Possibly the MEANEST MOM EVER? by Rainpaw


Rainpaw rants about why ______ is the worst mother in the history of mothers

[MAJOR SPOILER WARNING] *Reporter Music* “Good Day, and we’re back with Warrior News. Rainpaw has been working on some very interesting notes… so I’ll hand it over to Rainpaw then.” Thank you, Bobby. Okay, let’s jump right into it!

All those of you who have read Crookedstar’s Promise, you most likely DESPISE Rainflower. If you haven’t, well then, here’s what I’m talking about. [SPOILER STARTING] Stormkit is out of camp adventuring with his brother Oakit. They find Goosefeather basking himself on the other side of the river. they go across the stepping stones and confront him, only to get scared to death. Goosefeather chases them to the river. Stormkit falls, bangs his jaw on one of the stones, and Rainflower suddenly “doesn’t love him” anymore. I mean, she renamed him CROOKEDKIT![SPOILER OVER]

Few! That took my breath away! Okay, so you’ve seen the tittle. She was terrible to her kit! And I know, I know. “She only did that because she blamed herself!” Okay, yeah, I get that. But she went about it all wrong. Did she think renaming him would make her feel better? And anyways, she didn’t have to do all that other stuff to him too! [SPOILER WARNING] She was straight out mean to him, she refused to call his name at ceremonies, she didn’t visit him in the nursery when he had his injury, for starclans sake, she gave him his own nest! If I was Shellheart, I’d have left her too!

Now, some might say that Lizardstripe was worse, or that Palebird ignored Tallkit, or that Millie treated her kits badly too, but just think about, will you? Lizardstripe, well, I can’t really make any excuses for her, since I don’t really like her either, but if you think about it… It’s not completely her fault Brokenstar became, well, Brokenstar. Yes I know, she resented every drop of milk he suckled, and all that stuff. But every cat chooses their own path. Brokenstar didn’t have to take the path stained with blood. He could have looked to other warriors for guidance. He could have looked to the elders, his medicine cat, or his father for help. He even had a good relationship with his ACTUAL mother at one time too! Yes, he got made fun of for it, but hey, how many cats stood up to that in the past? His foster siblings were older, and mean to him. Now, for Palebird, she had Post Anxiety something… 😛 which got worse when she lost her daughter. Next, we have Millie. Now, she was a TERRIBLE mother, but at least she didn’t rename Briarlight “Cripplelegs” or something.

Back to Rainflower. How would YOU feel, if you thought your mother hated you, and loved your brother more than anything? Soak in those feelings of sadness, depression, and a pinch of anger. This is why I feel that Rainflower is possibly the MEANEST MOM EVER!! Back to you, Bobby.

“That was a very interesting report from Rainpaw. Well, See you all later at…..” Warrior News! *Reporter Music*

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  • (This has almost nothing to do with this article but) Millie wasn’t that bad of a mother, I mean, you get yelled at by your parents and stuff, and sometimes there’s favoritism. She was just worried that Briarlight would die because the only other cat that had the same thing happen to them died. Sorry this kinda just appeared in my head.
    Anyways, this DOES have to do with the article.
    I agree. Rainflower is a major jerk and probably the worst mom.

  • I think that just about every warrior cats fan can agree that Rainflower is the worst mom in Warrior Cats.

    There probably could’ve been worse, however they weren’t in the same scenario that Rainflower was in.

  • Rainflower is totally the worst mom in the Warriors Series but you could make a mildly good case about how Lizardstripe was worse, although we don’t know very much about her, or Nightcloud. Someone should write a FF about Lizardstripe and her young days/how she came to foster Brokenstar. I loooved your (not sure what to call this😹) story/blog/report! I look forward to more of them!!! 😺

  • Great article Rain! Rainflower totally is the worst mom (though Lizardstripe puts up some good competition) I honestly feel bad for Crookedkit (I’m probably not the only one 😛 ) Can’t wait to see more articles!

  • Nice article 🙂 Rainflower and Lizardstripe are the worst mothers in Warriors in my opinion. I guess Lizardstripe did kind of have a point, since she had been given yet another kit after not wanting any to begin with. But then we have to take into account the ‘forbidden’ mothers like Bluestar, Yellowfang and Leafpool. Who did they give their kits up for? Themselves? I would disagree with the ‘good of the clan’ excuse, because all of the kits found out the truth the hard way and Thunderclan was in a bit of a state after Hollyleaf dropped the bomb in front of every clan at the lake. Thunderclan also felt betrayed by Bluestar when they discovered Mistyfoot and Stonefur in their camp, after Bluestar had told them they were missing and presumed dead. Brokenstar’s death was made even worse by him finding out that he had been lied to for so long.

    Oops, ranting XD

  • Completely true! Rainflower is a terrible mother! I do have to point out that she did visit Stormkit in the medicine den, she just wouldn’t look at him, and she did call out his name during some of the later ceremonies. But still, she’s terrible!

  • *unpopular opinion*
    Yellowfang is a pretty terrible mother and has no real excuse for abandoning Brokenkit when there was already another medicine cat in the Clan who could have just trained another apprentice.
    I agree with Raggedstar that Yellowfang was being completely selfish when she gave Brokenkit away.
    *hides in bunker*

    • I doubt Sagewhisker would have been willing to just take on another apprentice – she basically bullied Yellowfang into becoming a warrior, and basically bullied her into giving up Brokenstar. I’m not saying that the fault doesn’t mostly lie with Yellowfang, but I don’t think Sagewhisker would have been willing to just let it go that way. And I think Yellowfang did it because of Sagewhisker’s nagging, because she wanted to serve her Clan best as a medicine cat, and because she thought it was better for Brokenkit to be thought of as just the leader’s son and loved for that, and not be looked down upon for being the son of a medicine cat. Doesn’t fully explain it, especially since she never should have given her son to Lizardstripe, but eh.

    • Okay, I’m sorry, WHAT?! Sagewhisker was getting pretty old and she heavily pressured Yellowfang into becoming a medicine cat and giving up Raggedstar. The Clan didn’t know she was pregnant and she couldn’t really just pop into camp one day and say “Hey! I know I’m the medicine cat apprentice, but I’m secretly dating Raggedstar and we had a kit together! I named him Brokenkit! I’m going to be a queen now! Let’s all go party!” Mhm, it doesn’t really work like that. Sorry, but I really think Yellowfang made the right choice, plus she had all that pressure from Sagewhisker.

    • I think Yellowfang was pressured into the role due to the fact Sagewhisker was getting old and she had a natural ‘gift’ that would give her an advantage in the medicine den. By the time another cat who could be a medicine cat came along, it could be another *possible spoiler for TaS* Littlecloud situation, where the medicine cat dies with no apprentice to care for the clan. It would have been bad for Shadowclan if Yellowfang had decided to keep the kit, but the alternative wasn’t great either.

  • Great StarClan! There’s a heated discussion going on here!
    I didn’t passionately HATE Rainflower, but of course I disliked her a lot, as is impossible not to do so. She made so many cats have to change because of her inability to cope with Stormkit’s accident: Shellheart broke up with her, and the couple argued and made Crookedkit sad; Crookedkit had to have his name changed and stay longer as a kit/apprentice (he felt so hated and neglected that he eventually ran away as an apprentice); Oakit had to act as the comforter because his mother was unable, and spent a lot of his life building up Crookedstar’s self esteem. So I totally agree with you Rainpaw!

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