They’re On Youtube?!? by Rainpaw


Rainpaw discusses what exactly would happen if cats found YouTube (Tonight at 10…)

*Reporter Music* “Hello, and welcome back to Warrior News. Rainpaw has had a hilarious idea and decided to share it with us today. She says that she was inspired to write this by some of her fellow warrior fans. I’ll hand it over to Rainpaw.” Thank you, Bobby. That’s true, I was inspired to do this by some of Blogclan’s famous writers. Also, in this cats can spell/read, and understand human. So here it is:

If Warriors Found Youtube
*Alderpaw runs into camp*
AP- Bramblestar! It’s another one of those Twoleg things! Remember we were famous?
BS- Of course! Show it to me!
*Whole clan follows Alderpaw*
AP- Here it is.
*Squirrelflight walks up to it*
SF- You-Tub-E
*Sparkpaw runs over*
SP- Cool! Hey, Cloudtail, Ima put your name in! Cl0UDTaIL
CT- Wait no!
Bs- Hmm… what’s this? Cloudpaw joins Thunderclan?
SF- Let’s check it out!
AP- Yeah, It’ll be cool!
*video* Oh say, oh sa na MACARON, OH MACARON, Oh! Shaceron, Macaron, Shaceron, Macaron. drgfdsgdhgdhfdhhhgbfhbfvbbvbfhbvdbfzbv! Shacaron da da, Macaron, da da, Shacaron Shacaron Sahcaron da da! Well, congratulations Fireheart you are now a mentor! Wait… WUT?
*Brightheart laughs her head of, along with the rest of the clan*
CT- That’s not what happened!
BH- Are you sure, cause you were pretty care-free, so i can see it happening!
AP- Really? You ran around singing and dancing?
CT- Of course not!
SP-Next! Let’s see…. oooh here’s one! It’s called Surprise, and it has Squirrelflight in it!
*Squirrelflight pushes back to computer to see*
*video* It took me by surprise! The hatred in his eyes!*
*Squirrelflight pauses video and Lionblaze comes up*
LB- I thought you didn’t tell any one about that…
*SF, Lb and JF all walk out round-eyed.*
BS- Uhh…. Spark paw maybe I should choose the videos.
*JF comes back*
BS- Here’s one! Satisfied- Jayfeather and Half Moon.
*Jayfeather leaps in surprise.*
*video* You strike me, as a woman who has never been satisfied.*
*JF comes up and closes screen*
*Leafpool comes up*
LF- You had a relationship with a dead cat?
Jf- Well….. Yes… no… maybe.
AP- Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! He’s in love with a dead cat!!!!
*JF leans close*
JF- Don’t mess with me, child!!!!
*All of a sudden a song comes on*
*don’t you worry, don’t you worry child!*
AP- Hey look! It’s me!!
*Video shows picture of Alderpaw and Needlepaw*
JF- Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! You’re in love with a Shadowclan cat!
*Everyone stares at AP*
AP- What?
*Computer dies*
*Graystripe yowls*
GS- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BS- Graystripe, pipe down a bit!
AP- Well, off to the camp I guess!
*whole clan returns to camp and acts like nothing happened*

Sooo….. yeah! that would be interesting! Well, I’d better hand it back to Bobby.
“Thank you, Rainpaw. But I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for today. We’ll see you next time on Warrior News! *Reporter Music*

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