Pairings That I Kinda Hate That Most Of You Love by Mistlekit


Mistlekit discusses Warrior Ships that aren’t very popular

Heyyyy! New article, and from the title you can guess what I’m talking about!

9. Tigerstar and Goldenflower. Tigerstar barely showed any signs of affection for Goldenflower. He mostly cared about Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. With Sasha, it showed that he did have a soft side, and even though he rejected her in the end, he cared, hunted for, and taught her a lot of stuff.

8. Thunder and Star Flower. Why would someone like someone just because they’re “pretty”? You never know, they could be treacherous and lying*cough cough*.

7. Leafpool and Crowfeather. Love at first sight? According to Crowfeather, Leafpool’s voice was like running water or blah blah blah. Still don’t understand why Leafpool would like Crowfeather.

6. Graystripe and Silverstream. I dislike it when people (and cats) break the rules. Graystripe only got to stay in RiverClan because Silverstream told Crookedstar “how great he was”. I like Graystripe, but I don’t like it when he was obsessed with Silverstream.

5. Berrynose and Honeyfern. I don’t really remember who said it, but they said that Honeyfern and Berrynose was too “mushy gushy”. I agree. Honeyfern was like “EVERYBODY WORSHIP BERRYNOSE HE’S THAT GREATEST CAT EVER!!!!!” and stuff like that. Poppyfrost’s crush liked her sister, and I can’t blame her for being scared that Berrynose still loved Honeyfern.

4. Lionblaze and Cinderheart. After Lionblaze ended his friendship with Heathertail, he just suddenly fell in love with Cinderheart without explanation. Besides, in The Ultimate Guide(I think) it said that Heathertail never truly saw anyone else in WindClan like Lionblaze, and even though she had kits with Breezepelt, it was mostly to redeem him and make him the loyal, happy warrior he should’ve been.

3. Bluestar and Oakheart. To me, this is like Tigerheart and Dovewing. I USED to like Bluestar and Dovewing, but now they’re all like “HE’S SO HANDSOME” and basically a Honeyfern 2.0. I don’t like love at first sight pairings, and prefer more developed ones. And I’m also very uptight about the warrior code, though I make Mapleshade, Appledusk, Heathertail, and Lionblaze an exception.

2. Firestar and Spottedleaf. Gonna have a lot of mixed results about this, people are either gonna love Spottedleaf or Sandstorm. Spottedleaf was just… meh. She was barely alive in Into the Wild, and they didn’t seem to have much interaction.

1. Tigerheart and Dovewing. Tigerheart is a childish noob of ShadowClan. Period.

So, that was my article! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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    • They’re allowed to have their own opinions you know. They specifically said that most people like these ships. You have no right to hate on somebody’s article just because you have different opinions.

    • Dear Blossomfire15,

      Please do not say “what is wrong with you” on the blog because these are peoples’ opinions. You should not say things like that just because you do not agree with their opinion.


  • This article is like super old but why not:

    9. I don’t mind them. I actually would have shipped them if Tigerstar did love her but unfortunately he didn’t. I do ship TigerxSasha though.
    8. Haven’t read all of DotC yet
    7. I have mixed feelings honestly. I do ship CrowxFeather though. But LeafxCrow I am still deciding haha.
    6. I don’t mind the ship but I don’t like Graystripe so…..I did cry a lot at Silverstream’s death though.
    5. I don’t have an opinion on this ship but I actually ship PoppyxBerry
    4. I like this ship
    3. Haven’t read Bluestar’s Prophecy yet
    2. I don’t hate this ship but it’s not my favorite out of the Three Firestar ships.
    1. I used to hate TigerxDove but now that I’ve re-read Warriors again to/with my fam, I actually ended up loving it haha. Strange huh? Kind of like how I hated Lionblaze at first but when I read the series’ again I ended up liking him. This is why I can’t wait to read Tigerheart’s Shadow!

    • Tigerheart’s Shadow is what made me love them! And I think they’re some of the best Warriors parents I’ve seen. (Of course the others have different circumstances)

  • I kind of agree, instant love is always something that’s been odd to me. At least Lionblaze and Cinderheart took the time to gain a better understanding of one another before getting together (I still wonder what would have happened if Lionblaze liked Icecloud instead).

    Firestar and Spottedleaf is something I’ve never particularly liked. Especially after Spottedleaf’s Heart happened.

    TigerDove is kind of an “eh” ship for me. I do appreciate that they care about each other, and I hope Tigerstar becomes less pushy and indecisive now that he’s gotten some peace. It’ll be better for the both of them. Plus, I actually really like their kits.

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