Brokenstar: How evil is he really? by Starstripe


Starstripe wonders how evil one malicious cat in Warriors is

Hi guys, I’m new here, this is my second article so tell me if it’s ok! So today I shall be debating Brokenstar just like I did with Darkstripe. So what did make Brokenstar…Brokenstar?

1. First of all we all know that his upbringing wasn’t the best. As he didn’t know who his mother was he was forced to be raised by Lizardstripe. Who brutally blamed him for her lack of milk. As well as being physically battered by his adopted littermates. Wouldn’t it be natural to try and toughen up if this happened to you? Brokenkit, as we know wanted to be noticed and his father was constantly pushing him out of his limit. Too far probably because his son had to live up to his expectations. Also, Lizardstripe’s attitude would have influenced him to be more like her, which it did in some ways in his later life. All he wanted was attention.

2. We’re probably all told that the reason a bully bullies is because their going through a tough time themselves. We see it time and time again. And another example is here. Brokenkit wanted attention and fame. That’s all he wanted. He took it too far-yes. And we can say that this was ultimately the cause of his and his father’s death. And when Firestar snatched that away from him he must have been crushed. A new cat being all the talk of the clans. This was his fame, that he had worked for his whole life and it was gone!

3. He never had a mate or kit’s, it has changed cats in the past and it could’ve changed him if he’d had the chance. The other cat’s hated him, they didn’t give him a chance to try and find a mate in one of them. Just really because he was an outsider and what Lizardstripe has said about him to everyone. Isn’t that a bit unfair? If he’d had a mate he probably wouldn’t have felt the need to be violent or get attention. He would’ve had someone to confide his feelings with and kit’s, giving him a reason to be happy. He would’ve had someone to care about and to care for. The whole time he was probably just really scared, being tough on cat’s, kit’s and himself was probably just him trying to show everyone he was brave and tough, but was scared inside.

4. The battle that Tigerstar plotted with him wasn’t really all his fault, I think we all know how convincing Tigerstar can be sometimes and what did Brokenstar have to go for then. Blind, not being able to fight, in an alien territory from your home, a cat telling him that she was you mother. It must have been really confusing and a lot to handle. And when a cat offers freedom from it all, fame once again. It must have felt like a miracle. We never heard Brokenstar’s side of the story. We always saw him through biased eyes. Even though Yellowfang might have been honest to start with (but that’s just me being biased because I love Yellowfang)

5. And now he’s confined to the Dark Forest given no choice but to be the evil cat we see him as today. Yes he was one of the main leaders for the great battle but did he have a choice? In the dark forest at least?

We can come to the conclusion that yes, he got his fame. But not a mother, loving father, kit’s, mate, littermates or anything really! Let me know what you think!

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