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My favourite she-cats by Shiverstream


Shiverstream explains the characteristics of some great she-cats

So if you read the title you will know that this is just my choices for my best she-cat.
So here they are…

10. Hollyleaf: I really liked Hollyleaf since she was an apprentice because she, unlike most main characters, was as close to the warrior code as she was to the fur on her back. She was always the word of wisdom in most cases amount her brothers and it really upset me when it became clear she wasn’t actually in the prophecy. That’s a little harsh because she spent half of her life thinking she and her brothers were specail only to find she was the only one who wasn’t. It did kinda ruin her for me when she went as far as to accidentally kill ashfur but I do think she has always been a loyal warrior at heart!
She was. Not chosen for the prophecy because she killed a cat DOVEWING!

9. Snowfur: I’ve heard people say that Bluestar has had a really sad life but what they don’t seem to realise is that so did Snowfur. She faced as many problems and tragedies as Bluestar and, of course, I know her sister didn’t die as well as her mother but she never got to help her kit grow and develop. I’m really happy that she didn’t let Bluestar decide who her mate can and can’t be because look how bad her judgment was! It caused the death of Mosskit!

8. Brightheart: Brightheart is probably the most determined cat in the whole series and yet I never see her on top ten lists.
Even after not being made a warrior when she should have by BLUESTAR, who seems to be at the bottom of most things, she kept going clearly tired of being ignored and fought the dogs to earn her warrior name. That obviously ended in tragedy but she still kept going. She earned her warrior name alright, LOSTFACE!
She still kept going and despite losing the sight in one of her eyes she still fought to help the clan. She should have been deputy instead of Brambleclaw (no offense Brambleclaw).

7. Lilyheart: she is one of those cats who is paid attention to fit a few odd scenes then suddenly not heard about again for a whole book.
She was so brave when it came to her sisters death even though she was so young. She was always kind and caring but was also able to hold her own. I am quite afraid she could turn out like fern and daisy and stay in the nursery for the rest of her though.

6. Cinderpelt: In my eyes if she was made a warrior she would be number one on this list but of course that was not her destiny.
She was so bubbly and exitible as and apprentice and a flame to match firehearts. However when she became a medicine cat I thought that was all over but man was I wrong. She was quieter and a lot more polite but she carried on teasing firestar and making the most out of being a medicine cat. Too bade her apprentice as amazing as her.

5. Squirrelflight: So basically you either found her annoying as an apprentice of boring as a warrior. Well there’s a lot more to her than that. Yes as an apprentice she was pretty annoying but not everyone in fire stars family has to be perfect. Also a lot of people like Needlepaw but she’s one hundred times worse😹. As a warrior people always say she was rude to Brambleclaw about hawkfrost but actually in the end who was the one being visited by Tigerstar! What if Brambleclaw’s ambition did controll him, he could have killed Firestar! Now about leaf pool and the kits. She knew that if she told Brambleclaw he would sure as hell have told Firestar who would have then said it would be fairer to tell the clan which would have ended in disaster for leaf pool who from the beginning was only caring about her position as medicine cat! So basically thanks to her having a selfish sister and an arrogant mate her life was turned upside down.

4. Mapleshade: I know many of you hate her for manipulating Crookedstar but there is always a reason behind mistakes. She was in her prime a probable deputy and thane what she has kits with a river clan cat! Now most of her troubles her caused by appledusk he said he loved but actually cared about his place in river clan more, he had killed two thunderclan cats which just made oak star hate I’m even more and when her kits died because of Ravenwing ( the snitch) he blamed Mapleshade. After that she was forced out of the territories by her clan. If you you were forced out of your home your kids dead and your not loved by anyone wouldn’t you start to go crazy too? That’s why she hated all of Crookedstars family. That one mistake that had been done many times before turned out to be the death of her.
3. Mothwing: I have loved mothwing from the day I first read about her. She is very unique due to her disbelief in star clan which isn’t her fault because she had never heard about it before she joined river clan. Nevertheless she kept healing and working hard for her clan even though she knew her whole position as medicine cat was actually was based on a fake sighn from starclan.

2. Needlepaw: Needlepaw is just like squirrel paw just a hundred times worse. She doesn’t listen to the rules and is always able to dish out a few comments wherever she is. The reason I really like her is because she has a reckless attitude and without her the apprentices quest would have been the most boring journey yet. I also really love the name Needlepaw because it really signifies her personality. She is also able to wipe that annoying know-it-all look off of Sparkpaws face!

Honarable mentions:
And cherryfall

1. Ivypool: Ivypool is the bravest, loyalist and under appreciated cat in all of the clans. Despite her hypercritical sister she has always believed in what she thinks is right and I deeply respect her for her perserverance under the shadow of her sister selfish ways. Unlike other Dovewing haters I don’t think she is a Mary Sue because of all the bad things she’s said and done. A few examples are telling her sister she’s a better warrior than her ( yes, she did regret this later but she still said it to Ivypool’s face and that will stay with ivy forever now! Even though that’s not true because naturally dove wing is the same as everyone else at hunting without her powers but ivy pool doesn’t have powers yet she’s still a better fighter), another time she said that ivy was betraying her clan by going to the dark forest even though she was spying and seeing a shadowclan cat behind her clans back! Hypocrite! She even said that ivy was jealous that tigerstripe loved her and not ivy. Where’d that come from!!?? Ivypool haters say that she was dumb to visit the dark forest. Well as we all know hawkfrost is an extremely manipulative character and Dovewing would have fallen into the same trap if she were in Ivy’s position. Also many of you say you would handle your jealousy better than ivy. Would you in all honesty. I mean what close friends did she have to talk through all of this with. Obviously not dumbwing because she was to busy in a meeting with the leader the medicine cat and her mentor while ivy was feeling down!!! Okay calm down shiver stream this is just my opinion😤😯😤😯😤😯😡
Thanks for reading you can post all the negative comments you want cause this is just my opinion

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