My Thoughts On Popular Warrior Cats! (SPOILERS) by Grayblaze


Grayblaze discusses popular and unpopular opinions on cats

These are my thoughts/opinions on different warriors that are quite popular (and not so popular) in the Warriors fandom. Those cats are Cinderpelt, Hollyleaf, Crowfeather, Breezepelt, Bramblestar, Mapleshade and Bluestar. Nobody has to agree with me, but I just felt like ranting, AND seeing what others think! (I’ll be using Warriors slang because I don’t know if I should swear, mostly because a fair amount of Warriors fans are young, but while about 60% are older, I don’t know if I’m allowed to swear on this site.. Oops)

Personally, I think she would’ve been able to still become a warrior. Cinderpelt only injured ONE leg and was forced to become a medicine cat, but Briarlight gets to be a warrior with both of her hind legs completely paralyzed? I know that Cinderpelt was reincarnated as Cinderheart and she is the warrior she’s always wanted to be, but she doesn’t even know about being Cinderpelt. I actually wonder what would happen if she knew. But, back to my point. I side on the opposite argument also; if Cinderpelt never went the route of becoming a medicine cat, Yellowfang would be dead, without someone to be the next medicine cat. Leafpool would have become a warrior, and that would change the plot quite a lot. (Heh, that rhymed)

First of all, why didn’t she have powers? An even better question: Why is she disliked so much? — Hollyleaf stuck to the warrior code, and people don’t hate her for just that. It drove her mad (not insane, just trying to make a point here) to know that her whole life was practically a lie. Just her being alive was breaking the warrior code, which was something she held close to heart. Maybe a little TOO close. She thought she had no other choice but to kill Ashfur to keep the secret safe, but it ended with her telling the truth anyways. That was a slightly mouse-brained thing of her to do, but I guess she couldn’t bare to know that she’d keep living a lie, so it came out. Hollyleaf even tried to kill Leafpool by attempting to force her to eat death berries. Her life was in pieces, which made her plunge deep within the tunnels, and (I think) the collapsing rocks killed her. Basically, I have mixed feelings for her. I feel bad for Hollyleaf, but I don’t exactly like her, nor do I dislike her. She’s a confusing character, mkay?

Ah, Crowfeather. How much I hate this piece o’ crap cannot be expressed simply through words. Why do I hate him, exactly? Well, for one, he treats his son, Breezepelt, like crow-food. I feel with Breezepelt on an emotional level, kind of, so I know what it’s like, kind of. I also feel really bad for Nightcloud, knowing that Crowfeather doesn’t love her or give a flying hedgehog about their son. I mean, why did they even have Breezepelt if they don’t even love each other? — And for two, he fell in love with Feathertail, someone who is way older than him, and suddenly fell in love with some random medicine cat, (Leafpool) for what reason exactly? But there’s more: he couldn’t even accept the fact that he had three other kits, and completely rejected that they are his kits. And, last but not least, he is grumpier than Jayfeather and Yellowfang combined, (That may be an overstatement) and in a negative way. In conclusion, nobody likes him.

He may be grumpy, but he is one of my favorite characters. People I’ve known who have read Warriors always hate Breezepelt just for being rude, but all I see is an innocent warrior that was completely abandoned by his own father, Crowfeather, and Breezepelt was especially treated like fox-dung by him. I’ve got to admit, we all get into those Breezepelt kind of moods, am I right? (And Jayfeather moods. And Yellowfang moods. And Mousefur moods…) One thing I do dislike about Breezepelt, though, is when he hurt Jayfeather and said something along the lines of, “Try and hit me, Jayfeather!”

Although I’m only on The Fourth Apprentice, my friends who have read nearly all the Warriors books have given me so many spoilers, I practically know everything about the books I haven’t even gotten to read yet. The only thing that hasn’t been spoiled for me is Hawkwing’s Journey and Ravenpaw’s Farewell. ANYWAYS, I’M GETTING SIDETRACKED — Brambleclaw/star is one of those characters that nobody extremely likes or extremely dislikes. He even seems, or seemed slightly ambitious. In one of the books, I can’t remember which one, but I believe that Brambleclaw got pissed whenever Ashfur or some other warrior was given an apprentice, and Squirrelflight noticed it. (This was when Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight were having their little quarrel over Hawkfrost being evil, but Brambleclaw denied it) But, I feel that his entire personality and character as a whole completely disappeared when he became a, quote on quote, “false parent” to Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit. It happened to Squirrelflight, Firestar, Sandstorm, and many, many more characters. They just become boring somehow. Is that just me, or can anyone else agree?

She, to me, is in my top three favorite list of characters. She may be in the Dark Forest, but let me tell you why she’s so fricken’ amazing. One, she treated Crookedkit as if he were her own kit whenever he was rejected by his own mother. Two, she… Well, uh. I can’t think of any other reasons, except for the horrible things that happened to her and how awesome her revenge was. If I were put in her position, I would’ve gone mad too, having lost THREE of my children, being blamed for it, having my partner stab me in the back and be in love with a completely different person, and not even being able to see my own children being buried. If that happened to me, I’d feel like my whole world was crashing down onto me. Mapleshade shouldn’t have lied about the father of her kits in the first place, or she probably wouldn’t have been banished, and her kits wouldn’t have died, because the only reason they died was because of being banished. Her Clanmates would’ve been more understanding, most likely, if she would’ve told the truth. But, besides that, I still love her.

Besides the fact that being driven completely mad by being betrayed by Tigerclaw and all the things that has happened to her in the past, she is an amazing character to me. I could see why she thought StarClan had abandoned her, and I feel really bad for her. First, her sister was killed right in front of her very eyes. Then, Oakheart was murdered. And, last but not least, Mosskit was killed, too, and she had to give away her kits to a completely different Clan, where she could never see them again, and she would never have the chance to tell them the truth. I don’t really get why some people hate her. She’s a good character.

Well, those were my thoughts on some Warriors characters that I like, dislike, or that I have no idea if I should like them or not. I hope someone can agree with some of my opinions! (There are many more characters I’d like to rant about, but I’m too lazy)

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