Interesting Warriors Shippings by Asterpaw

Thistleclaw and Snowfur

Asterpaw shares a few ships that could’ve turned out to be very interesting

Hello, Asterpaw here on my first-ever article! Today I will be showing a few shippings in Warriors that could’ve turned out to be very interesting, in either impacting the story, and just plain cute. Let’s start!

Heathertail and Breezepelt – Personally, I would love to see this in the books! It would make the story very interesting, since Lionblaze and Breezepelt have a huge grudge between each other, as well as the fact Lionblaze and Heathertail used to meet together in secret as apprentices.

Bluefur/star and Thrushpelt – I really wanted this one to happen. Thrushpelt was so sweet, and even loved Bluefur that much as to act as her kits’ father! Snowfur even suggested that they get together. However, I guess love has its ways…

Raggedpelt/star and Foxheart – Okay, I probably dislike Foxheart as much as the next Warriors fan, but this couple could have been pretty good. Raggedpelt and Yellowfang obviously didn’t work out, and Foxheart’s fiery nature was a good match for Raggedstar.

Gray Wing and Bright Stream – Bright Stream was a calm, sweet cat but was also strong and brave. Gray Wing was the same, but also had a strong sense of loyalty. I know that Clear Sky was (I guess) a good mate for Bright Stream, but I also think that Gray Wing would be an almost better match.

Ivypool and Tigerheart – Don’t get me wrong, I love Dovewing and Tigerheart, but Ivypool and Tigerheart would be so interesting. Especially if Tigerheart was meeting Dovewing and meeting Ivypool in the Dark Forest or something like that. They both have the stubborn, secretive personality, and both train at night in the Place of No Stars.

Cinderpelt and Littlecloud – Cinderpaw was the one who inspired Littlecloud to become a medicine cat. I don’t know if there’s too much of an age difference, but we’ve never seen two medicine cats fall in love before!

Alderpaw/heart and Needlepaw – In the Apprentice’s Quest, a few times Alderpaw admires Neeldepaw’s spunky, confident attitude. As some say, opposites attract; Alderpaw is a fretful, responsible tom, while Needlepaw is a fiery, cheeky she-cat.

Put down in the comments if YOU have any interesting shippings! These are just my own opinions, and criticism is greatly appreciated!

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