September 2016 Gathering Group Organisation!

An.Old.CatRight! If you haven’t seen the original post before, do click here!

The Gathering will start on Saturday 10th September at 2pm in England (BST); 9am in America (EDT). Be sure to be here if you can! There will be live chat running throughout the day as well as games and contests! A more detailed schedule will come tomorrow.

Let’s get going organising teams then! The four different teams are ones we have stuck with for the many previous Gatherings, the tradition forces which are as follows:

  • Neon Weasels
  • Relatively Excitable Stoats
  • Time-Travelling Otters
  • Freewheeling Ferrets

To organise these groups, I would like you to put your name in the comments below, whereupon I will add you to one of these four groups. If you have anybody you would really like to be in a team with, say in your comment and I’ll try to organise it so that you can be. If you were in a team before, just post below what your team used to be.



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