BlogClan Information Bulletin

diffKate has a few words to share on current technical problems in BlogClan

Hi BlogClan

A lot of comments have been going straight into the Spam folder since I updated WordPress. I am currently experimenting to solve this problem. You can make commenting easier by registering as a subscriber (this may or may not help. I don’t know yet). And I have installed some fierce anti-spam software as an added precaution. Please leave feedback here about the new measures and any problems you are having.

I also know that forms are currently not working and I am trying to find a solution to this. Please bear with me.

Please note that you do not need to register as a subscriber in order to comment on BlogClan; registering may simply help you bypass the spam filter more easily (this is only theoretical)

Thank you for you patience 🙂

UPDATE: Forms are now fixed! 😀 😀



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