Why Starclan made Tigerstar leader by Kindheart


Kindheart gives four reasons why StarClan allowed Tigerclaw to become Tigerstar

okay before i begin this is a theory article so prepare for brain damage! |HELLO BLOGCLAN!!!!! today i will be exploring a theory of mine! the reason(s) behind why starclan let tigerclaw become tigerstar. so let’s begin!!!

1.True they didn’t send the sign but they did give him 9 lives if they thought he wasn’t fit to be leader they wouldn’t have given him 9 lives like they did with Nightstar.

2. i think they gave him his 9 lives because they did see some good in him. okay before you say “there is no way that’s possible Tigerstar is evil!” you gotta remember he wasn’t always evil as a kit he was actually like any kit, show offy and attention seeking yet adorable! so starclan must have seen some good in him enough good in him that they decided to give him a second chance. however we all know how that turned out! also i think that starclan decided that shadowclan had gone through enough to have another leader die on them in one fight…..

3.Tigerstar did receive warnings with his life though. as i have said before in my theories (check out those articles of mine please!) one of the cats told him after she gave him one of his lives “beware the small cats” i believe that was a warning to stay away from scourge since he is a small cat. also all those other lives he got well i guess starclan was sending him a message of we are giving you these lives because we see good in you do not throw it away. however i think they unintentionally pushed him to making the decision of inviting scourge and bloodclan.

4. why do i think they pushed him? well i think it was more of a final push. he might have felt like starclan didn’t think he could make shadowclan strong on his own so he wanted to prove his worth and ability. therefor by controlling bloodclan he guessed that starclan would then know he is strong enough to lead all the clans.

but hey that’s just a theory a warrior theory! XD that one was for you emberdawn! now for this articles shout-out-Olivepaw my loyal apprentice! have a great day. until the next article Cyo! 😉

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  • Tigerstar is my favorite villian, and you pointed out exactly why I like him. He could have changed the whole series. If Scourge had just done a small swipe to his throat, he would have only lost one life, because the ‘slice open the belly’ thing was probably so fatal that StarClan couldn’t heal it. Therefore, he would kill Scourge. BloodClan would probably get mad, so all the Clans could fight and kill them. Cats would say to Tigerstar, “You killed Scourge and saved us from BloodClan. Thank you so much!” Tigerstar would then say, “Wow… I wanted to be leader so bad that I didn’t realize that the cats should want me, too. This is what it’s like to be chosen to be leader. I will never kill unless for the good of the Clans!” Goldenflower would love him again, Firestar and Tigerstar would be good friends, and no cat would hate him again. And they would have lived happily ever after. The end. 😛

  • I am glad that someone agrees that Tigerstar was not bad all the way through! This is an interesting article, the topic is creative!

  • Interesting article! I thought that Tigerstar was allowed to be a leader because he would be a strong leader for the clan, and Starclan thought that he would be satisfied with having a clan, and maybe leave Thunderclan and Fireheart/star alone. This theory does make sense though.

  • I think Tigerstar needed to be leader of ShadowClan for the plot to work, but the people who decided that didn’t think about the exact logistics behind the plan. 😛 Whereas us dedicated fangirls/fanboys are like, “Whaaaa? Why would StarClan do that?”

    I like what Cinder said! 😀 Maybe Tigerstar lost all his lives at once because StarClan wanted to reverse what they had done.

  • Awesome article! I love your reasoning!

    To be honest I personally think StarClan gave Tigerstar nine lives because he was the only cat who could save ShadowClan, however ironic that is. He was a strong cat and leader who ShadowClan had chosen and without him, they might have died off from sickness. But your reasons make sense too!

  • Aaaaa, how did you know I liked Game Theory??? Well, honestly I probably just said it at one point or another 😛 Great article, Kindheart!

  • Oh yeah, Star Clan totally remembered this litte cute kit from back then…

    If I may remind you about Goosefeathers words in “Bluestar’s Prophecy”:
    “I’m sorry StarClan, I’ve failed. This kit should never have survived”

    • Just because Goosefeather acts like StarClan wanted an innocent kit dead for crimes he hadn’t committed yet doesn’t mean it’s true. This is Goosefesther we’re talking about.

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