Analyzing the Character of Dovewing by Swiftbriar


Swiftbriar discusses if one sibling is better than the other when it comes to Ivypool and Dovewing

Hi everyone! Okay so a lot of people like Ivypool over Dovewing because they claim that Dovewing is pretty annoying. Well this isn’t exactly a defense article it’s just something to give you a better understanding of why she is the character she is.

Dovewing isn’t exactly valued a lot. Most people think of her as annoying, and Ivypool as the hero that risks her life to go spy on the Dark Forest. Well, one of the reasons that Dovewing is called annoying is basically that while Ivypool is in the Dark Forest, Dovewing is off breaking the warrior code with the kin of Tigerstar, Tigerheart. But, when Dovewing finds out about something that really upsets her, she stops seeing Tigerheart, and vowed to never meet him again. So you can forget about Dovewing being annoying in that way. A lot of people also dislike her for getting to have her own e-book and Ivypool doesn’t which isn’t fair because Dovewing has an entire arc all to herself. Well, in Omen of the Stars, Dovewing and Ivypool are both featured in the books. Like the time when Ivypool and Blossomfall get stuck in the tunnels. That’s part of Ivypool’s story, not Dovewing’s. Still not satisfied? Then I’ll tell you more. Many people also think that Ivypool should have been given the privilege to be part of the three,rather than Dovewing. Well if that had been the case then you’d all think that IVYPOOL is annoying and Dovewing the “hero” that risks her life in the Dark Forest. And the sisters get along really well, right? They don’t say ” You are so annoying.” Or “I’m the hero and you’re not.” Instead, every time that Ivypool visits the Dark Forest and gets scratches and cuts from fights to prove her “loyalty to the Dark Forest” Dovewing always worries about her instead of thinking that she can manage on her own. Am I right? And one last thing. In the e-book Dovewing’s Silence she fells shut out because her powers are gone, but she still goes on helping her clan instead of bothering everyone. I guess she just isn’t understood very well just by opinion, but you need to go deeper than that, much deeper. I got pretty tired of hearing the same thing over and over,”Dovewing is annoying”. I respect your opinions, but like Feathertail and Lionblaze that get tons of criticism because of this and that. Hope you enjoyed this article!:)

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  • Nice article! I actually just wrote one myself about the dynamic duo of sisters.
    Just like you mentioned about how Dovewing feels shut out about losing her powers, but there was one thing I noticed about that issue. If I may be allowed to present an argument, here I go; Dovewing does spend a large amount of time in the previous books almost continuously talking about how awful her powers are and how she only wished she could be normal like everyone else. Perhaps (or PURRhaps haha) if she hadn’t spent so much time doing so, then her continuous reaction to her loss in power might not seem so “annoying” to readers. I did find myself a tiny bit upset with her when they stumbled upon her wailing into the tunnels and shutting everyone out. It seemed like an overreaction as the other two prophecy cats had also lost their powers (and their sister).

  • Great article, Swiftbriar! I think a reason why people say that Dovewing was way too annoying by getting her own novella was because they haven’t read the novella. Coming from personal experience, all I can do is just read the main series and the special editions because I can just borrow them from my library, but the novellas cost money to read and that really puts me off of reading them because 1. They’re optional and I don’t feel obliged to use my money to buy them and 2. the novellas are specifically electronic novellas which means you can’t use cash to buy and read them and most of the time (I say most because some kids are probably really good at convincing their parents to buy an e-book) we don’t have accounts or credit cards to buy the novellas. Because of this, we don’t get to see what happens in the novellas except for the plot summaries on the Warriors Wiki, but those don’t really give us the same depth as the actual story, do they?

    Oh boy, that was long 😛

    • They have actually books with three e-book novellas in one, so you can consider buying that or getting it from the library. The novellas weren’t very important to the series, but they did add a bit more information to some characters that needed it. :3

  • I find Dovewing annoying because she doesn’t use her powers to get a real advantage. I would still think Ivypool was awesome if she was one of the three because Ivypool is ON TOP OF THINGS. She has no crazy relationship drama and is actually doing something extremely important to benefit her clan. That’s why I prefer Ivypool, but I do like the points you made about Dovewing.

  • Love love LOVE Dovewing! She’s in my top five favourite warriors list at the moment, and to be honest I find Ivypool way more annoying. I thought that the whole thing with not being able to choose between Bumblestripe and Tigerheart was quite cool, it was a fresh new idea that worked (in my opinion). The Fourth Apprentice is my favourite book after A Dangerous Path too, so Dovewing and all the other cats on the journey to save the lake get a bonus point XD I think she was overlooked since her sister was in more danger than her, but Dovewing’s power could have harmed every cat at the lake if she had misinterpreted a vision. Great article!

  • I like Dovewing and Ivypool. Dovewing only annoys me for this one part where she goes to WindClan because Sedgewhisker was being chased or got bitten by a dog. She really had to go to WindClan? It was not her problem though I understand her concern for her friend. Now what about Hollyleaf and Willowshine? Hollyleaf wanted to go because she was worried about her friend but also because she wanted to help RiverClan. WindClan wasn’t exactly in that circumstance so Dovewing really didn’t need to go. But other than that, Dovewing is great character and her sister is just as well. 👍🏽