Tigerheart vs. Bumblestripe for Dovewing by Frostflower


Frostflower debates if Tigerheart is the right cat for Dovewing or if Bumblestripe is the one

Hi guys!
This is my first article and today I’m giving you my opinion on Tigerheart vs. Bumblestripe for Dovewing. I know some of you don’t like Dovewing or think she doesn’t deserve Bumblestripe and all that stuff so I’m going to go over that and give some of my opinions on both toms.

*WARNING: Spoilers for Oots, TAQ, Bramblestar’s Storm, and TAS*

Dovewing is often called a tom magnet and lots of people don’t like her because she created a pointless love triangle, cheated on Bumblestripe, etc. I didn’t really appreciate her for all these things but since reading “Dovewing’s Silence” I have come to like her more and more. It was definitely tough for her to lose her powers and I know some people think of her as a drama queen for being so dramatic over losing her powers, but if you think about it, she wasn’t that dramatic and if you look from her point of view, losing most of your hearing and such would be pretty hard. I did think she was a little rough with Bumblestripe but again, if you look from her point of view, she must have been torn between Bumble and Tiger.

Bumblestripe: Bumblestripe is a very sweet tom and quite liked Dovewing, he was very kind to her mostly all the time and he definitely deserves a nice mate. I believe Dovewing did actually love him for a period of time before showing her feelings for Tigerheart again. In Bramblestar’s Storm, Bumblestripe told her that he couldn’t wait to have their own kits, and that she would make a great mother. She quickly told him that there was plenty of time for that, which shows us that she still cares about Tigerheart. I personally ship BumblexRose as I don’t think DovexBumble would ever truly work out.

Tigerheart: Well ever since the journey to the beaver’s dam he always had a soft spot for Dovewing and eventally confessed his feelings for her. They began meeting in secret and soon were very close. When Ivypool (Ivypaw at the time) found Tiger and Dove meeting in secret, a patrol came and Tigerheart basically took her and exchanged her for medical herbs. Dovewing was very angry at him and started getting closer to Bumblestripe. By the end of the series she’s back together with Tiger but soon after is with Bumble again. As you can see it’s very back and forth but in recent books she has definitely portrayed her feelings for Tigerheart. In the newly released, “Thunder and Shadow” Dovewing is seen being very friendly with Tigerheart. When Tigerheart catches Alderpaw out with Twigpaw, he quickly asks if Dovewing is with them, looking disappointed when Alderpaw says “no”. *MAJOR TAS SPOILER* At the end of the book, Crowfrost dies, and Tigerheart becomes the new deputy. He is caught scowling at Bumblestripe as he chats with Dovewing.

I’m very interested in seeing what happens regarding TigerxDove as they are one of my favorite ships. Despite everything, I think Dovewing is a nice she-cat (Don’t attack me for saying that! 😛 )and deserves to be happy with Tigerheart or Bumblestripe. I’m also interested to see if DovexTiger will work out since Tigerheart is now the deputy of ShadowClan. You have to admit, Dovewing and Tigerheart’s kits would be pretty cute!

Feedback would be great as it’s my first article and I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂


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  • I looked up a picture of Dovewing and Tigerheart, and they were so sweet together! It showed then meeting in secret and they were smiling and giggling and were cute!
    But then I looked up a picture of Dovewing and Bumblestripe, and they were even cuter! It showed them curled up together inside the warriors’ den!
    And then I looked up a picture of Dovewing and Foxleap, and they were the cutest of all. It showed a picture of them smushing their faces together inside a heart!

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