After the Battle with Dark Forest by Darkkit


Darkkit discusses what happened to Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Jayfeather after the Great Battle

***(Warning Spoilers for Omen of the Stars !)*** I don’t think you should read article if you have not read Omen of the Stars, the Last Hope.

Hi BiogClan This is Darkkit ( Darkstorm )and this is my first post so I am sorry if it’s not that good. But l hope you like it and I’ll be talking about how Jayfeather’s, Lionblaze’s and Dovewing’s powers kind of faded after the battle with the Dark Forest ! ( And you read that right and I don’t make any mistakes that I know of ) So after the huge deadly battle things kind of were flipped around for these three amazing cats that had gifted powers from StarClan.


Lionblaze was helping to bury the cats that died in the battle when all of a sudden he snagged a claw on a tree root( A TREE ROOT of all the things in the forest and after a huge battle. Was that really needed? like really!)And in case you didn’t know he was giving the power to not get injured but if he let the other cats beat him things were a bit different for him.


Jayfeather used to be able to see what was going on other cats minds and feel what they were feeling even though he was blind but soon after the battle when he tried it was only dark. This happened so slowly that it was like it was the power was fading from his body. ( Which I thought was pretty sad because that was kind of the only that I liked him!)


And lastly Dovewing was given the power to hear stuff that was really far away, well… When her power started to disappeared .It was of like when you have ear wax in your ears and then if you don’t clear out your ears it then gets a bit harder to hear. So let’s just say that Dovewing has ear wax in her ears ( not really it just makes it easier it tell you guys ). Then that ear wax began to build up. This went on until her power had faded but it wasn’t earwax StarClan told them that they would no longer need their powers to protect the Clans since the battle was over.

May StarClan be with you all and guide your paws and until next time we meet I will pray to StarClan that you are all safe and sound each and every day and that you all have the courage to overcome anything that stands in your way of doing what you love and being the greatest warrior you can be. And I pray that StarClan will watch and guide you until it is your time to join them in the stars.
Until we meet again may StarClan be with in all that you do everyday

I really hope you liked this article and to do an even better one next time !

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