Ideas For a Possible Seventh Series; by Blazekit

In a shorter article today, Blazekit takes us through their machinations for a possible seventh series of Warriors.

So, hello, I’m Blazekit! I’ve been thinking about a 7th series and this is what I thought of:


After ShadowClan is restored and SkyClan moves in with the other Clans, there is a great storm. It kills many cats, including Leafpool, Crowfrost, Millie, Harespring, Mosspelt, and Berrynose. Suddenly, after the storm, a 4 foot tall silver statue of a cat appears. Mothwing decides that it saved the Clan from the storm and says that she will worship it.

RiverClan, who has lost the most cats, agrees with Mothwing, and Mistystar decides that RiverClan will worship this cat. Bramblestar, Sedgestar (Sedgewhisker), Rowanstar and Ivystar (Iypool, who leaves ThunderClan for SkyClan) decide to also make their clans worship this statue called the Stormcatcher.

Then, StarClan picks one cat from each clan, Crowfeather (Who is now deputy) for WindClan, Pinekit from SkyClan, Dawnpelt, from ShadowClan, Jayfeather from ThunderClan, and Reedwhisker from RiverClan. They have to call upon an old friend (Midnight) to help destroy the idol and convert the Clans back to StarClan.



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  • SPOILER!!!!

    Harespring will not die because he becomes leader and gets nine lives after Onestar dies. Therefore he would still be alive because he has eight lives left. But great theory Blazekit!