Character Analysis: Graystripe; by Lakeshimmer

Picking up where we left off before, Lakeshimmer continues their analysis of Graystripe. Or Greystripe. Depending on where you land on the globe.

Here’s that second part I promised and almost forgot about!

Spoiler warning for pretty much the whole series follows!


Arc 2: The Lost Warrior Manga

In Arc 2, he is rarely seen due to most of the first half taking place outside of the clans and the fact that he was captured just before the 2nd half began. Plus, The Lost Warrior trilogy was like the only manga I’ve read other then The Rise of Scrouge and one of the Skyclan ones. So that’s a thing. Anyway, one of the only prominent parts that he was in is when he volunteered (I think) to save the capture cats. When most of the warriors fled when the truck started to move, he persevered and managed to save every clan cat… Except himself. And that was really sad. So then, he ends up getting adopted by a family of twolegs (humans if you don’t remember) and is confused. His first instinct is to escape that wretched place, but he doesn’t know where to go. The whole forest is pretty much gone. So he’s trapped. He gets frustrated when he starts to loose his hunting skills and is very upset when he gets wrecked by some Kittypet who’s name I’m too lazy to look up. Then he meets Millie, who everyone pretty much hates. But they become friends, and he teaches her how to hunt and fight.

Millie shows him what I’ve assumed is a nature preserve and he loves it. One day that random Kittypet I mentioned earlier and his pathetic excuse for an entourage (I just made a reference to a show that probably nobody on BlogClan watches but if you know you get a non-existent cookie) try to kick Graystripe and Millie out of the nature preserve. And then Graystripe and Millie completely destroy the Kittypets. (You could say they got dunked on). Graystripe is very satisfied with this and asks Millie if she wants to try to find the Clans with him. She eventually agrees, and they go. They meet the barn cats and help them out with dogs, and we learn about Millie’s extremely overpowered and awesome ability to speak dog. Graystripe is absolutely amazed by this. After a bunch of traveling, they get stuck in a twolegplace and get beat up by rogues. Then some cat who lives by a gas station (I think his name might’ve been Tiger but I honestly don’t remember) helps them. Millie becomes buddies with Tiger, and Graystripe is totally jealous. But then they leave and this jealousy disappears. When they arrive to the Lake, he quickly finds the island where all the clans are conveniently gathered. Then there’s a very happy reunion and stuff.

Arc 3 and 4:

Unfortunately, most of Graystripe’s character development stops here. There was some points where some cats questioned whether Graystripe or Brambleclaw should be deputy, and Graystripe was cool with not being deputy. He’s still not ambitious. He has kits with Millie since they’re mates, but he isn’t seen interacting with them much. Perhaps he was reminded of Silverstream’s kits and had too many painful memories to really interact with them. But you should’ve helped out Bumblestripe and Blossomfall when Millie was being a jerk, Graystripe! And I am aware of my mistake with Patchpelt in the last article, so he has no other excuse for not being there for his kits. Throughout the rest of arcs 3 and 4, he sometimes complains about his age, which hinted his move to the elders den. He fought valiantly against the Dark Forest and was obviously devastated when his best friend, Firestar, died. If I remember correctly, he wanted to help Firestar fight Tigerstar but I could be wrong.

Arc 5:

…pretty much nothing, unfortunately. At least he didn’t die like Sandstorm…

Alrighty then! The next Character Analysis will either be Lionheart, Whitestorm or Bluestar. Probably Bluestar because there will be more content with her, but if you want you can vote for whatever character will be my next victim of over-analyzing.

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