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Mossball shares their favorite Warrior Cat Maps

I am having a thing were I can’t stop watching warrior cats maps so here are my top twelve

12. Bloodclan has no need for a leader by Ali Kat
It’s about scourges joining with tigerclaw and to his death, it is done by many talented animators such as Ali Kat, hulluminel, and going in cakeless.

11. Unity by I don’t know
It is an OC map and is not just on warrior cats but it’s the main focus, it has many talented animators such as one of my favourites niftysenpi

10. Warrior cats dumb ways that die,
We all know it, it needs no explanation!

9. Tribute to warrior cats by Ali Kat
This is, as the title says, a tribute to all the warrior cats books, all of the animators are absolutely incredible and I get goosebumps every time I watch it.

8. A demons fate, hollyleaf AMV by wyethcat
Okay so it’s not a map but it’s warrior cats put to music and I think this song fits hollyleaf soo well, it could also be because hollyleaf is my favourite character ever.

7. Always gold a Grey wing and Clear sky map by niftysenpie
its just so perfect for them both, and just.. NUP words gone cause to great

6. We all still die by NUP can’t find find a name
A map about all the evil cats, excluding hollyleaf she’s not evil, it ends with the dark forest battle and tigerstar died for good, firestar looks so smug about it too XD

this is a map about grief for the dying cats and the grief the STARCLAN cats feel so yeah.

4. Wolf by guess what? I CANT FIND THE NAME OF THE HOST!
It is leafpool and crowfeather map and about how there journey it ends at the fire confrontation. The animators are just amazing.

3. Life’s to short by you know what I’m so done with trying to find the names.
A dovewing and ivypool map about how they drifted appart because of the prophecy.

2. Hanging tree by I bet I won’t find the name, OMSC I found who made it it was cristilinne melody.
Okay so the animation is not the best but it’s hanging tree so that why it’s number two.

The valley whisker moon
It’s just.. Wow like its fits warriors so well and the animation is just beautiful! My favourite part is the last end bit of the map when.. Well I guess you’ll see if you watch it!

Well there we go my top 12 warrior cats maps! I hope you enjoyed and will go watch them if you haven’t already. Please tell me some of your favourite maps and animations in the comments!

MOSSBALL OUT * Stage goes dark* wait no I can’t see turn the lights on please * lights turn on * SMOKEBOMB! * smokescreen clears enough to see a cat running off stage*

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