Why Lightning Tail is One of the Best Characters by Bramblefire


Bramblefire debates why Lightning Tail is the best cat, while some other cats take different ranks

With so many characters in the second newest Warriors arc, it was clear one of the cats would rise to become a great cat. I personally didn’t expect that cat to be a background cat named Lightning Tail. Anyway personally the Dawn of the Clans series was one of my personal favorite Warrior Cats series next to the New Prophecy arc, (this is because Crowpaw/feather is my favorite cat.) With Dawn of the Clans being my second favorite arc it was bound to have a colorful set of characters. From Clear Sky to Lightning Tail, most to all of the cats were well developed and very likeable. I did find a character that seemed to serve his purpose and perhaps even surpass that.

Now Lightning Tail is the adopted brother of Clear Sky and Storm and he is also the brother of Acorn Fur. Lightning Tail had his fair share of trauma like most Warriors characters but he unlike a lot of Warriors characters chose to move on unlike cats like Crowfeather, Bluestar and even Clear Sky. He was very loyal to Thunder and would always support him even if he didn’t agree with Thunder’s decisions. An example of this is when Thunder left camp to join Clear Sky. He knew that this is something Thunder must do and he supported him and even stood up for him. Lightning Tail was one of the first to welcome Thunder back even if other cats didn’t want the large ginger tabby back. Heart break struck again when his sister joined Clear Sky and this time Thunder comforted him. Lightning Tail joined his friend Thunder, when he broke away to start his own clan. The two battled together in the last few books, but his character doesn’t end there. This cat is beyond loyal and perhaps in the top ten most loyal cats. He may not be 100% loyal to his birth camp, but he will certainty die for any of his friends. Lightning Tail’s modern Warriors series cat that is similar to him is perhaps Bumblestripe or Thrushpelt. He would do anything he believes is right and he will always support his family. He knows how it feels to be alone and abandoned, which his why he connects with Thunder so well. Despite what he went through or goes through he always seems to get on with his life and live it the best he can. For this loyal cat he deserves to be added to my favorite cat list.

Favorite Cat List
1. Crowfeather
2. Lightning Tail
3. Jayfeather
4. Longtail
5. Sunstar
6. Sandstorm
7. Breezepelt
8. Ashfoot
9. Squirrelflight
10. Gray Wing

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