The Most Developed Characters: Part 2 by Winterpaw


Winterpaw comes back with more developed cats in Warriors

I’m baaaaaack! Yes, so since some of you were freakish about a part 2, and you actually enjoyed the last one, I might as well do a second one. All the same things apply as the last one, no special order or anything–just my thoughts. Without farther ado (I hope….)

Gray Wing- Often, main characters of stories are a trouble to develop properly and give characteristics. In DOTC, the Erins demolished that problem with the creation of Gray Wing. In the start, he was a typical kindhearted, inwardly-debating type of character. But six books can entail a lot, and with this character, they did. It mostly started with the problems with Turtle Tail. Most characters moon over their crush, have problems such as nosy confidence and them noticing. With Gray Wing, it was that he didn’t know what he felt, and pushed it aside, ignoring her! This shows he is a bit more of a secluded and straightforward cat, less on romance and strength, more on doing the things he has to. Throughout each book, we see him expand on these emotions, find newer ones hidden inside, and basically open himself up to someone. *Spoilers for The First Battle* When Turtle Tail dies, Gray Wing then shows his softer, mourning side. And through the next books, he is a character weighed down with many things, not just breezing by or getting luck. He is plagued with asthma from the smoke of the fire, and in the end it hurts him more than he would realize, but not after realizing the cat he could be. And not to mention, he had a fierce drive and compassion to be brave enough to leave his home, just to find his mischievous brother. What a cat.

Sandstorm- With more screen time then other mates or side characters in the series, Sandstorm was given a good job of a personality. Feisty, fierce, caring and determined, Sandstorm isn’t a bubbly or sweet she-cat overall. She has a fire in her, a spark that drives her to be loyal to her Clan and mate. With Firestar, her caring side shows, not shadowed by her fierceness as an apprentice. With kits, she is a protective and strong mom, not just all kind and wonderful. Sandstorm shows to be helpful and brave, and will keep to herself when she has to. But sometimes that fails, and her laws lie In her too-quick-thinking and overreacting. In the start she was snarky and rude, then the classic redeeming fills in, giving her many things. In the end, *Spoilers for The Apprentice’s Quest* her sassy determination to go on the journey gets her killed, but not without closing her character off with kindness. Even though her actual death was a bit eh.

Longtail- Yes, Longtail is a classic case of good goes bad. But a bit different. While he started out similar to Dustpelt, the cause of him turning good wasn’t love–it was betrayal. He was a strong anger star supporter, and, as we all know, Tigerstar lied and was eventually exposed, and Longtail refused to follow him. While he was already on track to become an alright ThunderClan warrior, still a bit obnoxious, the real moment that turned him was getting blinded. The accident with a rabbit turned him ‘weak’ and incapable to do things. He had a life ahead of him but was forced to become an elder. Embarassing, right? Well, in a twist, Longtail handled this quite well. At first, like us all, he had doubts, but over time he accepted them. His personality made him see like being blind wouldn’t change what type of cat he could be, and how good of an elder. And the wonderful friendship with Mousefur only turned him kinder, more caring, and he ended on a high note, bravely.

Crowfeather- Ok. This is a very complicated character, we may have to dive deep. So, we start off with an arrogant and grumpy apprentice named Crowpaw. During Midnight, StarClan sees something special in him–already hinting some development . Throughout the journey he is unbearable, argue able and quite irritating. He isn’t a Jayfeather-hilarious sassy, but a terrible kind. But then, as the journey progresses, the other cats start to notice him being softer. More agreeable, and likeable. This was due to love, Feathertail, and finally finding someone he cared for. Being in love changed him to act differently, to finally stop being reclusive and acting that no one cared for him. I enjoyed this for Crowfeather, and gosh, how terrible it was when his love died. After that he got even worse, now fuelled by grief. The way home was depressing–but he pushed on. Falling in love with Leafpool Brightheart a lot of ups and downs, and basically showed the two sides to Crowfeather. As things happened, we saw how fiercely that his love could make things worse, which was an interesting concept. By the time he got his warrior name he had mellowed a bit, not without still loving Leafpool though. A smart, and developed move, was to have a mate and kits to seem more trustable in WindClan. In the end, it showed Crowfeather was a complex, tricky cat with lots of hidden love, that would do what he had to do at times.

Leafpool- To end off the article, we have the second mate of Crowfeather, and New Prophecy main character. I always felt Leafpool was a kind of shade of a calm cat. Not just the typical, quiet, caring she-cat, but one with many struggles. As an apprentice, Leafpaw was calm and a bit of a pacifist. Then, we saw her as predictable, a lively she-cat with many hopes. But then Crowfeather came, and the moons of grief and complication. Falling in love confused Leafpool, and made her a bit more interesting. The forbidden relationship, ending up badly, but with kits, was a new take on the forbidden romance couple. Leafpool had kits, and while she struggle don her choices and questions with them, she still had love to give. She grew up having to enact a lie, as much as a calm and simple cat she was. She had to change, and hide away her strong love for her own kin. This was interesting, a nice turn to show the types of pain. Eventually, her secret was out. As a beloved charger, it was almost nice to see cats dislike her and punish her. It showed how bad relationships caused mistakes, and how the most plain of cats could be changed. As a warrior, she wasn’t great, but losing Hollyleaf made her a bit saddened at times. At least she had a happy ending, something good for a character who had truly been through a lot.

There! Done! Now, a part 3 is a bit of a debate. Next up will be the opposite, the most undeveloped cats, so get hyped for that. I hope you enjoyed, comment you thoughts below, and see ya later til’ next time friendsies.


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