Should SkyClan Have Existed; by Fernrustle

With spoilers ahead, Fernrustle sits in the article director’s chair to bring us their answer to the titular question.

Please do not read if you haven’t looked at Firestar’s Quest or The Apprentice’s Quest.


Hello Warrior Cat fans and everyone in between…

Today we’re going to discuss the “lost” clan, SkyClan. Some cats thought SkyClan never should have belonged in the forest, while others believed just the opposite. I’ll state some facts supporting SkyClan and against SkyClan, and give you my opinion.

Here we go!

For SkyClan!

  • SkyClan was revived by Firestar and Sandstorm and they were able to survive after the couple left.
  • SkyClan’s ancestors showed themselves at different times to the modern SkyClan, proving that SkyClan is meant to be a warrior clan.
  • Both Skywatcher and Rainfur’s spirits were seen among SkyClan’s warrior ancestors. This means that SkyClan’s ancestors are watching over SkyClan.

Against SkyClan!

  • The ancient SkyClan was driven from the forest by the other clans.
  • After SkyClan left, it was forgotten because everybody refused to believe that they were really a Clan.
  • Thunderclan has SkyClan blood and SkyClan has ThunderClan blood, since Cloudstar’s mate Birdflight raised her kits in ThunderClan. Therefore, SkyClan may have not been able to survive if Birdflight had not lived in ThunderClan, because if Spottedleaf wasn’t descended from Cloudstar’s kin, she wouldn’t have existed, and she couldn’t have helped Firestar in his quest to save SkyClan.

I’m all for SkyClan, and one reason why is because the leaders who drove SkyClan out came to Leafstar’s nine lives ceremony and said they were sorry. But there’s more than that. SkyClan has showed itself to be strong, loyal, and fierce, like all the other clans. It’s true that modern Skyclan is now made up of kittypets, loners, and rogues. But they still have Skyclan ancestry and they have proved to be brave and devoted to the lives of Clan cats.

One sad thing is that SkyClan was driven out again by rogues (revealed in The Apprentice’s Quest). But, who knows? Maybe later in the series, they will become a Clan once more.


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  • I believe that SkyClan is vital to all of the Clans. And their existence needs to be protected. Especially after the stories of the Early Settlers were told in Dawn of the Clans. The Ancient Tribe cats who have journeyed to the Forest for a better life are key to not only how the 5 Clans were formed but to help bring full circle the destines of future Clan cats in the Forest and the Lake Territories.

    I am looking forward to the unreleased books in the Vision of Shadows arc. As I already see hints from the first two books of prophecies and omens about SkyClan being reunited with the other 4 Clans. Clearing the air from the way Cloudstar and his cats were cast out of the Forest and forgotten about by the remaining Clans. With Hawkwing having a huge role along with Alderheart. My prediction is Echosong sends Hawkwing to find Firestar and the clan cats with full knowledge it is not going to be an easy journey. Since Ravenpaw had already showed up in the gorge with Barley and the 2 young cats who wanted to become real Warriors. And has informed SkyClan that other 4 clans were forced to leave the Forest in search of a new home. Only knowing a general direction they were heading. We know Ravenpaw died while in SkyClan and that he was at Bramblestar’s Leader Ceremony with StarClan. That fact will be key when Hawkwing does find ThunderClan. It will verify the need to help SkyClan. I also predict that once the entire arc has been released, it will connect the dots and bring the Clan Cats full circle with their entire history.

  • I think SkyClan is very important! Clear Sky fought so hard for his group in DotC, so the fact that it was his Clan that was driven out is ironic.

  • I think Skyclan should exist! It’s so diverse and it’s one of the few clans that are welcoming to those who aren’t natural born warriors. They also play a key part in warrior cats history. As Clearsky was one of the main leaders who formed the clan.