Top 5 Deaths That Everyone Cried At; by Mistypaw

Mistypaw goes all in for a festival of sadness and depression, looking at heartbreaking deaths from the series.

BluestarHello everyone, my name is Mistypaw and this is my first article! Okay, so, maybe not everyone cried at these deaths but I know most of you did… don’t lie…

Okay, so, let’s get right into it!

(Josh Edit: It’s probably an obvious warning, but, spoilers!)

5, Snowfur:

Okay, I have a very hard time believing anyone read up to Snowfur’s death and did not cry! She still has a long future ahead of her and with Whitestorm still being a kit she died so swiftly. Rest in peace Snowfur.

4, Swiftpaw:

I know he wasn’t really a “major” character in the series but you have to admit his death was super moving. Even though he was scarred and bruised, he still protected Brightheart to the end. He was an apprentice, still having a long life to live and it was so sad reading how the pack of dogs murdered him. Rest in peace Swiftpaw.

3, Silverstream:

Please please please don’t tell me in the comment section that no one cried in this scene! Silverstream, a beautiful yet kind she-cat giving up her life to bare Graystripe’s kits. As I’ve seen on the Internet Gray x Silver is a very very popular ship and reading it just made me break down. Graystripe watching his own mate dying in front of his paws. He could do nothing yet Silverstream was so understanding. If only she lived long enough to at least watch her kits grow up. Rest in peace Silverstream.

2, Bluestar:

For some reason, I’ve recently seen so much hate to this amazing character. In my opinion, I see no reason to hate her. She was a powerful, beautiful, kind cat who did so many things for her Clan. You have to admit she had one of the most painful pasts out of all the cats in these books. First, her mother dies, she learns her father loved another she-cat, her relationship with Oakheart, her sister dying in front of her, giving up her kits (Mosskit freezing to death), her “trustworthy” Deputy Tigerclaw attempting to murder her. Finding out her kits hate her. And so on. And then, like most loyal Warriors, she died an honorable death. But still, her death was, in one word, tragic. In the end though, her kits forgave her. Rest in peace Bluestar.

1, Yellowfang:

I know you, yes… you. I know what happened to you when you read this scene. Yellowfang, like Bluestar, had a very hard life. I expect you all know the story: a medicine cat who was deeply Inlove with her leader, Raggedstar. She bared his kit, Brokenkit, who became Brokenstar, the sinister leader of ShadowClan. Brokenstar than killed his father just to become the leader of ShadowClan where Yellowfang was banished from the clan by her own son (though of course he didn’t know). Then dying in the bushfire with Fireheart at her side.

I know everyone has their own opinions on whose death was the saddest and all but I know many people found these deaths just as moving as I did. If you agree, comment down below or just share your thoughts!

Mistypaw out!


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February 11, 2017 8:39 am

I cried at almost every death in the Warriors series. Especially when they die in front of their loved ones (mates/kits/friends) or when their loved ones (mates/kits/friends) die in front of them. The ones that were saddest for me were 3) Bluestar. 2) Gray Wing. 1) Moth Flight.

February 11, 2017 12:10 pm

Deaths I cried at:
Yellowfang a bit

Pretty much ALL of them

Tacopaw (Help me with my warrior name pls)
Tacopaw (Help me with my warrior name pls)
September 24, 2017 4:46 am
Reply to  Shiverfur


Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
March 10, 2020 4:59 am

Maybe your warrior name could be Tacoleaf, Tacoshell

March 9, 2020 10:10 pm
Reply to  Shiverfur


March 9, 2020 10:19 pm
Reply to  Shiverfur

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 10, 2020 4:23 am
Reply to  LazyKat

Oops sorry about the double reply thing ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!

Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
March 10, 2020 4:11 pm
Reply to  Shiverfur

Not Ravenpaw’s?????!?!?!?!?!!?!?

March 17, 2017 5:59 pm

Spoilers for AVOS:

Sandstorm was a death that really made me cry. She is such a legendary character.

a Splash of water on the freezing snow ( Splashpaw
a Splash of water on the freezing snow ( Splashpaw
December 12, 2017 12:14 am

I don’t cry at any of my favorite warrior cat deaths , I just think that they are amusing. 🐈

✨ Cheetahspark ✨
✨ Cheetahspark ✨
January 25, 2018 3:19 am


✨ Cheetahspark ✨
✨ Cheetahspark ✨
January 25, 2018 3:18 am

Pretty much the only death I full-on cried at was Hollyleaf, Sandstorm, and Firestar’s. The others I just cried on the inside.

Robinpaw (sky)
Robinpaw (sky)
February 12, 2018 5:29 pm

I was sad at those deaths,but I didn’t actually cry…
The scene that almost made me cry was Mapleshade’s…
Like (spoiler for MV) when Myler asks if she needs any help, and she says no, and Myler says well i think you do, and looks sadly at her and walks away, and she dies and goes into the DF. THAT MADE ME CRY ON THE INSIDE NO RIP MAPLESHADE also I feel REALLY BAD FOR MYLER!!!
Anyone else shipe MaplexMyler?

October 11, 2018 2:06 am

Hhhhh, I sobbed at Firestars death, and Cinderpelts, and long tails, oh and Briarligh

Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
March 10, 2020 4:10 pm
Reply to  Natalie

*Spoilers* and not Ravenpaw’s??

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