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  • Kate, what is Dawnpelt’s eye colour? We know the eye colours of her brothers and her parents, but not her. And I’ve always been curious.

    • EDIT: I personally like the idea of her having green eyes, like her parents. And don’t forget the similarities to Leafpool’s litter.

      Jayfeather and Flametail have blue eyes.

      Lionblaze and Tigerheart have amber eyes.

      Hollyleaf has green eyes.

  • Pop up with a question: Which one is older between Alderpaw & Sparkpaw? Or is it still unknown/undecided?
    And, well… which one is older, Twig or Violet?

    • Perhaps I was in a hurry yesterday, but I’m asking this because in Chinese, we usually explicitly distinguish between “older brother” or “younger brother” when we say “brother”; so is “sister”. For example, it seems that the translated edition of PO3 has assumed that the Three, listed from older one to younger one, are Lion, Holy, and Jay, while we can infer from Leafpool’s Wish that the order of birth should be Holy, Lion, and Jay. Thus Lion should have called Holy as his “older sister” rather than “younger” one.

      Though actually this problem could be evaded, the result might not be satisfactory enough; it would be like evading personal pronoun or using gender neutral words when we don’t know one’s gender.

      • That sounds super-complicated. I hope it’s something that the translators/Chines publisher will manage – all they need do is decide the exact birth order of each character when they first appear and make sure they refer to them consistently throughout the rest of the translation.

      • i believe violetpaw is older for some reason. and i thinksparkpaw is older but it’s just my headcannons. I can actually imagine twig going, but ur my sister!/ 你可是我姐姐! when they ask about parents

  • Good evening, Kate! (It’s so exciting outside – I love the snow!)
    I hope you started well in the new year. (I’m sorry this is comming so late!)
    My question is about Bumblestripe’s eye colour, so what do you think it should be? Personally, I thought of warm, dark yellow eyes, like a bumble bee 🙂 That matchs his name….
    I wish you a nice (maybe snowy?) evening!

  • GAH. I can’t wait for Onestar to die. Harespring would make a good leader. Maybe Emberfoot or Sedgewhisker as the deputy…Leaftail or Gorsetail would be okay also…

  • Hey Kate, are Lightningtail, Shattered Ice, Ripplestar(ancient ShadowClan leader), Poppycloud(ancient SkyClan she-cat), Brindleclaw(Ancient RiverClan warrior), Mothpelt (ancient SkyClan cat who wanted to be leader), Brightwhisker(ancient ShadowClan deputy that died of greencough) and Lionstar(ancient ThunderClan leader) in StarClan. Sorry for the long list.

  • Hey Kate Did Shadowstar really die in battle that she ’caused’ but I do not believe it I think Shadowstar is not like Modern ShadowClan leaders today cough cough Rowanstar cough I like her I don’t want her portrayed like a Rowanstar or a Brokenstar I think she is more like a half a bit like Leopardstar cause I think Skystar would cause more battles then Shadowstar cause not all stuff in Secrets of the Clans are cannon by the way and I do not think all ShadowClan leaders are like those evil ones and I also think the ShadowClan leaders just started to grow more evil or just a bad leader over the years. And will Thunderstar, Windstar, Riverstar and Shadowstar appear again in more books as StarClan cats Thanks bye bye 🙂

    • I got confused somewhere after the “cough cough” because it’s early here and I’m in the middle of housework and don’t yet have my warriors head on, but thank you for your suggestion…

      • Pretty sure Bluebellkit’s asking whether Tall Shadow/Shadowstar died in a battle that was her fault.
        After the coughing, I believe she was saying her opinion on Shadowstar (not like Brokenstar or Rowanstar, more like Leopardstar etc.) I also think she theorized that ShadowClan got more, well, darker, (more unfriendly, a tad evil maybe *looks pointedly at Brokenstar and Tigerstar*) with the decades.

        There’s a novella called Thunderstar’s Echo set to be released sometime this year, but we don’t know if we’ll see them as StarClan or living cats.

        • Thanks, Rainpaw. If Tall Shadow’s fate hasn’t been depicted in a book yet, than I can neither confirm nor deny. And I thought ShadowClan had lightened up over the years, and simply become more disorganised.

          • It’s mentioned in Secrets of the Clans that Shadowstar was the first of the Clan founders to die, in a battle she started. However, that book also claims she helped the other founders form the Warrior Code (which Code of the Clans showed us formed more gradually over generations) and then spent the rest of her life complaining about it (which doesn’t sound very much like Shadowstar to me.) That book also claims that Riverstar was uninterested in the troubles of the other Clans to the point of skipping Gatherings when he could (which doesn’t sound much like Riverstar to me), fails to mention Skystar or SkyClan at all, and tells a story of the First Battle that formed the Clans which ends up not being very accurate to how the First Battle actually went. As a result, I like to think that the story of the First Battle and the founders that’s told in Secrets of the Clans is the version that is told in elders’ stories generations after the events actually happened, and they’ve been changed and simplified over the many tellings – and thus Shadowstar’s hostile personality and death in a battle she started was made up from applying typical ShadowClan stereotypes to her (I’m guessing this is the version they tell in the ThunderClan elder’s den. :P) At least, that’s my personal take on it.

        • Oh, Bluebellkit. 🙁 I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon and I answered your question under Rainpaw’s comment. 🙂

    • I always thought that Redwillow stayed completely dead until all the Dark Forest cats got back into the Dark Forest, and then they had a “warrior” ceremony for him.

    • It seemed like most of the cats who died in that battle didnt rise as spirits until after the battle was over, like Hollyleaf, Mousefur, Firestar, and Ferncloud at the end. I’m guessing it was the same for Redwillow.

  • Random question Kate, will Mistystar be *coughs in a formal way* LEAVING her spot as leader in this arc?

  • Hey Kate does Breezepelt care for his mate Heathertail and his kits Brindlepaw and Smokepaw like a normal father

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