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  • Kate, do you know what happened to Nightwhisper of ShadowClan? He was one of Tigerstar’s cats who joined ShC back in the original series and we know he traveled to the lake with the Clans in TNP due to him appearing in Battles of the Clans, which came out after Fading Echoes. And since Dapplenose was already an elder in the field guide when we first meet him at the gathering, it means he was still around in early OOTS.

    • I’m afraid he’s just one of the cats who slipped in/out of existence during the editorial changes. Well spotted though! 😀

    • I’d like to think that Nightwhisper’s out there in StarClan now finally getting away from his haunting past and advising younger cats to do the right thing.

  • Me trying to spoil Thunder and Shadow: A flying cat flew over the moon and landed on Needlepaw who got angry and started the 1978 rebbelion with Darktail and Rain, meanwhile, Twigpaw finally notices she has no parents. Alderpaw takes no notice that Twigpaw is secretly ordering fast-food with Violetpaw and RebbeliousTeenageTraitor. A unicorn flies into space.

    Yeah, I’m the best at spoilers :/

        • Typical media lies about me being even remotely related to Hufflepuff. Sad. I was going to talk about my Secretary of State candidate Tom Riddle– a great man, let me tell you– but this rampant media bias is out to make me look bad.

          Folks, the media is full of lies, I am not a Hufflepuff, and I stand by the people of Ravenclaw. I’ve been hearing some things… some really bad things and I just want to say… they’re false. Ravenclaw did not abandon Hogwarts during the great battle. The Daily Prophet runs on cheap lies and propaganda, let me tell you. The leaks are true but they’re lying about it. Let me tell you, Ravenclaw is the best house. But right now, they’re picking on it, and let me tell you: It’s all lies. I’m the best prefect for the job, and I won by the largest electoral margin since Ravenclaw herself. Let me tell you, folks, they love me– the Gryffindors, Slytherin, and even the Hufflepuffs and Death Eaters. But I’m going to make Ravenclaw great again.

  • before I go to bed I was looking at the AVOS 3rd book cover then I have a theory in my mind what if the 2 cats on the cover are Darktail who is looking down at what looks like a angry looking face cat maybe that cat who is looking up at the cat what looks like a mad face that could be Twigpaw or Needletail. For Neddletail if it is her but it looks like she regret joining the rouges or is mad at what looks like Darktail but she looks mad maybe. For Twigpaw it looks like she is mad at Darktail maybe because ……………………….VOILETPAW WAS KILLED or it could be Twigpaw just mad at Darktail I do not know but that is my theory but I don’t know if it could be Twigpaw or Needletail looking up at maybe Darktail but post what you think about my theory well bye 🙂

  • Why is Dovewing so childish?
    Also, Tigerheart deserves more love.
    So does Needletail, Sleekwhisker, Juniperclaw and Strikestone

    • Don’t worry Needletail has all the love from me!
      She somehow snuck up behind her mentor’s (Tawnypelt’s) back and pushed her down to my second favorite character. Needletail is the BEST! And her reason for being a sort-of-kind-of-villain is great!

    • Why would anything happen? They were never close to each other. People only ship them because they both got jumbled up in the Dark Forest.

      • No, they were close, if you can remember at the gathering when he was an apprentice, they obviously really liked each other, an. I don’t think it’s a coincidence they both don’t have mates

        • There was one comment made about Mousewhisker mooning over Minnowtail or thinking she was pretty or something, and I don’t remember anything to indicate that Minnowtail returned the feeling in that short exchange. I don’t think that’s enough to declare that they were definitely, canonically close.

  • I love mousewhisker and strikestone!
    I think Onestar will die sometime on a vision of shadows though I can’t imagine harespring as a leader. I also believe sleekwhisker will die in shattered sky

  • hey Kate what clan did Stormfur like better ThunderClan or RiverClan if he does likes them equally but what Clan he would prefer to live in but not the Tribe that doesn’t count thank you

    • I’m not sure. I’ve never thought about it. I suspect ThunderClan because he seems quiet an ambitious cat. Would RiverClan be too laid back for him?

      • I think it be RiverClan cause he’s been in it longer and been raised with Feathertail but thats my thought but he does seem to care about both Clans

            • i think Stormfur prefer ThunderClan. I remember in Cats of the Clans under His page, stated that he never forgave RiverClan for what happens to him and Feathertail during TigerClan though he would fight just as hard for his clan.

              Add the fact that RiverClan Exile Stormfur and Brook for a simple mistake and a “omen” that not even the medicine cat was sure about. He may not be as keen to join up with it again.

              At least with ThunderClan he only has to deal with question of his loyal that actually make sense, he may have been born in ThunderClan by the former Deputy but he was raised in RiverClan and associate with them far longer than ThunderClan and as well as turning his back on Clan life to live with Tribe. I bet if Stormfur was around for Eclipse, there would no more doubt on his loyalties.

    On the cover of Shattered Sky, those cats are Hawkwing and Pebbleshine! And it’s called Shattered Sky because all of SkyClan manages to find their way to the Clans and join back together. But before Hawkwing’s group got there, Pebbleshine was there and found another Clan and joined them, and the cover is of the mates looking at each other as enemies.

      • The illustrators have made mistakes before. 🙂 Also, the light is shining directly on them.
        But it probably isn’t him anyways.

        • Perhaps.

          The cats actually might be Twigpaw and Violetpaw (AGAIN) now that I come to think of it. Like you said, the light is shining directly on them, so the black on Violetpaw would look dark brown. And Twigpaw is gray with green eyes.

          Well…I think Violetpaw has more black on her.

          So we shall have to see.

  • Was Brightheart ever in love with Swiftpaw and if he had live would she be mates with Swiftpaw or Cloudtail sorry I am so tired but can not go to sleep sorry but I know I have a lot of questions to ask but these questions always poke in my head and I can not fallback asleep bye 🙂

  • Guys haven’t you notice the first deputy chosen for the new leader always dies examples Crowfrost , Whitestorm, Russetfur, Redtail, Ashfoot, Deadfoot, Stonefur, Shellheart, Tawnyspots, Timberfur, Stonetooth, Foxheart, Sharpclaw and so much more

    well look out Bramblestar your Squirrelflight might be next and Mistystar look out Reedwhisker might be next as well

    and Good night blogclan

    • I think the only exception is Gorsefur the first deputy of windclan but yeah I noticed that too.🤔

  • I am so up late but I am going to talk about Needletail, Darktail and Violetpaw.

    Darktail is a great bad guy but why does he have a clan name but he is a great bad guy and no long paragraph for this guy

    Needletail is a rebel and she and Rain are maybe going to be mates but I hate her so much cause she maunipulate Violetpaw to think she and her are better sisters which they are not kin then Twigpaw who is more caring and who is a better choice. I think that Needletail is trying to make Violetpaw to believe that they are close like sisters and that the rouges are better.

    Violetpaw I love her so much but I HATE Needletail to think they are very close but why Violetpaw why did you chose the rouges and I think the reason her and Needletail are ( Close) like (sisters) is that Needletail looks a lot like Twigpaw. I think if Violetpaw continue to follow Needletail she will be very rude to Twigpaw like here is a made up sentence if Violetpaw is rude. Come on Violetpaw we are kin Twigpaw mewed. No Twigpaw we are no more kin Needletail is my true only caring like sister go back to your weak clan you Fox dung I am no longer your sister and I am now known by Violettail go back to your clan or I fight you groweld Violettail, Please Violetpaw Twigpaw meowed I don’t want to fight you.Then Violettail pounced at Twigpaw attacking her and groweld I said leave and It’s Violettail! she groweld and then Twigpaw and her were done then Violettail spat Go mouse dung. Violettail walk behind her her tail straight for triumph then Needletail meowed Good Violettail you did well. The two she cats left in the bushes then Twigpaw thought Oh Violettail please go back to the kind Violetkit I’ve known as kits the Twigpaw left her head dipped sadly

    bye bye

    • I don’t think it’s that unusual for a rogue to come up with the idea to mash two words together to make a name for their kits. It’s not such a unique and hard to come up with idea that only the Clans could have ever thought of it. 😛 Rainfur and Nightheart were born rogues as well, but they had Clan-style names.

    • What?! I love Needletail! Sure she’s an antagonist but she does want to have a true relationship with Violetpaw! She’s just not very good at it!

      • She seems more manipulative than genuinely friendly to me. She made it seem like Violetpaw was a traitor for wanting to leave a group where the leader punishes cats by scarring them violently if they talk out of turn, and she guilt-tripped Violetpaw into staying with ShadowClan when the rogues took over. It doesn’t seem like a very healthy friendship to me.

        • Yeah, it’s not but you can see Needletail genuinely cares about Violetpaw, taking her on as an apprentice, taking her to Twigpaw, taking her to the rogues with her, asking her to stay in the new ShadowClan with her, being hurt when she left the rogues unexpectedly, promising to be her friend, playing with her.
          Of course she’s also being manipulative because she’s kind of selfish-ish (for lack of a better word) but the guilt-tripping was because she Violetpaw to live close by her. She was even shown to keep promises for Violetpaw (the whole hunting rabbits thing) when she wanted to be with Rain. She’s trying to do the right thing in their relationship (not all the time but surely at least as many times as she’s not trying to) but most of the time isn’t doing it the right way. This might have something to do with how Needletail has a very rebellious and defiant attitude.

          • I don’t think she does, but that’s just me. She seems more eager to manipulate her and make her feel guilty for ever leaving her than she does actually care about her. I guess we’ll find out for sure as we go along. ^^

            • I think it’s also a question of whether I’m being biased because ShadowClan is my favorite Clan and Needletail my favorite character. 😁
              (The Answer is: Yes I Am)

              • Gotcha. ^^ I liked Needletail in The Apprentice’s Quest because she seemed cool and rebellious, and was willing to question the warrior code and authority in ways I thought were interesting and relevant. But there’s a difference between being rebellious and cruel, and she crossed that line for me when she was totally cool with living in a group where cats don’t look after each other, and the leader scars and almost kills cats for talking out of turn. She crossed that line even more for me when she was willing to help that cat take over ShadowClan and drive out the loyal cats.

                • I think she crossed that line because she was blinded by a crush and what seemed like the steps to her utopia… she can’t see it’s not yet. And she wants to achieve this ‘utopia’ at all costs because she believes it’ll be better for everyone. This conflict just made her seem very real and interesting to me, as an antagonist. I’m really excited to see where Needletail’ll go in AVoS because she has so many alternate destinies!

                  • If she can’t see the faults in a group where the cat she has a crush on had one of his eyes torn out by his leader for talking back, then she’s either a fool, or she doesn’t care about the cruelty of that group. 😛 I dunno, I just can’t see any way to view her in which she comes out as good or sympathetic, at least not after joining Darktail’s group.

  • Hey Kate if Flametail was still alive who would he pick to stay with Darktail or Rowanstar when the rouges took over ShadowClan

    Yes I know I like to wake up very early 🙂

    • I think he’d stay with the majority of his Clan. I like him, but I don’t remember him as an outside-the-box thinker.

      • Ok but luckily he is in StarClan so he doesn’t make a difficult choice to turn rouge or join ThunderClan with his father, mother and brother cause he is happily in StarClan probably with Littlecloud his old mentor 🙂

        I also have a other question is that did you guys kill off Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, and Shredtail’s spirits to make way for newer villians and that these old bad guys won’t keep popping over and over again but you let some bad guys still haunt the Dark Forest like Mapleshade, Darkstripe, Thistleclaw, Snowtufff and more so you guys don’t kill almost every old bad guy.

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