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  • Did stumpytail and lilywhisker fight in the battle with the dark forest? Because they are both in the DF but they all didn’t really do anything wrong. Stumpytail is apparently said to join the DF for following brokenstar, but in fire and ice, it’s revealed that he’s one of the few who didn’t become a rogue with brokenstar, and even if he did, there plenty of warrior cats that joined brokenstar who didn’t go the the DF, such as boulder, russetfur, Blackstar, etc. lilywhisker went to the DF because she was very angry about her injury and unable to except it, which should be expected, and she eventually did except it, living as an elder. Just like briarlight, nightpelt, jayfeather, longtail, wildfur most likely, and others, who had a hard time excepting it, but eventually did except that they would never continue being a warrior.

    • I think he died in Bramblestar’s Storm, as he hasn’t been listed on the allegiances or showed up at all in VOTS.

  • Will Brightheart ever get ONE more shot at being mentor? She deserves an apprentice, she really does.

  • I get really emotional reading Warriors so when I read that Shadowclan was taken over by rogues, I cried myself to sleep. Just thinking that Shadowclan only has TWO loyal warriors really upsets me. It’s like what happened to Skyclan (kinda), except to Shadowclan! I’m really upset. 😔

    • I can’t believe the rogues were able to take over ShadowClan like that! And it is REALLY uspetting that ShadowClan has only 2 loyal warriors, like you said. It sucks 🙁

  • I really hate darktail. Just because onestar rejected him doesn;t mean he has the right to take over the Clans.

  • I just want to say honestsly 2 claps for you Kate on this book.
    The apprentice’s rebellion was GOLDEN.
    Darktail’s charisma was soo nice to read.
    Violetpaw’s development 10/10
    And it was 360ish pages so thats awesome
    I loved this book soo much.

  • Me and my friend joked around about how in the alliegances for the the last hope, the font for shadowclan was slightly larger than the font for all the othere clans, and came up with a theory that this means in the next series (name still wasn’t announced at the time), Shadowclan would be destroyed or at least have a large role. the next series name came out. “a vision of SHADOWS” they had the word SHADOWS IN THE FREAKING NAME. Our theory went from joke to “wait wait what??”. The next e-book 3 stories in one book thing’s name was revealed to be “SHADOWS of the clans”! like WHAT?? this can’t be a coincidence, the word “shadow” was never used so liberally in the warriors series before! then “Thunder and SHADOWS” came out and we read it and at the end SHADOWCLAN WAS DESTROYED LIKE HOLY MOTHER OF S**T HOW DID WE PREDICT THIS IT WAS JUST A JOKE!!! now a super edition named “tigerheart’s SHADOW” is out, they just do not plan on stopping! I predict that Shadowclan will herald a storm and have a major role in the 5th or 6th book of warriors and result in their utter destruction!

    • It’s a Barnes and Noble special, so you only get it if you bought your book at Barnes and Noble 🙁

  • Hi Kate! I really love the books!!!!! I have read all of them and waiting for the next! I love how you come up with all the different cats and clans I thinks it is amazing and I am inspired!!!

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