Unpopular Opinions For the Future; by Blazekit

Blazekit sits in the article director’s chair today and says “Hello guys, I’m Blazekit and I’m here to give you some unpopular opinions!”

Hello guys, I’m Blazekit and I’m here to give you some unpopular opinions!


I think that Bramblestar should lose all his lives either by Book 6 of A Vision of Shadows or sometime in Series 7. Pinestar and Sunstar seemed like they had short leaderships because we didn’t get a series about them. Bluestar’s seemed short, which I liked, but Firestar’s was way way too long. Bramblestar’s should be maybe 1 or 2 Series long. Not 3.25 series long. Possible leaders, most likely Squirrelstar, maybe Cloudstar, Lionstar, Dovestar, or my favorite, Brackenstar.


Stop the Dynasties!

If you don’t know what I mean: Firestar was the main character in Series 1. In Series 2, we had mostly Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Leafpool. Brambleclaw is Tigerstar’s son, while Leafpool and Squirrelflight are Firestar’s Daughters. In Series 3, we get Firestar’s Grandchildren. In Series 4, we get Firestar’s Great Great Nieces, Dovewing and Ivypool. In Series 6, we get Alderheart who is Firestar’s (and Tigerstar’s) grandson. Everyone of these cats is either related to Firestar or Tigerstar. I hope that Squirrelflight dies so she doesn’t become leader, Even though I mentioned Dovewing and Ivypool being related to Firestar. They’re not direct descendents. I think that Cloudtail could make a great deputy, or Whitewing, or even Birchfall. I don’t like Dovewing that much, so not her. Ivypool would work. Just plz no deputies or leaders like Lionblaze, Squirrelflight, Spark(paw), Hollytuft, Fernsong, or Sorrelstripe. As I would want, Brackenfur should be deputy,he’s pretty old, but that is the point, he would make a great deputy before he retires.

Kill Off Daisy!

Kill off Daisy. Some people might actually agree with me. Just kill her off!

Put Some Older Cats in the Spotlight

Again, Series 1 starts off with an apprentice. Series 2 starts of with a young warrior and 2 apprentices. Series 3 starts off with 3 kits. Series 4 starts off with 2 kits and 2 young warriors. Series 5 is an exception. Series 6 starts off with one kit. No middle aged or old cats get a point of view. You can decide who gets the point of view. But just not some young cat!

Sometimes when someone has the point of view for at least a series is very important. They’re abandoned after one Series (or two). Look at Lionblaze, he was so important in The Power of Three and Omen of the Stars, but in The Apprentice’s Quest, he’s a nobody. The greatest example of this is Crowfeather. He was so important in The New Prophecy but faded in The Power of Three and by Omen of the Stars, I almost forgot that he existed. I like Crowfeather, so make him have an important role.

This brings me to my next topic:

Less Plots Centered On ThunderClan

A Vision of Shadows might be starting to get rid of this. Look at Needlepaw, for example, who was a very important character in A Vision of Shadows and not some nobody like all ShadowClan apprentices except maybe Tawnypelt’s kits have been.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to tell me your opinions in the comments. Bye for now!

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  • I really want Ivypool as leader, or at least deputy! It would help the cats in Thunderclan to realise that the dark forest trainees weren’t all evil. I also wouldn’t mind Thornclaw, he would be a good deputy, but a bit too old for leader. Isn’t he one of the most senior warriors?

  • I agree….
    and how do you use canon??? Daisy doesn’t really need to be killed off because she’s a terrible mother though. I started off liking Firestar and now I HATE HIM because he appears sooo much. We do need to give older cats a spotlight too. ThunderClan has so many plots now it’s getting tiring, give Shadow,River,Wind and perhaps Sky a chance! The dynasties are getting HUGELY TIRING. Does anyone read WoF too? 🐉

    • Wait what
      Daisy didnt reject her kits but did care for them and she was asking why Spiderleg didnt visit their kits from what I remember

  • I agree with most of them.

    But Daisy getting killed off? Hmm, I hope she dies doing something noble, so when she’s gone, people won’t be all like “Yay! Finally that mouse-brain is dead!” or “Good. I never liked her anyway.”

    Eh just a thought.

      • This is how all cats should die off but still daisy is important she takes care of the kits which is one of the most important things to do

    • I agree. Daisy isn’t that bad I don’t get what the big deal is about everyone disliking her. She knows how to hunt and she probably DOES hunt for the Clan even if they never specifically say that she does. Also, she’s had bad luck with relationships all over the place. Smokey just totally didn’t care that she and his kits left, Spiderleg got cold feet after their kits were born, and she lost her closest friend (Ferncloud) BUT STILL STAYED TO PROTECT THE CLAN. If she was truly a fat lazy coward, she would have gone back to Horseplace as soon as she got wind of the Dark Forest attacking. She may not be in the center of the action, but she does do good for ThunderClan and many cats in the Clan love and respect her.

  • Something at the end of TAQ said something like “Wow Lilyheart, you have a lot of kits to feed.” And Lilyheart is like “Yeah it’s okay, Daisy is hunting for me while I take care of them.”
    “Yeah it’s okay, Daisy is hunting for me while I take care of them.”
    “Daisy is hunting for me while I take care of them.”
    Now we can stop saying she’s useless at the very least.

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