• Hi Kate! You may not know this, but what are the descriptions of Dart, Shine and Flutter? All 3 of them are Cats Of The Park from the Thunder Rising bonus scene.

  • Hey kate since Cinderpelt was always in love with Firestar and I think she still loves him in StarClan but was Cinderpelt ever in love with Lionblaze in Cinderheart’s body or she still always had her heart towards Firestar thank you if you answer this

    • Hmm, that’s interesting! I’m not Kate, but I think that Cinderpelt kinda gave up on Firestar, and if she still loves him, it’s just a little crush.

  • Crowfrost, Kinkfur and tons of other cats of ShadowClan: X__X : becuase of Onestar. You happy now Onestar? Onestar: “Nope.” Me: “What in the name of StarClan is up with you?”

  • Hey Kate since the five first leaders are still in StarClan and have not yet faded but some other cats begun to fade and I think the Clans are about 50 years old or 58 years old and I think their spirits been in StarClan for a few decades like 40 years in StarClan but how come they never faded is it that since they were the first leaders ever they will never forget them and if their spirits could be alive for a few more decades they could probably be 100 years old and if still alive maybe in several more centruries they could be 800 years old! Is that why they never faded in StarClan yet or is there a other reason and if you could answer this how long ago were the clans first all devolped. Thank you if you answer this 🙂

    P.S. I hope the first Clan leader’s spirits will appear again

    From Bluebellkit

  • Kate, did Mistfeather go to StarClan? He may have died as a loner, but he still was a part of SkyClan. And his mate probably went to StarClan. So I assume that he would want to go there to be with her.

  • Hello Kate !
    I love the way you wrote Violetpaw. She is an interesting character and I was surprised to see how I enjoyed reading her pov during Thunder and Shadow.
    I think she is probably going to be my favourite charater of this arc. I can’t wait to see how she’ll evolve in the next books 🙂

  • Hi Kate,
    I have a question that has been on my mind for awhile. I was wondering if the Thunderclan cats who has had a chance to be a mentor or who has only been a mentor once will get a chance to be one

    and I know they are more to name, but that’s as far as I know right off the back

      • Neither Birchfall or Berrynose have had apprentices yet… and they’re nearly/basically senior warriors. Does Bramblestar think they’d be that bad? Also Bramblestar’s actually only ever had one apprentice, but I don’t expect he’ll take another. Whitewing has also only had 2 apprentices when most people her age had had three (apart from Birchfall of course). Mousewhisker, Poppyfrost, Cinderheart, Lionblaze and Blossomfall are all due second apprentices (particularly as Rosepetal is on her third with Larkpaw), but again Dovewing is still waiting for her first while Ivypool is on her second. So I would say (in order of who should get the next apprentice):
        (And now the new warriors)

      • Oh yes Winterpaw for correcting me. I was looking on the Wiki at the name, and I was looking at the other names. And I accidentally put Birchfur instead of Birchfall.

  • kate I made a description of Juniperkit’s and Dandelionkit’s I made their looks look like one of their grandparents for Juniperkit he looks like Tigerstar but he doesn’t act like him and Dandelionkit looks like Sandstorm and I made up their warrior names too

    Juinperkit -big thick furred dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes Warrior name Juniperstripe

    Dandelionkit – short furred and sleek furred pale ginger she cat with barely visible stripes of darker fur and green eyes Warrior name Dandelionflower

  • Kate I have a question about Dawnpelt from ShadowClan.
    In “Bramblestar’s Storm”, wich plays in spring, she is seen higly pregnant so she must have given birth to her kits pretty soon after.

    In “The Apprentices Quest”, wich plays in autumn the year after (not autumn in the same year), we see Strikepaw, Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw as her kits, freshy announces as apprentices.

    But between the birth of her Bramblestar’s-Storm-Litter and Season 6 more then a year passes! So Strikepaw, Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw can’t possibly be the kits she had there.

    Do you know who her first litter was she gave birth to in “Bramblestar’s Storm” and what happend to them? I always thought it were Wasptail and Stonewing, since they popped up with no origins in “The Apprentices Quest”.

    Hope you can solve this mistery D:

      • Oh my.

        So which “birthday” of them is the canon one?
        The one mentioned in “The Apprentices Quest”, wich fits their age,
        or the one in “Bramblestar’s Storm”, wich would make them 1 1/2 year old, freshly announces apprentices^^;

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