• Violetpaw: “You can’t take an apprentice hostage!”

    Scorchfur: That’s where you’re wrong kiddo

  • Hi Kate! I was wondering if I could ask a few questions; it’s for the Warriors Wiki actually. I’m one of the active users there, I go by the name Minkclaw, anyway I was wondering if I could ask about a small list of characters that died in Thunder and Shadow, we just need to know whether these characters went to StarClan or not. If I’m allowed to ask I’ll list the characters below:
    Briarlight, Spikefur, Wasptail, Furzepelt, Shadepelt (VS), Petalfur, Heronwing, Foxnose, and Perchwing.

    It’d really help out the wiki if we could lay these amazing guys to rest!

  • Despite being told in the Sight that she’d get another apprentice after Jaypaw/feather will Brightheart really get another apprentice?

  • Hello I am new here and I have a question made for Kate Cary but I would be satisfied if someone who already knows the answer can reply. I am not sure where to put it yet I would be glad if someone could tell me where to go. It is based off of Bluestar’s prophecy. In it it says Pinestar and Poppydawn are mates and they named Sweetpaw after Pinestar’s mother. Yet it shows later that Pinestar and Lepoardfoot are mates and she kits Tigerstar. Doesn’t that mean Thistleclaw and Tigerstar were half brothers? It says nowhere that they are for it says Windflight was Poppydawn’s mate.

  • Hey Kate,what is Violetshine’s canon desgin?White with black or black with a white muzzle,paws and tail tip?

  • So, I think Violetpaw was awesome, but she and Twigpaw have to understand that they love their own Clans, and that Violetpaw would never fit in ThunderClan anymore, and that Twigpaw would never like it in ShadowClan. Okay, for the list of cats who died:
    A few of Rowanstar’s lives
    Nobody else. SERIOUSLY. 😛
    Hope u liked it! Bye!

    • Also, a point of view from the RiverClan kit that had this happen to her.
      I beat up the other kits, ate mice and fish, and slept. THAT’S IT!

      • P.S. I’ve changed my name to Briarkit. So u can keep that the same, just with Briarkit as the name. Whoa, that rymed. 😛

  • Ivypool is a great mentor- she’s so kind to Twigpaw, being patient and understanding with her! I think maybe the reason she’s so understanding is that she remembers comparing herself to Dovewing when she was an apprentice, so she knows how it feels and wants to help Twigpaw feel good about herself.

    I’ve always liked Ivypool, but Thunder and Shadow has made me love her even more! <3

    • I love Ivypool and Twigpaw’s relationship, too! 💜
      And He Runs

  • I have not read this book yet and I am still waiting for it to ship, but I have no patience and am thirsty for spoilers. So if anyone would be nice enough to answer my questions for me, that would be very much appreciated.
    Did Darktail kill any important/well known cats? (If yes, do not tell me the names I still want some surprise)
    And does the real Skyclan come in?
    Also does Needletail do anything stupid?
    TYSM and very sorry If I’m wasting someone’s time.

    • 1. Yes, he killed a really well known and loved cat whilst being assisted by Sleekwhisker and Roach. This scene took place in Shattered Sky (book 3).

      2. Yes, the real SkyClan does eventually move into the lake territories, but not until book 3 (Shattered Sky).

      3. Hmm… not that I can think of rn.

      PS: Don’t worry, you didn’t make me waste any of my time at all!