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LionBlaze_and_IcepawBrightwing shares some great cats in the Warrior world

Hello and welcome to another Brightwing article. This time I’ll be talking about my 5 favourite warrior cat characters. Special mentions go to Hollyleaf, Crookedstar and Deadfoot.

5) Brightheart. Most people first read about her and go ‘oh no, how terrible!’ and then kinda forget about how she’s not a normal cat in later series. They also forget at how her life was before the accident, how she was daughter of the fierce she-cat Frostfur, and the wise tom Lionheart, how she was stolen by Clawface, under the rule of Brokenstar as a kit, how she was apprentice to the respected senior warrior, Whitestorm. She had great potential as a fighter, while an apprentice, and was obedient and loyal. However, Bluestar was suffering from her mind giving way, and refused to give any apprentices their warrior name apart from Cloudtail. This drove her to follow Swiftpaw’s outrageous idea and became scarred for life. But she recovered and now is still a great warrior of ThunderClan, at 10 years old.

4) Icecloud. Out of her and her brother, she was always the one to ask questions and be louder. She had Brackenfur and Whitewing as her mentors. When Lionpaw, Jaypaw and Hollypaw were allowed to go to the Tribe, she complained at her not going too. I wish that she had gone, because I read somewhere that she had an unofficial crush on Lionblaze, and that could have developed during that. When she went on her first hunting patrol, she admitted to Lionpaw that she was terrified before he helped her and when he caught a thrush with a large leap, she was very excited and talked about it all the way back to camp. Obviously there’s something going on there. When she became a warrior and was on another patrol with Lionblaze, he stopped Dovepaw catching a mouse to let Icecloud have a chance, but she leapt clumsily and missed – perhaps this shows that she was embarrassed that her crush was giving her a chance and was too distracted by that to hunt properly. I really like her spirit and energy, even as a warrior, and it leads to her arguing and complaining with lots of cats. I was so sad when I read about how she died from Greencough in Bramblestar’s Storm.

3) Cinderheart. Although she was the competitor for Icecloud with Lionblaze, I still adore this scatter-brained apprentice, gentle warrior. Most of her life she had some apparently random knowledge of herbs, which she coped with, and even before she knew of her incarnation, she told Lionblaze that his destiny was his, and she couldn’t be part of it. After she knew, she was sad, but still was a great cat, though confused about her life in the Clan. She suddenly knew about decisions and destinies, advising Lionblaze, and trying to come to terms with Cinderpelt (who I also like too, but Cinderheart better). I like to think that The Forgotten Warrior title refers to not only Hollyleaf, but also Cinderpelt coming back. When she let Cinderpelt go, and became mates with Lionblaze at last, I was delighted, especially at how beautiful their kits’ warrior names are: Fernsong, Sorrelstripe and Hollytuft.

2) Leafpool. I just love this cat, how she had to face her forbidden love, and accept it, how she not only had a special bond with her sister, but how she cared passionately about her, how she was a medicine cat and spoke with StarClan. My favourite ship is LeafxCrow, as it was so different and difficult; Crowfeather just wanted to be respected in his Clan, and miss Feathertail, and Leafpool just wanted to be Medicine Cat of ThunderClan, loyal and obedient to her excellent mentor, Cinderpelt, whom she was very close with. Cinderpelt guessed her love, and warned her against it, but still she carried on, until it became too much for the two cats, and she became a loner with Crowfeather. I feel her pain at knowing how she belonged in the Clans, and when Cinderpelt died knowing her death and silently trusting Leafpool to come home, when she had to give up her kits for the sake of the Warrior Code. How she watched them grow up not knowing their true parentage, and when they did, how betrayed they were about it. For this was no GreyxSilver love, this was a double cross the Code. Plus, I actually really like her name. Leafpool. It’s great! Here is a link to an amazing animation video that I have watched countless times about Leafpool and Crowfeather:

And the first prize winner goes tooooooooooooooooo……………………

1) Feathertail! Having already done a whole article about her (which didn’t come through the first time, but I sent it again) I don’t need to explain much, but this cat was amazing in gentleness, accepting her destiny, loyalty to RiverClan despite her wayward parents and growing up proving that. No wonder she was so close to her brother, he was the only close family that she had! She was determined and resolute, and I just adore that.

So, as you might see, my favourite cats are the ones that have accepted their destiny and their situation, and have grown strong through that, becoming great cats. That’s me done for now, so bye!

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