Top FIVE Characters: The Prophesies Begin-The Power of Three by Ashpaw


Here are Ashpaw’s Top Five Characters from the first to the third series. You may be surprised!

Characer #1: Graystripe

Okay, who doesn’t like this friendly furry pal! Even though his love with Silvwrstream made him break Warrior Code, he was an amazing character! I’m currently finishing Omen of the Stars, and he better not die soon!!! Please? Back to his character, Graystripe is always there when you need him, except for when he left ThunderClan. But he came back! Graystripe might just be one of the besets awesomest characters in the history of the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Graystripe will has always stood by Firestar from the day he was a kitty pet to Firestar’s death.

Character #2: Hollyleaf

Okay, she may have murdered Ashfur but who’s to say he didn’t deserve it after attempting murder. Hollyleaf did us a favor, getting rid of him. I never liked Ashfur anyway. Hollyleaf may have been the most loyal character, always thinking about was and wasn’t Warrior Code! And I know this is from Omen of the Stars, but I love that Hollyleaf forgives Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Hollyleaf probably paid the most for the Clan and cats she loved and we are all grateful for her character!

Character #3: Cinderpelt

Cinderpelt was an adorable apprentice, we can all agree! Her death was devastating for her Clan and us. I cried so hard! She was the ultimate Medicine Cat and after Graystripe disappeared, the perfect backup friend for Firestar. Not that she was backup or anything… Anyway, Cinderpelt’s death really summed up The New Prophesy for me. A good cat needed to die, so even though it was one of the worst deaths in the Warriors universe, it needed to happen. We can all agree that Cinderpelt was an amazing cat in general, Medicine Cat, friend, and if she wasn’t a Medicine Cat, would have made a better mate then Sandstorm.

Character #4: Jayfeather

He has a sharp tongue and knowledge for herbs……. He’s JAYFEATHER! The blind Medicine Cat who has made it through a lot of trouble with the Prophesy. Growing up wanting to be a Warrior, then discovering his destiny as a Medicine Cat. I think we can all show a little sympathy for him. Jay feather gave up his true love, so he could start the Tribe of Rushing Water. I KNOW I couldn’t give up anything to start anything. I would say that Jayfeather suffered more then most cats and he lost so much! And I personally think, even though he didn’t want to be called Jaywing because of Jay’s Wing, he should’ve been named Jaywing instead of Jayfeather for Crowfeather, LEAFPOOL!

And Character #5 :……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….HALF MOON

Okay, she’s not my favorite character, but Half Moon was Jayfeather’s true love. She always trusted and believed in Jay’s Wing and loved him with all her heart, She was the first Stonewaller and we can all say, a great one She’s not as well known to me so I don’t have much to say about her except that I did love her as much as any other cat.

Who was your favorite character that I said? Who was your favorite character in general? Tell me below in the comments!!!!

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  • First: Cinderpelt.
    Second: Stormfur or Brambleclaw.
    Third: Hollyleaf or Jayfeather.
    Fourth: Ivypool, Blossomfall, or Breezepelt.
    Fifth: River Ripple or Turtle Tail.
    Sixth: Violetpaw or Sleekwhisker.
    SE: Crookedstar.
    Novellas: Mapleshade or Goosefeather.
    Manga: Scourge.

  • Great article! Graystripe, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather are all in my top ten favorite characters, and Cinderpelt and Half Moon are honorable mentions!
    My top five cats are:
    5. Pebble Heart
    4. Yellowfang
    3. Graystripe
    2. Gray Wing
    1. Turtle Tail