Crookedstar’s Promise/Bluestar’s prophecy overview and opinion by Kindheart

Crookedstar's Promise

Kindheart theorizes about Bluestar’s Prophecy and Crokkedstar’s Promise

Hello blogclan! before i begin SPOILER ALERT (obviously) and also there will be a fair amount of theorizing and stuff that causes brain pain so yeah you have been warned!

I quite liked these two books and their connection. it becomes apparent that they both happen at the same time! unlike other books (from the new prophecy) it isn’t like you switch between views it’s literally two different books but you can still see how it happens at the same time. i quite like that the erins did this because it shows that while we follow one clan’s POV other clans are still doing things. Also it was funny to see how they each reacted when they where both together! XD so why haven’t the Erin’s done more of this type of two book same time thing? my guess is it’s a really hard thing to do. in mean you have to make sure everything makes sense that each clan and cat have the same interactions i mean if Crookedstar had i dunno not talked to bluestar on his first gathering and then in bluestars book we see he did that would be kinda weird right? i mean that is a very significant moment so they have to make sure they get it all wright. (see what i did there? huh? huh? i wrote WRIGHT instead of RIGHT! because they wright the books? oh never mind) moving on. another thing makes me wonder what would the books have looked like if they weren’t both at the same time? i mean i know thats a stupid question but i’m just wondering. cause obviously one book would have to change. would it be Bluestar’s prophecy? or Crookedstar’s prophecy. but hey I’m straying from the point of this article. so all in all i really loved the idea and the result i would like to see more like these. however it’s up to the Erin’s (Of course) so before i say the finishing ritual i need to give a shout-out to someone. now i don’t want everyone else to feel like they aren’t following my articles too and i just haven’t been noticing them. I NOTICE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FIR THAT!!!!! it’s just each article (From now on) i pick one or two people who have been with me a long time and i would like to thank them. (please don’t take offense if you aren’t in the shout-out D:) this shout-out goes to non other than Emberdawn! thank you Emberdawn! now say it with me everybody! until the next article Cyo! 😉

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