Possibly the MEANEST MOM EVER? by Rainpaw


Rainpaw rants about why ______ is the worst mother in the history of mothers

[MAJOR SPOILER WARNING] *Reporter Music* “Good Day, and we’re back with Warrior News. Rainpaw has been working on some very interesting notes… so I’ll hand it over to Rainpaw then.” Thank you, Bobby. Okay, let’s jump right into it!

All those of you who have read Crookedstar’s Promise, you most likely DESPISE Rainflower. If you haven’t, well then, here’s what I’m talking about. [SPOILER STARTING] Stormkit is out of camp adventuring with his brother Oakit. They find Goosefeather basking himself on the other side of the river. they go across the stepping stones and confront him, only to get scared to death. Goosefeather chases them to the river. Stormkit falls, bangs his jaw on one of the stones, and Rainflower suddenly “doesn’t love him” anymore. I mean, she renamed him CROOKEDKIT![SPOILER OVER]

Few! That took my breath away! Okay, so you’ve seen the tittle. She was terrible to her kit! And I know, I know. “She only did that because she blamed herself!” Okay, yeah, I get that. But she went about it all wrong. Did she think renaming him would make her feel better? And anyways, she didn’t have to do all that other stuff to him too! [SPOILER WARNING] She was straight out mean to him, she refused to call his name at ceremonies, she didn’t visit him in the nursery when he had his injury, for starclans sake, she gave him his own nest! If I was Shellheart, I’d have left her too!

Now, some might say that Lizardstripe was worse, or that Palebird ignored Tallkit, or that Millie treated her kits badly too, but just think about, will you? Lizardstripe, well, I can’t really make any excuses for her, since I don’t really like her either, but if you think about it… It’s not completely her fault Brokenstar became, well, Brokenstar. Yes I know, she resented every drop of milk he suckled, and all that stuff. But every cat chooses their own path. Brokenstar didn’t have to take the path stained with blood. He could have looked to other warriors for guidance. He could have looked to the elders, his medicine cat, or his father for help. He even had a good relationship with his ACTUAL mother at one time too! Yes, he got made fun of for it, but hey, how many cats stood up to that in the past? His foster siblings were older, and mean to him. Now, for Palebird, she had Post Anxiety something… ๐Ÿ˜› which got worse when she lost her daughter. Next, we have Millie. Now, she was a TERRIBLE mother, but at least she didn’t rename Briarlight “Cripplelegs” or something.

Back to Rainflower. How would YOU feel, if you thought your mother hated you, and loved your brother more than anything? Soak in those feelings of sadness, depression, and a pinch of anger. This is why I feel that Rainflower is possibly the MEANEST MOM EVER!! Back to you, Bobby.

“That was a very interesting report from Rainpaw. Well, See you all later at…..” Warrior News! *Reporter Music*

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