Leafbare is Coming!

This post is dedicated to Jayfrost

I’m inspired to write this post after seeing a tragic comment about the depressing onset of fall and approach of winter.

I shall refrain from my “ARE YOU NUTS?” reply.


Could you be more wrong?

This is TOTES the best time of the year. It’s AMAZEBOBS! It’s all Halloween and (for me anyway) Birthdays and Bonfire Night.

And don’t forget Cadvent.


And Christmas.

I agree, January and February can feel a little bleak.

In which case, let me introduce you to “hygge”, a Danish concept that probably makes Denmark the happiest country on earth.

Check out this video, do some googling and let me know what you think is the most hygge thing in your life, or suggest ways to be more hygge.

I want BlogClan to become the most hygge place on the web (which it kinda is anyway).


Also, check out this longer video about hygge (which autocorrect wants to spell higgle. Yes. Because higgle is totally a word. Right.)


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