The Question Hydra

Is the Hydra the monster where, when you cut off one head, two grow back in its place?

Let’s say it is.

Then Questions for Kate are like the Hydra. I answer one, and two (often more) pop up. And the growth is exponential (see graph below) until I face a lengthy Warriors pop quiz each morning when I log in.

And it’s starting to impact on my work.


So, to make it fair, I’m declaring a moratorium on ALL Warriors questions. You can ask, but I’m not answering. I am returning to the usual system where I leave you to answer each other’s questions. And with Jaysnow filling in as the official Warriors encyclopaedia, I think you will be fine.

Sorry, BlogClan. I admire your thirst for knowledge, but I cannot quench it. So I make this decision out of practical necessity.





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