The Death of a Very Special Apprentices by Swiftbriar


Swiftbriar discusses some deaths that people must cry at

Hullo Clanmates! Today I will be discussing a few deaths of apprentices that I just had to cry at. Okay, here goes. (*take 10 deep breathes and stops herself from crying like mad again*).

Flowerpaw- Okay I just don’t know what to say right now. I mean literally, her death was totally unnecessary. Because of that stinking APPLEBUTT (Jayfrost’s word for Appledusk thanks Jayfrost!) that had pushed poor Birchface into the river and Flowerpaw just couldn’t let her own mentor die. So she jumped into the river and while I’m reading what had happened, I’m thinking wow you saved your mentor and then the word hit me. NO! Just like that she was gone. Gahhhh I will kill you APPLEBUTT. Only there was no need. Mapleshade did all the work for me. (*pets Mapleshade*). So I’m sure Flowerpaw looking down from StarClan is like,you avenged my death! Thanks. Probably visited her too. Okay the part where Flowerpaw visits is just wishful thinking.

Seedpaw- Gahh I’m tearing up. (*takes a tissue from the tissue box.*) No! She sacrifices herself to save Lilypaw, just like her mother, Sorreltail, wanting to help and willing to sacrifice. But I can’t help wondering if it could have been avoided. Seedpaw and Lilypaw were pretty close from what I had read, so maybe it was going to happen even if Seedpaw hadn’t drowned. Okay I just can’t continue anymore.

Shrewpaw- I’m pretty sure we all know him. Son of Ferncloud and Dustpelt. Boy oh boy his death gets me every time. I have sort of forgotten, but I don’t think he was accompanied by a warrior, so when he got hit by the monster, it took a little while to find him. He was just looking for prey, but when that morsel went on to the Thunderpath, he should have just let it go. But he didn’t and I’m just not happy. Gahh getting questions from Wasppaw, ( that’s my little brother ) why am I tearing up. I tell him. He just give me a hug. Anyway, off topic sorry.

The worst death ever crying drumroll please…………………………. SWIFTPAW. NO! I can’t live with the pain. If only Bluestar had made him a warrior. But I don’t blame Bluestar. No I blame Tigerstar and the dogs. Two reasons actually three for Tigerstar. 1. He had laid that stupid trap. 2. He said that he was going to kill every last warrior. 3. He made Bluestar lose faith in StarClan and the Clan after his attempt to murder her. And then for the dogs because the tore him up. Swiftpaw was an honorable apprentice and would have made a great warrior. Longtail had trained him well. Swiftpaw was my favorite of the apprentices listed and I will always honor him.

Thank you for reading.

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  • Hi! Totally agree with your article, I don’t know Flowerpaw tbh but I agree that most of these apprentices definitely did not deserve to die. Especially Swiftpaw. He just wanted to become a warrior. Seedpaw was also SOOO UNNECESSARY!!! She and Lilypaw (i think its Lilyheart now) were so close, and it hurt to see her go.