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Jadepaw shares for great ships in Warriors

Howdy, BlogClan! I’m Jadepaw. In this article, it will show my top 5 ships on my list and these are just my opinions. (I’m warning you, there will be spoilers!!) I’d love to see your opinions on these ships or your own favourite ones! Okay, on with it!

5. Crookedstar x Willowbreeze
Apart from Oakheart, Willowbreeze was one of the only cats who made Crookedstar NOT feel like an outcast, despite his disfigured jaw. She didn’t stare awkwardly, whisper or make a rude comment *cough*Rainflower*cough* It was really a pity when Willowbreeze died of greencough, which left Crookedstar alone once again. I actually looked forward to his other kits too, hoping they’d be like clan leader or something.

4. Silverstream x Graystripe
Okay, Tigerstar, we know you despise anything half-clan related, but isn’t this just sweet? *puppy eyes*
;-; Anyway, even though half-clan relationships don’t meet the best endings, this one was really touching and gave the first series a good start. Silverstream saves Graystripe from the river, and then they see eye to eye, falling in love. I get sort of a fairy tale vibe off this ship, and their kits! I support Stormfur x Brook!

3. Jayfeather x Stick
Go away Half-Moon. It’s an ancestor-free zone here.
*stares at the fandom* Please don’t ask..
(fandom ATTACK!)

2. Cloudtail x Brightheart
Similar reason to the Crooked x Willow one. Brightheart (Lostface) considered herself useless when she had lost her eye to the pack of wild dogs, but with patience and time, Cloudtail encouraged her with kind words and even trained her to fight so she could get used to the loss of her eye. Now she’s just as good as before! No one sees her as Lostface, because of Cloudtail’s help. Don’t mind his sharp tongue, he’s still sweet and kind.

1. Feathertail x Crowpaw
Ah, back to the New Prophecy series – all that nostalgia! (haven’t even read the third book) Even though their relation was short, it was so satisfying. No one seemed to appreciate Crowpaw’s presence, apart from Feathertail, which she had the ability to see beyond his prickly attitude. I had that strong feeling that they REALLY loved eachother. Leafpool’s a good cat, but Leaf x Crow didn’t give me that ‘true love’ signal. (I’m so sorry) I just wished Feathertail and Crowpaw had the chance to stay together for a while, at least on their journey back.
Welp – that’s my article finished! What’s your favourite ships?

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