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  • pssst Kate
    Would there be any way to sneak Miu Miu into the books, as a tribute to an amazing cat?
    Just a thought 🙂

  • Kate this is a request from me can we soon see Stormfur and Feathertail again I love them and our one of my favs I want see Feathertail in StarClan or even Come back to life but that wont probably happen and see Stormfur too with his kits and mate or join RiverClan again who knows but I would love to see them again thank you 🙂

    From Bluebellkit 🙂

    • Aw, Bluebellkit. I will bear it in mind, but the cats that appear in StarClan are usually ones that have some obvious relevance to the vision/dream or cat having the vision/dream…so it’s hard to squeeze in characters who aren’t part of the current theme or storyline….

      • ok but I hope they appear in the next series maybe I hope or a super edition a novellas something but I always loved Stormfur and Feathertail Bye bye

        from Bluebellkit

    • Avatar Mint and Feathers Scattered Amid Autumn Leaves/Mint in Cranberry Sauce/Mintpaw(feather) says:

      Umm…. wrong page, Fro…,. well I guess there is no wrong page to talk about how awesome Huffleypuffley is! Yay! 😛

  • Hey Kate, There has been a lot of talk about you confirming that Blossomfall and Thornclaw is going to be mates in the new series that you and the other Erin’s are currently working on. So I was wondering if you could please say if this is true or not because I’ve noticed alot of fans on Facebook are wondering if this is correct or false.

      • Oh ok that’s ok I was just being curious on if it was true or if it was just some fans wishful thinking. Take your time on answering it. How is Tigerheart’s SE coming along?

        While we are on the subject of Tigerheart is he and Dovewing going to try to be mates again?

        Also, continuing the Thornclaw subject I has asked this while back but why didn’t he become mentor again after Briarlight’s accident?

    • Sparktail? 😛

      Ikr! I jumped up and was like “GO KATE!!!!”

      I wonder what the editors thought when they saw that 😛

      • Kate wanted Sparkpelt’s warrior name to be Sparkfire, after Firestar, but the editors rejected it and chose the extremely boring name of Sparkpelt. But at Sparkpelt’s warrior ceremony, Kate made Graystripe (her favorite character 😛 ) say that she should have been named Sparkfire, after Firestar. 😀

      • During Sparkpelt’s warrior ceremony, Graystripe says something like, “Wow that’s boring. I thought they’d name her Sparkfire after Firestar but I guess Bramblestar knows best.” Kate had said that’s what she wanted to name her but her editors said no. It was perfect.

  • A little rant about Rowanstar. Why are they portraying him as such a weak leader?? He has big paws to fill (Blackstar’s) but as a deputy I always thought he was being built up to be a more than worthy successor (just like how Harespring is being built up to be a perfect next leader of WindClan at the moment). I also hate the fact that he’s been described as ‘old.’ He is the same age as Bramblestar!! There are functioning warriors in ThunderClan who are older than him!! He is not old!! Also, if he dies before Bramblestar I’m going to be annoyed. A big point from this series is that the Clans are starting to resist ThunderClan’s supremacy over them. But if Rowanstar (who got his nine lives after Bramblestar) dies before him, it’ll once again give the impression that ThunderClan have the greatest cats and no-one else can come close. Rowanstar cannot die in this arc. I will be so frustrated if he does. Onestar needs to die in Shattered Sky (so does Leafstar), and I will tolerate Mistystar dying right at the end of this arc or in the time gap between this one and the next. But Bramblestar and Rowanstar both need to see this arc through. It would be a much more satisfying conclusion if Rowanstar learns to get back on his paws and rule like Blackstar did. But I fear they’re just going to kill him off.. and Tigerheart is going to become Tigerstar the Second. Ugh.

  • Hi Kate, something came to my attention when I was looking on the wiki about the Darkest Night. I noticed on the blurb that it said that A Vision of Shadows is the latest series of the Warrior Cats so does that mean they will be more series after A Vision of Shadows?

    Also, there is talk that Tigerheart’s Shadow will be about him and Dovewing’s relationship so I was wondering if they will be a forbidden relationship between them two?

    Another question this does not have to do with Warrior Cats but I was wondering if you will be writing the Bravelands series also?

  • Oh ok who will be involved with the Bravelands series? ok :).

    I asked earlier but I was wondering if Leafpool is a medicine cat or a warrior?

      • It’s more likely a completely new team… like they got new writers (who were dog experts) in for Survivors, so it’s more likely that they’ve got more new writers (under “Erin Hunter”) who are experts on African Savannah Wildlife (although we should all be experts on the African Savannah after the Lion King. Mufasa taught us all we needed to know)

    • Leafpool went back to being a Medicine Cat… which I’m kind of sad about. She served a good time as Medicine Cat, and I loved the idea of her embracing the life of a warrior and being free to choose a mate in ThunderClan and maybe even have kits (Spiderleg would have been the perfect mate for her).

  • Kate since in the book some apprentices and warriors left to join the rouges I know Strikestone was in the rebellian but how come he didn’t leave to join them I know he agreed with apprentices as Strikepaw but was he just guilty of leaving Dawnpelt and Crowfrost and was he happy that the rouges took over ShadowClan?

    If you answer this then thanks 🙂

    from Bluebellkit

  • Why was it just the three main character shadowclan cats who left, what about some of the minor characters, such as stonewing, mistcloud, sparrowtail, snowbird, Oakfur, grassheart, and rippletail, who all didn’t seem very keen on having darktail’s group take over the clan

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