To Betray? Or Not to Betray? Part 1 by Rainpaw


Rainpaw is back with more professional news than ever before!

*Reporter Music* “Hello, and welcome back to Warrior News. Today Rainpaw will be sharing some very interesting theories about some cats known as “traitors” to Blogclan. I won’t delay, here she is.” Thank you, Bobby. I’m going to be listing some cats that committed crimes, and discuss if they are traitors, or if they are just misunderstood. I won’t waste tim, so here they are.

So, lets go over her story. We see her start out as a loyal Thunderclan warrior, who has just found out she is having kits with Appledusk, a tom from Riverclan. She tells her friend Frecklewish, who thinks that her brother, Birchface, who died recently at Appledusk’s paws, is the kit’s father. Mapleshade goes along with it, so that when her kits are older and have earned their place in the clan, she can tell everyone who their real father is. Later we can see her kits being “tested” by Rabbitfur, one of the elders. He tells them to jump as far as they can, and they all land clumsily. Rabbitfur says in scorn that no kit of Brichface’s could ever be that clumsy. Mapleshade hisses at him and takes her kits to the river. They all start swimming, until they get tired. Mapleshade, being Thunderclan, can’t swim. Coincidentally, ;D Appledusk’s patrol shows upland saves the day!! Yay Appledusk! So anyway, they’re walking back to camp when Ravenwing shows up and says he has had an omen. I’m not gonna say what it is, but he knows that the kits are Appledusk’s. They get back to camp and the whole clan is spitting half-clan creatures at her kits. Oakstar banishes her and her kits, and they go to Riverclan. Her kits have trouble crossing, and Appledusk shows up again. Mapleshade gets herself to the other side, and sadly finds out her kits have died. Appledusk blames her for the kit’s deaths, and Darkstar, Riverclan’s leader, banishes her. Mapleshade is driven by to kill Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk. Reedshine, Appledusk’s new mate reveals that she is mother to Appledusk’s new kits, and Mapleshade thinks as she dies, “My revenge will never be over.”

Thistlekit leads a pretty normal life as a kit and an apprentice. It is discovered when he becomes a warrior, and is named Thistleclaw, he is going to father Snowfur’s kits. Whitekit is born, and Thistleclaw proves to be a good father, even though Bluefur thinks Whitekit is a little young to be training. Thistleclaw denies, saying a kit is never too young to start learning. Snowfur dies chasing a Shadowclan patrol across the Thunderpath. Later Thistleclaw is announced as Tigerpaw’s mentor. Thistle claw trains him hard, and on a patrol with Bluefur, tells Tigerpaw to teach a stray kittypet kitten a lesson. Bluefur is horrified when Tigerpaw almost kills it. Later, Thistleclaw can be seen with the ambition to become deputy. Some time after Bluefur becomes deputy, Thistleclaw meets a Riverclan patrol on the border and is killed.

As a kit he is the only one of his litter to survive after his father, Pinestar, leaves Thunderclan to become a kittypet. He seems like a natural leader, always leading the kits out on adventures. When he becomes an apprentice, his name becomes Tigerpaw, and gets Thistleclaw as his mentor. Thistleclaw trains him very hard, and one day on a patrol, almost kills a straying kittypet kitten. Tigerpaw goes on to become Tigerclaw, a loyal, brave, and fierce Thunderclan warrior. In a battle with Riverclan, he kills his own deputy, Redtail, in a hope to become deputy. Bluestar makes Lionheart her deputy, although he dies soon after in a fight with Shadowclan. Tigerclaw then becomes deputy. Ravenpaw, his apprentice, can be seen fretting about how he killed Redtail to his friend Firepaw. Soon after, Ravenpaw disappears from Thunderclan, Fireheart claiming he is dead. Later on Fireheart discovers Tigerclaw’s treachery when Tigerclaw tries to kill Bluestar during a battle with rogues. Bluestar banishes him from the clan. Soon after, he can be seen as Tigerstar, leader of Shadowclan. Tigerstar leads a pack of dogs into Thunderclan territory in an attempt to wipe out Thunderclan in revenge. Tigerstar is later seen in the last book of The Prophecies Begin claiming that all clans should join together to become one clan, known as Tigerclan. He claims that Leopardstar and all of Riverclan have agreed to join him. Next time he meets with Thunderclan and Windclan, he brings a new clan known as Bloodclan, who are ruthless cats that live in Twolegplace. When Thunderclan and Windclan refuse to join him, he orders Bloodclan to attack. Bloodclan’s leader, Scourge, then kills him.

As a kit, he leads a normal life. When he becomes an apprentice, his mother Brindleface is killed by Tigerstar to feed the dogs that Tigerstar lead to Thunderclan. He out runs the dog pack, helping a patrol get rid of the dog pack over the gorge. His sister, Fernpaw, helps. Ashpaw supposedly becomes an apprentice between the time of The Darkest Hour and Firestar’s Quest. He is seen in Starlight becoming very close to Squirrelflight. In the book Sunset, Squirrelflight admits she doesn’t love him, and that she would be happy if they could be friends. Ashfur grieves and becomes very hostile towards Squirrelflight. He later becomes mentor to Squirrelflight’s son, Lionpaw. He can be seen viciously fighting with Lionpaw in the book Outcast. In the book Long Shadows he is training with his former apprentice Lionblaze, when they both unsheathe their claws. The fight is very vicious, but is pulled apart by Firestar. Later on in that book, he traps Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather, Squirrelflight’s kits, in a fire. To protect them, Squirrelflight reveals that she is not her mother. A few days later, he is going to tell all the clans about Squirrelflight’s lies when he is mysteriously killed by the Windclan border.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be sure to include the second part on the NEXT episode of…… Warriors News!

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