Fan’s Thoughts on the Most Hated Warrior Cats by Icestorm


Icestorm pleases the fans with their own quotes about why some cats are hated more than others

Hey guys, Icestorm here with my fifth article! So I was thinking one day, “what are the most hated warrior cats?”. So I looked it up and found this site, with hated warrior cats, and the character comments. I just wanted to show some hated warrior cats, show others’ opinions, then mine. I noticed some curse words, so I will go over and replace letters with these stars-****. I hope BlogClan is ok with that. If you would like to add to the page, here it is : *************ALSO SPOILER WARNING!**********

#1: Tigerstar

“He is sooo evil. He murdered so many innocent cats. He was causing havoc and killing for the fun of it. Brindleface didn’t deserve to die, she had kits and a mate, the least Tigerstar could’ve done is to kill off one of the more annoying cats instead of a gentle queen. Also, Starclan could have stopped Brokenstar, Tigerstar and Hawkfrost ever getting to live in the Dark Forest by attacking them as soon as they arrived. – Moonblaze”

“He killed brindleface, swiftpaw, made brightheart loose her eye, etc. He is evil! I am so glad that **** is dead. – hollypotion”

“I’m glad he’s #1 he killed so many cats and went to the dark forest when he died I said enough”

“I also hate tigerstar he is mean. I H A T E H I M. I also hate people who hate scrouge. SCROUGE RULES!
Thistleclaw is the ONLY reason Tigerstar is evil! Don’t blame Tigerstar! – SeeU”

“Who cares if he is evil? He is so powerful! Look what he has done to the clans”

“Tigerstar killed my Bluestar… enough said”

“He’s like a cat version of Hitler! That itself explains why 90% of the warrior fandom hates him!”

——-Icestorm’s comment:———- “Is it weird that I like him but at the same time hate him?”

#2 Millie

“Out of all of the warriors fans I have ever met, and trust me, I have met plenty, I have only seen one person who actually LIKED Millie. Millie was a ****** attempt of a second Silverstream, but was a terrible mother and didn’t really do much. Thunderclan was supposed to be a strong clan, and her not changing her name made them look weak, like they were made up by kittypets. Come on.”

“I feel like I’m the only person who actually likes Millie…”

“Yeah all Millie did is replace silverstream who ROCKS!”

“She pushed Graystripe not only away from Silverstream, but herself too! And she oozed over Briarlight even though she was getting better and attention from Jayfeather! In my top 10 least favorite cats -_- “

“If she had been a fixed (no kits)changed her name and followed the warriors code I might have liked her but she is one of the worse cats”

“The main reason Millie is so hated is because lots of people thought of her as a Silverstream replacement. I hate her because she coddles Briarlight too much to realise she has another 2 kits that want a bit of attention for a change. Her personality was always a bit bland but when it came to the point when she yelled at Blossomfall, that was the last straw for me! I have and always will hate Millie along with 80% of the fandom. GREYXSILVER FOREVER!”

——-Icestorm’s comment:———- “Sorry Millie fans, but I don’t like her. I find her annoying and nagging. I don’t feel like she serves a purpose in the books except for providing kits.”

#3 Bluestar

“WHY IS SHE ON THE LIST I mean sure she did go through a face of depression but that is no reason to hate her she gave her life for Firestar I say Bluestar you are #1 leader”

“I feel sorry for her she never got to have her kits really know her and her mate was in a diff clan and she loved her mom and sister and she had to fight to save her clan from her sister’s mate and whitestorm’s father”

“NO WAY Bluestar should be on this list. She was one of the best leaders though out the whole series!”

“She is ok, I think she’s shaky and weird, I wouldn’t trust her. The hardest times for her was when she lost her 7th life and told firepaw. But she hasn’t gone through that much. You know who has? Scourge, yellowfang, white storm, firestar, and brightheart. Get over it, she’s not that bad.”

“She seriously broke oakheart’s heart. I hate her because she caused everyone pain and misery”

“Bluestar deserves this list. Why?
1. She caused Snowfur’s death
2. She abandoned Whitekit and her own kits
3. She made Thistleclaw turn to the dark forest (Thistleclaw isn’t evil! )
4. She went cuckoo after Tigerclaw betrayed her (really? We all saw it coming even she knew Tigerclaw was a bit fierce I can’t believe she never put two and two together)”


#4 Daisy

“All she cares about is herself and her kits. She never loved any of her mates, anyway.”

“All she does is stay in the nursery. Seriously, she’s just an extra mouth to feed. Ferncloud is more useful than her. At least she had a lot of kits”

“She has and always will be selfish and useless! If anyone gives me three reasons to like her, I will be impressed. To me she is just an annoying, whiney, spoiled brat! She called Brightheart ugly and tried to steal Cloudtail from her. Only 20% of the warrior fandom think not. LITERALLY!”

“In MY OPINION Daisy had a little tragic life. She lived on the barn with Smoky and Floss but Smoky loved Floss more. Then when Daisy joins Thunderclan she falls in love with Cloudtail. But then Cloudtail went with Brightheart as usual. Then Daisy THINS she found true love with Spiderleg,but no. Spiderleg ignored Daisy and her kits. And she stays in the nursery because taking care of children is hard and Daisy wants to help.
I won’t be surprised if you were a warrior and is a coward. Warrior cats battles are scary and dangerous.”

——-Icestorm’s comment:———- “Remind me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Daisy not really want to stay in the clan? She had a tough time finding a place in the clan because her kits wanted to stay. She’s ok, I guess 🙂 “

#5 Dovewing

“Dovewing is just a mary-sue. Just plain out. She thinks she should be the center of attention in her clan. She has the nerve to yell at Ivypool for training in the Dark Forest (Ivy thought this was going to help her Clan), BUT was breaking the code as well for meeting Tigerheart! She also told Tigerheart about Jayfeather’s herbs and when Tigerheart stole them (ShadowClan was in desperate need as their only medicine cat, Littlecloud, was very sick), Dovewing yells at him and blames HIM when she TOLD him first about it! I just hate it. When she loses her power, she thinks she’s so useless now and just sits around now. Lionblaze and Jayfeather weren’t like that, they actually DONE their warrior/medicine cat duties, unlike lying around and crying because they lost their powers. Speaking of powers, Dovewing NEVER used it for her Clan. Only for spying on Tigerheart. I feel so sorry for Bumblestripe.. Dovewing keeps on playing with his emotions, even though it’s CLEAR he loves her. Ugh, I HATE her.”

“Dovewing never wanted to be different to her sister and only wanted to serve her clan to the best of her ability. It was never her choice whether to keep the secret of the prophesy or to share it with her sister. Plus she was terrified that Ivypool would get herself killed in the Dark Forest. – Moonblaze”

“I really hate Dovewing because she only cares about herself. Her sister was practically risking her life for the clan and all she can think about is basically I hate my power, I don’t want to do anything to help the clan.”

——-Icestorm’s comment:———- “I really don’t know what to say. I don’t hate her, but I wouldn’t put her on my top ten favorite cats list…”

#6 Breezepelt

“Breezepelt is just an ***. That’s pretty much it besides that he’s evil, bitter, stubborn and a show off. Oh did I mention how he desperately wants to kill Jayfeather? Jayfeather happens to be my favorite character because he’s so sassy I just love his sass. BREEZEPELT JELLY OF HIS SASS!”

“He’s just such an IDIOT! All he ever did was whine and be stupid and try to kill multiple cats all because he felt like he wasn’t loved! I do kind of understand BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE ME LIKE HIM!”

“I pity him. His mom forced him to belive his father hated him. His dad cheated on his mom and got Leafpool pregnant. Sad life though he is stubborn and ann idiot somethimes! Nobody tries to kill my JAy JAY!”

——-Icestorm’s comment:———- “I really don’t like him. Everyone says that it was his past that turned his heart cold, but he didn’t have to be like that. Look at Tallstar! Tallstar had some of the same problems, and he turned out to be an amazing leader.”

#7 Firestar
“To be honest, I like Firestar but he is a little tied up with peace and teamwork, but personally I think Firestar is awesome.”

“Yeah, Firestar in my humble opinion was okay, except for the fact Erin didn’t make him have any real bad flaws. There are the ups and downs to a personality ya know?”

“He is not a Gary Stu. He has flaws! He brakes the warrior code a lot, let kittypets into his clan and makes other stupid choices. Give him a break guys who thinks he is a Gary Stu!”

“It always talks about how “The Great Firestar” is sooo special. Almost all of the point of view are from Guess who? “The Great kin of firestar”. COME ON PEOPLE, why is firestar so special JUST because he was the first kittypet to ever join a clan. Seriously his moment should’ve been over after the first series. Some people want to hear about other clans and how they live, too”

——-Icestorm’s comment:———- “I don’t think he’s a Gary-Stu! We just never saw his POV after the first series! He was just showing his clan that he was confident to make them feel comfortable. He’s a great character in my opinion.”

#8 Ashfur

“Does it annoy anyone else when people are like: ” How could you not like poor, innocent Ashfur? ” Oh, I don’t know, maybe they have a problem with how he tried to murder Firestar, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather because he was mad at Squirrelflight. And for such a stupid reason. Yes, I get it-Squirrelflight dumped you. But that was YEARS ago! Move on already! Give this a thumbs-up if this annoys you to.”

“I feel sorry for this guy he got played/dumped and no-one else seemed to want him wasn’t his brother mated and having kits and he was alone?”

“He goes crazy after squirrelflight dumped him, seriously grow up. Look at thrushpelt, did he do crazy? No! And probably the only reason he want to starclan is because of his fans. I just hate him. He’s a stupid idiotic jerk. He goes INSANE at the fire scene. He almost killed Jay, Lion, and Holly, just because she “hurt him” Just move on!”

——-Icestorm’s comment:———-“I really like him and felt bad for him…until he went crazy. I just wish he didn’t try to murder anyone.”

(This list goes until 20 so from now on I’ll only put the cats and lets the BlogClan comments do the rest XD)
#9 Lionblaze
#10 Spottedleaf
(see my article! :P)
#11 Mapleshade
#12 Nightcloud
#13 Leafpool
#14 Squirrelflight
#15 Thistleclaw
#16 Scourge
#17 Lionheart
#18 Rainflower
#19 Raggedstar
#20 Jayfeather (WHY?!?!?!)


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