Should Warriors be read in order? by Sunlake

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Sunlake debates whether you should read Warriors in order

Hello, Blogclan people (cats)! I’m Sunlake with my first article. Let’s get started!

The first Warriors book I read was Midnight. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the first book until much later. Even so, I enjoyed the story very much. I will always remember how halfway through the book, I jumped up in excitement. I had just figured out what an apprentice was. I read the whole New Prophecy series before going back to read the Original series.

By out of order, I mean reading one series before reading another taking place before the one you read.

Reasons for people to not read the arc in order:

-You get to dive into the middle of the mess without having to deal with slow introductions.

-You can still understand the plot and relations between cats by what is said and the actions done.

-Each series has it’s own separate plot. (Most major plot lines are finished by the end of the last book)

-Many characters are seen throughout the whole arc. This lets you connect plots, cats, and other related material.

-The allegiances are at the beginning of every book, making it easy to figure out who is who.

-All main characters are unique and tell their story clearly. (You can understand why someone believes something without too much background information)

– You can always read earlier series later. (When I went back and read the original series, I enjoyed seeing how all my favorite New Prophecy characters came to be)

-The excitement when you figure something out. (The feeling is totally worth the trouble)

If you have more, feel free to comment.

Reasons to read the arc in order:

-No sneak peeks and spoilers!

-Minor plot lines are continued through the series, so you already understand and acknowledge them.

-You don’t have to infer as much.

-You are able to watch the journey from beginning to end.

-If you have a limited memory, it’s easier to remember which character is in which book.

-You already know simple facts like what an apprentice is or what clans do. You know the Warriors world without having to guess.

-You can stay focused on the plot and don’t have to spend time wondering what’s going on with (insert character name).

-You’re a majority. This makes it easier to relate to other Warrior fans.

If you have more, comment below.

So it really depends on who you are and how you read. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind spoilers and can infer information easily, by all means, read the arc out of order. If you’re someone who hates spoilers and likes organization, read it in order. What ever you do, be confident of your choice and don’t be afraid to go to the other if it doesn’t work out.


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  • I started with The Apprentice’s Quest because I didn’t know how the numbering system worked. I soon figured it out but I was already invested in the story and didn’t read the first arc until after Shattered Sky. I read Darkest Night after The Darkest Hour, Tales from the Clans at the same time as Twilight, Sunset, and The Sight, and Tigerheart’s Shadow after Dark River. Other than that I’ve read the series in order and it makes the story much easier to understand. I’m about halfway through Eclipse right now and Sol is staying in the ThunderClan camp.

  • I started on Midnight because my friend Phantomclaw recommended the series to me, and the school library had Warriors. I didn’t know there was more than one series, so I grabbed Midnight thinking it was the first Warriors book ever. I got to Moonrise before I decided to start over on Into the Wild. 🙂