My Top Ten Favorite Warriors; by Sparrowpaw


Sparrowpaw discusses their favourite cats of the franchise.

Hello, BlogClan! I’m very new to this forum, so please cut me some slack on my first article! Anyway, here goes!Cinderpelt

10, Whitestorm:

When I first started this book series I immediately fell in love with Whitestorm. He was such a wise and intelligent charecter, it was almost impossible to not like him. Whitestorm showed leadership and courage in the battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan in “Into The Wild”. But, what I like most about him is his loyalty to ThunderClan, which he proved many times in the first series.

9, Bluestar:

Bluestar was such a devoted and strong charecter. Not only was she an amazing leader, but she was passionate and loyal to her clan. I have to admit, I was very annoyed when she became crazy after “Forest of Secrets”, but besides that, I love every aspect of her. In addition to being an amazing charecter, Bluestar has a great backstory and is very well written. She faces tough decisions and times of grief in her Super Ediion, “Bluestar’s Prophecy”, which makes her an even better charecter.

8, Yellowfang:

Ah, Yellowfang. The first time I read “Into The Wild”, I thought Yellowfang was a spoiled old cat. But after re-reading the book, and finishing the series, I have grown to love this charecter. Yellowfang has a horrible back story along with plot-twisting secrets. You always know something interesting will happen when she’s around, but that’s not entirely why I love her. She’s grumpy, true, but she is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, and very tough when she needs to be.

7, Sagewhisker:

I bet you didn’t expect this one to show up on the list, huh? Well, Sagewhisker is in fact one of my favorite cats. In fact, Sagewhisker is possibly my favorite medicine cat (besides Cinderpelt, but we’ll talk about her later). I love Sagewhisker because of how understanding and sweet she is. She is such a calm and wise charecter, which I totally love. She fully supported Yellowfang, even when she found out her apprentice was having kits. I was devastated when she passed away, because she had grown to be a charecter I cared about.

6, Crookedstar:

Oh, wow. I can’t express how much I love Crookedstar. His Super Edition, “Crookedstar’s Promise” was probably my favorite out of the Super Editions. He is such a strong cat, and it makes me love him even more after all he has been through. He has such an amazing backstory, and I was pulled into every second of his book. I love how even when he was injured as a kit, he pushed on and stayed standing. Crookedstar’s was a great leader, too. He was a bit too protective of his daughter, Silverstream, but I can’t blame him for that. Anyway, onto the next cat!

5, Lionheart:

Ahh, Lionheart. He was such a loyal and devoted cat. If I had to pick a warrior cat to be my best friend, I would pick this guy. Lionheart as an apprentice was funny, exciting and hyper. Even though he kind of annoyed Bluepaw (salty Bluepaw), I still love him. Once he became a warrior, it seemed he matured a ton. He wasn’t a jumpy apprentice anymore. No, he was a wise and strong charecter. I was so sad when he died in the first book. It would’ve been great to see him in the following series.

4, Brackenfur:

Brackenfur was not known to be a main charecter, but I absolutely adored him. He was a loyal, brave and caring warrior. If I had to pick a role model for the apprentices, I would pick him. Even thoUgh he was never picked for any leadership position, I think he would have done great. Perhaps even better than… Brambleclaw (*Hides behind a chair* Please don’t hurt me Brambleclaw lovers). In addition to Brackenfur being totally awesome, he was a sweet mate and loving father.

3, Cinderpelt: Cinderpelt is the perfect example for a medicine cat. Even though she wasn’t actually meant to be one, I think she is one of the best in warriors history. Caring, brave, devoted, sweet, wise, and intelligent, Cinderpelt has all of the characteristics any medicine cat could have. Even though she had feelings for a special somebody, Cinderpelt ignored her feelings and followed the code, which is amazing concidering every medicine cat has fallen in love. Anyway, all in all, Cinderpelt rocks.

2, Tigerstar: Okay, please don’t hate me for ranking Tigerstar #2..! I only did this because I think he was a truely well developed charecter who had a purpose behind his actions and who had a great backstory. Tigerstar is the perfect example for a good villain (along with Scourge, who didn’t make this list but was close). Anyway, that’s all I gotta say about him.

1, Graystripe: Graystripe! My absolute favorite cat! Graystripe is so funny, loyal, brave and kind. He covers it all. I find it impossible for anybody to dislike him! The only thing I don’t like about him is: Why. Did. You. Take. Millie. As. Your. Second. Mate. Anyway, besides from that, Graystripe is such a good charecter! He has such a great sense of humor, and was truely a loving father. Honestly, I would have preferred if he had stayed deputy rather than Brambleclaw. (*ducks as a flying tomato is thrown*).

So, yeah! That’s my first blog. Please comment and tell me your thoughts!

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