Top 5 Brutal Death Scenes in the Original Series by Briarpaw

Bluestar's death

Briarpaw discusses the most saddening deaths in Warriors


Today I’ve decided to write about a morbid topic. Let’s be honest, a lot of cats die in Warriors some in quick painless ways, and others, well, who aren’t so lucky. In this list, I’ll be counting down the top 5 death scenes from the original series that left some sort of impact on me… or made me want to throw up. If you haven’t guessed already this list will contain spoilers for ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘Forest of Secrets’, ‘Rising Storm’, ‘A Dangerous Path’, and ‘The Darkest Hour.’

#5 Brokentail
Wow was this scene dark. In this scene we already have the shocking revelation of Brokentail being Yellowfang’s son, then she just feeds him death berries! Maybe I’m just an idiot, but when I read this scene I was like, “Oh crap, well, guess we still have things to do with this character,” but no, she just kills him! I mean she had all the right reasons, but it was a certain dark for Warriors I hadn’t really experienced in the series yet.

#4 Silverstream
My opinions have drastically changed on Silverstream since my top 10 Warriors list. I went back and reread ‘Forest of Secrets’ and found I didn’t like her as much… That being said, my initial reaction to this scene was, “Holy crap, she just died giving birth.” It made me feel sort of queasy. I didn’t really care for Spottedleaf to begin with, and I didn’t really care about Lionheart, but I DID care for Silverstream at one point, so this was my first major character death. It’s so sad to see Graystripe so sad, and the image that swept across my mind while reading this of Graystripe with Silverstream’s blood all over him is just horrible and gruesome!

#3 Whitethroat
Not a main character, but this death scene is rather shocking and terrifying. Fireheart chases Whitethroat, after finding him standing over Runningwind’s dead body. onto the Thunderpath that is one of the ShadowClan borders, (I think, tell me if I’m wrong) Whitethroat gets hit while crossing. Blood starts drizzling out of Whitethroat’s mouth and he suddenly becomes stiff and terror creeps across his face as his eyes glaze over because Tigerclaw approaches. That was just a small summary of what happens, but the description in the book made my stomach churn. I don’t know if it was the idea of dying in terror rather than peace or if it was the fact that Tigerclaw appeared, I will never know.

#2 Bluestar
Though I knew it was coming I wasn’t ready for it. Though we had lost loveable characters such as Yellowfang in the past, THIS was the one that killed my soul, this is the one that left me a blubbering mess. In many ways Bluestar’s death is poetic, all is forgiven, she is the leader we used to know again, everything comes full circle. On the other hand, it is terrible, do I really need to explain why? NO! BECAUSE A MAIN CHARACTER JUST DIED, IS THAT NOT REASON ENOUGH?!?!

#1 Tigerstar
Everything was leading up to this point, the final battle between Tiger and Fire… at least that’s what we thought would happen. Instead we get introduced to one of the strongest and most emo foes in the ‘Warriors’ series. Scourge! Tigerstar with the help of BloodClan leader, Scourge plans to battle Firestar and the forces of LionClan, and then it all goes wrong. Firestar uses his silver-tongue to try and convince Scourge that Tigerstar should not be trusted. Scourge decides that he needs time to think about Firestar’s words of wisdom, and declare that there will be no battle that day. Tigerstar angered jumps at Scourge but misses, Scourge proceeds to rip through Tigerstar like paper. Tigerstar’s guts spill out and there are nine or more puncture wounds in his organs that take one life each. Everything we know just got twisted in less than thirty seconds, Tigerstar now seems like an ant compared to this “Clan” leader.

So those were the five death scenes that impacted me most during my initial read through of the Original series. Which character deaths left you a blubbering mess or made your stomach churn?

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