too normal. Ashfur had tried to kill Lionblaze among with his siblings, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. Ashfur also was fighting Lionblaze – Lionpaw at that time, without being like the normal mentor. Ashfur was furious, if I remember correctly.

Gary-Stu; Yes or No?


Anyway, he is not a Gary-Stu to me. I’m just exaggerating. Anyway, let us get to the point; Imagine, if you were never able to be beaten. How would it feel? Good or lonely? Would you be able to feel others’ pain if you never felt it? That is the bad side of being unbeatable. Now, to the other part. Lionblaze revealed his secret to Cinderheart so she wouldn’t worry about him at all, but Cinderheart left him for a long, long time, until Cinderpelt left her in The Last Hope. He lost his sister too, no?

A False Accusation 

If you hate Lionblaze for killing Russetfur, it’s worth reading over Night Whispers again: Lionblaze had killed Russetfur in order to save his leader, Firestar, but Russetfur was too old for the battle. He had accidentally killed her.

I get outraged whenever I see someone hate on Lionblaze for killing Russetfur. If you were there, who would you save? Your leader, and grandfather, or some co-leader from another enemy Clan that is killing your leader and grandfather? Think of that. Yes, Russetfur love is different, but understand Lionblaze, for goodness sake. Do you expect him to stay watching Russetfur kill Firestar, just being a fretting Scooby-Doo, not wanting to save his leader so he let the leader die? Psssh. Lionblaze did it all accidentally, he never meant to kill Russetfur. Wait, I think Lionblaze never felt guilty after it, yeah, he never did omg. Scratch that, he did feel guilty for a long time. Less hate for Lionblaze now? Well, all these ‘I hate Lionblaze for killing Russetfur’ seems to be a simply false accusation because it was all an accident. Russetfur was too old. Lionblaze had felt guilty. He had to protect his Clan leader.

Well, I guess that is all. I’m out of the ranting pot now. Dovewing might be nexty-next, but feel free to suggest a hated character that doesn’t deserve all the hate down below!

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  • Lionblaze is my favorite cat! Thank you for defending him. I feel like most people don’t like him just because of his powers, but that was what made him special.

  • Lionblaze is my favorite cat out of PoT and OoTS! I feel like most people don’t like him because of his “dumb” powers, but that’s what makes him special.

  • Lionblaze has never been on my Top 18 favorite character list, but I don’t hate him either.
    Excellent article!!

    super late reply but meh, the random article button

    • Agree! It was an accident when Lionblaze killed Russetfur. He even felt guilty afterwards! And he really did have some hard things in life. Also, Russetfur was actually never my favorite anyway.
      Apart from that……..
      GO HOLLYLEAF!!!!!! She forgave everyone in the end! And she killed Ashfur because Ashfur was….a jerk to Squrrielflight but also because he was going to reveal everything. And she revealed it at the Gathering because that was when she found out who her father was and decided that every cat had to know (it would have gotten out sooner or later). But if anyone has read Hollyleaf’s Story, she regetted lots of it and exiled herself for it. That’s a big punishment but I’m the end, she came back and even when she was away, she never stopped serving her Clan. Yaaayyy!

  • Lionblaze is my least favorite of Leaf and Crow’s litter, but I still don’t understand why he gets so much hate. Great article!

  • Can you do an article pointing out how bad of a leader Firestar was?
    Firestar broke numerous rules of the warrior code as a leader, and made influenced, biased decisions. I honestly think Firestar might be worse than Raggedstar, since he also made biased decisions. They might not have been as biased, but he made more of them.

    • You could write it !! Idk how active Lupinepaw is at the moment, but anyone on BlogClan can write an article 😀

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