Ashfur’s Their Father! by Rainpaw


Who was there father? Ivypool and Dovewing’s possible dad’s put on trial today…

Hi guys! This is Rainpaw, with Warrior News! XD Okay, so you’ve read the title, so you might, just MIGHT know what I’m talking about. I’m gonna start this of with a question: Who REALLY is Dovewing and Ivypool’s father? Birchfall, or Ashfur? Okay, so probably many people have touched into this, but I’m gonna dive into it today.

First of all, let’s talk genetics. Where did they get the grey from? Yes I know, I know “White can mask any color, so they gray could come from Whitewing!” Let’s say this is true. Then where did Ivypool’s blue eyes come from? Some of you might say from Cloudtail, but cat genetics don’t care about the grandparent’s genes! Only the parent’s genes are taken accounted for. So, If Ashfur isn’t there father, then where did the blue eyes come from? And back to the gray fur, Ashfur’s grandfather, Fuzzypelt, was a grey tom, so grey is obviously genetic in his family.

Next, I’m gonna touch upon conflict between Whitewing and Ashfur in the books. In the book The Sight, Chapter 6, page 69, Ashfur can be seen sharing tongues with Whitewing. “Ashfur and Whitewing were sharing tongues nearby. “You’d be wiser splitting up!” He called over. “On your own, you might just manage to surprise your prey, but the three of you clumping around the forest will scare everything from here to sun-drown place!” Whitewing poked him with her snowy paw. “Don’t tease them, Ashfur!” She scolded. “You were an apprentice once. You must remember how tense you were about your first assessment!”” That’s a quote straight from the book! That’s a very loving thing for Whitewing to say to somecat who isn’t her mate, don’t you agree? And let’s fast forward to when Ashfur died: “Lionblaze flinched at the sound of a distraught wail from behind him. Whitewing had emerged from the warrior’s den, followed by Birchfall. “Did a fox get him?” She cried. Lionblaze shook his head. ” We found him in the stream on the WindClan border. It looks as if he drowned.” Whitewing shuttered. “That’s dreadful.”” Why would Whitewing react so… umm… let’s say emotionally if Ashfur wasn’t her mate?

This might be why she said Birchfall was the father: Ashfur told her about his plans to kill Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather, and tell all the Clans that Squirrelflight isn’t their mother. They get into a fight. Whitewing finds out she’s expecting kits. She is getting very close to Birchfall, so she says that he is the father so that her kits don’t have to deal with his legacy. Then BAM! Dovekit and Ivykit are born!

That’s all for today, folks. See you next time on…. Warrior News! *Reporter music* What did you think of this article? Leave your opinion in the comments below! Rainpaw…….. OUT!!!!!

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  • I always thought it was weird that Whitewing wailed but I never thought that Ashfur was their father 🙂 great article by the way 😉

  • The Erins have confirmed about 50 times that BIRCHFALL IS DAD.
    White masks any pelt color, so if’s possible that the reason Ivy and Dove are so light is because of Whitewing. Tabby comes from Firestar or Princess, maybe Dustpelt. And gray is Ferncloud. Blue eyes are Clpudtail.
    Plus, since when have Erins followed genetic rules???
    And I think that the Erins thought of a Dovekit as light gray…

  • Sorry I don’t agree either. Birchfall is the true father. I mean if Ashfur had taken Whitewing as his mate, then he surely would have gotten over Squirrelflight by then? But no, the fire scene happened. And if Birchfall is the father, we’ll, his mother is Ferncloud who is gray, who’s BROTHER is Ashfur and he has DARK BLUE EYES like Ivypool. I really think that Dovewing should have gotten her green eyes from Whitewing (but I guess she has blue) and since she is kind of the replacement of Hollyleaf. But anyway, Birchfall is the father! Whitewing may have had a crush on Ashfur but I doubt it. Ashfur never got over Squirrelflight so why would he take a mate?
    But great article!

  • Sorry, not to be rude, but I don’t agree w/ you. I only think that Whitewing was only close friends w/ Ashfur. She was way closer to Birchfall & Ashfur was less likely to be mates w/ Whitewing.
    He was too hurt & distraught about Squirrelflight & all that drama to be close & mate w/ Whitewing.

    And her talking to him was only a kind friendly manner, not loving! Maybe loving as a friend, but not a mate! Honestly, the kits got their gray from Ferncloud. Their REAL grandmother, & Dovewing got her green eyes from Ferncloud.

    Plus: Ivypool got her blue eyes from Cloudtail and Brightheart. Not Ashfur.
    Just putting my opinion out there.😐

  • Actually, genetics DO care about grandparent’s genes. Also, Warrior Cats has never cared about genetics. Also, the interactions between Whitewing and Ashfur are minimal and things that mates OR friends would do. If Whitewing was Ashfur’s FRIEND she would have an emotional response over his death if she was not his mate. Here’s another thing, Ashfur was still very upset about Squirrelflight. He wouldn’t have agreed to kits with Whitewing if he was willing to trap Squirrelflight’s “kits” in a fire because he’s still not over her. I think Ashfur and Whitewing are friends, nothing more.