Warrior Cats is REAL?! *Theory* by Shimmerfeather


Shimmerfeather shares their thoughts about how Warriors is both real and fake

What if Warriors is 100% real but there are (somewhat disappointing) differences? The lake and forest are both real places, they had to move locations due to the building in the old forest. Instead of the cats roaming freely around, they’re kept in a sanctuary and looked after by wild animal professionals, who the Erins’ stay with to document the cats’ daily behaviour and write stories out of it. They make certain cats more special than others (to make the stories more pleasant), and sometimes they move cats around by hand to other territories to paint a perfect picture in their heads.

They establish the Clans themselves, the unrealistic colours are due because they change and alter the cats’ appearances in the books to how they want it to, and cats don’t die or be in relationships because the authors want them to, they die and form relationships at their own accord. And commonly, there are multiple fathers in each queen’s because obviously for this theory to work they have to be REAL cats, and the Erins’ just make it more fantasy-based.

But what about medicine cats? I think the truth is cats do actually hurt themselves but it doesn’t happen a lot (so they make cats hurt themselves in the BOOKS, not in real life! It would be horrible if my favourite book series was based on animal abuse and cruelty!) but when they do, there are vets who perform surgery and other operations on them and in the books they say the medicine cats do it. They base the herbs off their surroundings, and the dens are constructed by Twolegs. The cats don’t actually fetch moss themselves, the people get it for them. The cats don’t actually have ceremonies, the Erins’ just POOF! Change their names and write it as a formal ceremony. There is no such thing as a nine-lives ceremony or a Moonpool meeting or even StarClan.

The boring parts and plot holes in the books is the result of writer’s block and the REAL warrior cats doing nothing. The apprentices don’t do the elders’ ticks, the Twolegs do it themselves. But what about the battles? I believe that would be the people training the cats to be hostile, aggressive, and fierce, and then they just close their eyes and choose 2 random Clans from a list to battle, plop a few random warriors somewhere around the border, and then… Fight! HOWEVER! I believe they would not actually have formal, full-fledged fights. They would probably just be quick skirmishes with a few hisses and snarls, then some scratches, then off they go. The Erins just change it so it’s more interesting and engaging.

The Erins’ stay with ‘ThunderClan’ (but of course there are other trained wild animal professionals with the other Clans). RiverClan cats are mostly Turkish Vans (stereotypically they have an affinity for water) or other purebred cats that like to swim, so they are treated gently. Every time they get a new cat, they have a special ‘test’ to see what Clan they go into.

They document every cats’ age to decide when they should move ranks. The cats do hunt, but not very often, they choose and train a selective few to be the hunters, so they just give them normal house cat food (which is kind of ironic!). The cats only stay in their sanctuaries for a little of the day (while the Erins’ are taking notes), and then come inside a large apartment complex to be treated like kings and queens and… kittypets. They are plump, sleek, and well-fed but they alter the appearances in the books to make them more… ‘feral’?

A cat giving birth is just the vets helping them, but they write them as medicine cats. Maybe that’s how the authors know so much about health and anatomy? I mean, they didn’t do much research before writing *cough*Adult cats with blue eyes, brown underbellies, 2 silver cats producing a ginger cat*cough* so it would make sense. Maybe that’s why the books take so long to publish? Not only do they have to write them and all, but they have to study and document cat behaviour, too.

What about super editions? They must take the current cats away and replace them with back-ups, and for cats who appear later in the series but are young kits in the super edition are just kittens who look exactly like them. The ‘Mary Sues’ and ‘Gary Stus’ is literally because the cats are just naturally talented; they’re not characters, they’re all REAL! VERY REAL!

For mangas, they take photographs of what would be different ‘drawings’, and the artists just draw them and re-enact the scene. SkyClan was removed due to overcrowding and more drama, their camp is actually in front of their house and it isn’t a gorge at all, obviously, because that would endanger real cats. What about OTHER ranks? You know, leader, deputy, medicine cat. They study each cat’s personality and decide for themselves which one is most fit to be a certain role. The queens who stay in the nursery like Ferncloud and Daisy just stay there because they like to, and are so-called ‘kit machines’ because they just have lots of kittens; each litter with multiple fathers.

What about the BAD KITTIES?! I think they just choose the cats who have that look in their eye (you know which look I’m talking about!). But some of them might be… fake.
Scourge = FAKE. The real Tigerstar probably just died of a disease or something!
The dark forest is fake, they have a separate room so they can watch the ‘dead’ cats interact. The villains do die but they have backup cats to act as their spirits. Same with StarClan!

So there. Warrior cats is not what it seems. Just think about this theory every time you read a brand new Warriors book. You know what, pick up a Warriors book right now (online or real) and THINK ABOUT IT.

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