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Wavepaw explains why prefixes and suffixes are good for future names

Future prefixes/suffixes

Hi everyone! It’s Wavey here to discuss some prefixes and suffixes that haven’t been used in Warriors yet, but that I feel very well could.

**DISCLAIMER** I know I talked with some people on wiki chat a couple months ago about this. I actually lost the Notes document I was working on, so if you don’t see the one you suggested that’s why. 🙂


Light-, Tree-/Branch-/Root-, Striped-, Wave-, Shine-, Flight-, Leaping-, Copper-, Snowy-/Stormy, Ginger-

This is a no-brainer for me. I love this potential prefix. It’s been used as a suffix, and cats obviously know what it is. Bright- and -light have been used, so why not Light-?
EXAMPLES: Lightfeather, Lightwing, Lightsong


Another pretty obvious one. Again, cats know what it is. There’s also Twigkit now, and many cats have Leaf-/-leaf in their name, as well as countless prefixes of types of trees. So why not Tree- itself? And to tie into that, Branch- and Root- make sense as well.
EXAMPLES: Treebreeze, Branchstorm, Rootwhisker


I don’t really have much to say about this one tbh. It’s just that Stoney’s wiki username is StripedStone, and I was chatting with her a couple months ago on the wiki and I just thought it made sense. (You may notice I put -stone as a potential suffix. That’s not completely related.)
But it does make sense. The main argument is -stripe (one of the best prefixes in my opinion). Plus, this way Stripedstripe could join Runningrunner and Spottedspots in the not-quite-the-same-but-too-similar-to-use-club. 😛
EXAMPLES: Stripedfur, Stripedsong, Stripedflower


Before I start, just let me clear something up. I’m not doing this because it’s my own suffix. In fact I chose to be Wavepaw partly because of why I’m putting this in here. The basic reason, right from my wiki page, is “because no one else on BlogClan had it and no cat in Warriors had it but it still made sense.”
Cats do know what waves are. And not just literally. In the Dark Forest battle, the DF warriors coming in segments were referred to as “waves” (if my memory is correct). There have also been waves of happiness, waves of depression, waves of dizziness, etc.
Not many cats have really seen waves, since waves are at the sun-drown-place. The exception? The lake. The waves on the lake are much smaller and gentler than those of the sun-drown-place, but they’re there.
EXAMPLES: Wavesplash, Wavebreeze, Wavedapple


Not much to say about this one. Just there’s -shine as a suffix (which I happen to really like) so why not a prefix? There’s also been Shining- but that was a special thing tbh (Emmy Cherry’s mom or dad).
EXAMPLES: Shinesong, Shinefeather, Shinebright


There was a Flystar once, the leader of SkyClan before Cloudstar. As in, the bug. 😛 I just think Flight- would work pretty well as a prefix.
EXAMPLES: Flightbreeze, Flightstorm, Flightcloud


I just really want to put this in because one of my first OCs was a black-and-white she-cat with amber eyes named Leapingleaf (worst. Name. Ever.) Plus there’s Running-, so why not Leaping-?
EXAMPLES: Leapingflight, Leapingbreeze, Leapingfox


By copper, I mean the color, not the metal. Things have been described with a “copper” tint in Warriors. Plus there’s Golden- and Silver-.
EXAMPLES: Coppershine, Coppersky, Copperstripe


Not much to say here, just that there’s Sunny- (Sun-), Storm-, and Snow-, so I don’t see why not. Also in my very first (absolutely terrible) fanfiction there was this sassy, sort of a jerk cat named Snowypaw who had a quiet, shy brother named Wavepaw (where I first used the name) so if I do Wave- I should probably do Snowy- too.
EXAMPLES: Snowyfall, Snowypelt, Stormypool, Stormywing


Ginger is a color as well as an herb. It’s a color that cats have in their pelts. I don’t really have much to say here, because it speaks for itself
EXAMPLES: Gingerstep, Gingerberry, Gingerfall


-bramble, -lily/-rose, -ripple, -rain, -drop, -stone, -fox, -blossom, -wave, -streak, -flash


I just think that it makes a lot of sense and sounds really good. I mean, Featherbramble? Makes no sense. But it sounds good (or maybe that’s just me 😛 )
EXAMPLES: Darkbramble, Sharpbramble, Flowerbramble


One of my favorite fan-made names ever is Snowlily. It’s just so beautiful and brings an amazing picture of a perfect white lily to mind. But -lily isn’t canon. I think it makes a ton of sense and fits in easily with -flower/-petal. -Rose also fits really well. They’re both prefixes as well and work well as both in my opinion.
EXAMPLES: Snowlily, Frostlily, Brightrose, Dawnrose.


I know there’s River Ripple, but -ripple isn’t an official warrior suffix. 🙂 I love the prefix Ripple-. I just love it. I was iffy about -ripple at first, but it makes sense and sounds good. Not much else to say.
EXAMPLES: Swiftripple, Lilyripple, Darkripple


My very first OC was Silverrain, so I just have to include this. I think -rain makes sense and can be used really well. I don’t think that Silverrain is the best of names, but it was me merging two characters when I could only have one. And I think it can be used really well.
EXAMPLES: Swiftrain, Dapplerain, Stormrain


I think this could work really well. Before I joined BlogClan, I started a really bad fanfiction with an apprentice named Honeypaw, who’s warrior name was going to be Honeydrop. I dropped (get it? Going once, going twice… No one?) it because -drop wasn’t a canon suffix (I was super strict on canon stuff back then 😛 ). But it could very well be one.
EXAMPLES: Flowerdrop, Haildrop, Raindrop


(No, this is not a reference to StripedStone). Again with the early names, I made a Rainstone and omitted it because it’s not a canon suffix. But there’s Stone- and I can easily see it as canon.
EXAMPLES: Sunstone, Silverstone, Graystone


I know there’s Apple Blossom, but again this is canon warrior suffixes.
I don’t have much to say on this one, but Blossom- is a prefix, and there has been -flower as a suffix (and a prefix), so why not -blossom?
EXAMPLES: Silverblossom, Berryblossom, Snowblossom


Yes. I’m doing my prefix again. But I think this could work well as a suffix too. (I prefer the prefix tbh). But in a way this is already canon because the ONLY cat with wave in their name so far was an Ancient kit in OOTS who appeared (drumroll please) about two times. XD. But they had wave at the end of their name.
EXAMPLES: Ripplewave, Morningwave, Stormwave


Not much to say here. This is just pretty much the same as -stripe.
EXAMPLES: Silverstreak, Amberstreak, Dapplestreak


This is one of my favorite non-canon suffixes. It’s a great way to describe if a cat is fast or just has maybe a flash of white (or another color) fur on their chest. Flash- has also been used as a prefix and has some great potential names.
EXAMPLES: Ravenflash, Swiftflash, Whiteflash






Thank you for reading! I’d love to see feedback and some prefixes/suffixes that you think could be added 🙂


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  • Copper was actually used once. Some WindClan apprentice I think
    And you know that Cypresspaw is a RiverClan apprentice

  • Great article Wavey! Some of these preffixs and suffixes have already been used (like -stone in Strikestone and Copper in some WindClan cat’s name) but the rest are great. The only part I despize is Tree. I Tree as a prefix. Treekit. Treepaw. Treestar. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH….
    But this is great!

    • Thank you! -stone wasn’t canon when I posted the article and Copper-is from RiverClan, not WindClan. Why do you hate Tree-? It sounds perfectly fine to me.

    • Thank you! But this is for names that aren’t already canon, not names that just aren’t used much 🙂

  • Without having looked at this thoroughly before, I realized going through it that I have most of these prefixes and suffixes in my fanfiction ^,^ Wavepaw, I think our minds are linked somehow. lol

  • NICE! The suffixes and prefixes are very creative. The funny thing is, I have a very opinion then you. I think prefixes and suffixes should come from the series(Not full names) because… It sounds weird when I make it up.
    Your ideas r gr8 though!

  • Wave exists!!!!! In Thunder and Shadow Twigpaw is talking to a RiverClan apprentice named Wavepaw! Root exists to!!!! There is a main character named Rootspring!
    Guess what!!!!!!! Light is prefix!! Lightleap is Dovewing and Tigerheart’s kit. Wood, Lavender, and Cypress too

    • fun fact but the wavepaw in the books is actually named after the person who wrote this article 😛 and cypresspaw is named after a blogclanner as well!

  • Love Gingerberry, Dawnrose, Stormypool, and Wavedapple! Also for the honorable mentions, Lavender- or -moss would have to be my favs. Great article!!!

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