Halloween Gathering 2016 Results

The Gathering results will now be announced. 


Ayy, it’s past Flo here 🙂 But the Gathering happened, it was probably okay, and I’m sure that the fan creations are amazing. (Future Flo edit: They were all amazing)

Anyhoo, the scores are up!


First we started with Name That Character. Character descriptions were given and people guessed which cat suited that description.

Everyone did well this round. The Stoats got 2 points, while the Ferrets, Weasels, and Otters got 1 point each.

Next we moved onto Riddles!. The Stoats got 3 points and the Otters and Weasels got 1 each. Good job, so far!

The last of the official contests was Name Matchup!. The Stoats dominated this round, getting 4 points, and the Ferrets got 1 point!

Scores were left like this:

Relatively Excitable Stoats 9
Time-Travelling Otters 2
Neon Weasels 2
Freewheeling Ferrets 2

Then we did Guest-Hosted Contests. (Except for Icy’s, each Guest-Hosted Contest was 22 minutes to allow everyone interested to enter.)

Iceflower’s Game: In her “Who Said it?” game, Ferrets got 2 points, and the Otters and Stoats got 1 each.

Shimmerfrost’s Game: She hosted Name That Book, and Stoats and Ferrets each got 1 point!

Asterpaw’s Game: She hosted “Name the Parents.” Stoats and Ferrets got 1 point each.

Russetfeather’s Game: She hosted “Name That Ancient.” Weasels and Ferrets got 1 point.

Owlwater’s Game: He hosted “Name Scramble”. Weasels and Stoats got 1 point.

Rosefur’s Game: She hosted “Name That Ships Kits” and Ferrets and Otters got 1 point.

We also had Wavepaw’s lovely game but unfortunately she had to leave early and the points for the second question got skewed so I’m not counting this one.

In between rounds, we played NTA, hosted by the lovely Flame! Each team got one point!

Before the fanfiction and fanart contest, the scores were looking a little something like this:

Relatively Excitable Stoats 14
Time-Travelling Otters 5
Neon Weasels 4
Freewheeling Ferrets 9

From there, we began the Fan Creations Contest. The prompt was (A monster/monsters of your choice) has taken over BlogClan! You, and the people of your choice (you could include your team animal) must save BlogClan. Spooky, right?


We’ll begin with the results of the Fan-Art. All of the art was amazing and believe me, we had a hard time judging.

In third place, gaining 3 points for the Neon Weasels is…Lionpaw! Congradultions, I loved your art 🙂

 Honestly, this is absolutely fabulous!

In second place, gaining 5 points for the Relatively Excitable Stoats is…Emberheart! Well done!!!

This was very well done, Emberheart <3

And in first place, getting 8 points for the Freewheeling Ferrets is Foxpaw! Great job!

I love this, and the facial expression is what I adored most 😀


Good job everyone! All the fanart was amazing and it really was a hard decision. But you all did fabulously!!!

Now, onto fanfiction. This too was very hard to judge. And honestly I don’t want to choose.

And really, the fanfiction was so good that I’ve decided to have a joint second place.

So here we go. In second place, bringing 5 points each for the Neon Weasels and Relatively Excitable Stoats are

Wavepaw and Goldenpaw & Russetfeather. Amazing job, you three.

Wavepaw’s fanfiction:

In most Warriors books, a border patrol would be quiet and alert, with some small chatter. But in BlogClan, things are different.

“WANNA HEAR A JOKE?!?!” Owlwater screamed happily.

“Sure!” Willowstream replied with a smile.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?!?!?!” Owlwater asked.

“Why?” asked Russetfeather curiously, holding back laughter.

“Because the Dark Forest killed it!” yelled Hawkfrost, jumping down from a conveniently placed tree.

Wait. That wasn’t planned. We don’t usually have canon cats jumping down from trees to answer our jokes.

“HAWKFROST IS CANON,” I yelled at the top of her lungs.

This made Mistypaw laugh, and I smiled.

“HAWWWKFROST-BAEEEE! NOTICE ME SENPAI!” Cindertail yelled, running across some conveniently placed grass. She threw herself at Hawkfrost and hugged him.

“This is… not going according to plan. But cool!” Hawkfrost exclaimed happily.

“IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ‘COOL,’ SON,” Tigerstar boomed, materializing out of nowhere and immediately attracting a bunch of screaming fangirls. Or fancats. He glared at us. “WE’RE TAKING OVER! BE SCARED!”

“CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME,” Shimmerfrost yelled back at him.

Tigerstar scowled at her. “Is that some sort of secret code? I’ve never called you son ever.”

I rolled my eyes. “No, it’s a Hamilton reference. Duh. Guys let’s see how many references we can make throughout this fanfiction!”


“Darn. Okay. Fine.” I grumbled, repairing the fourth wall. And then I glared at it. Humph. I never liked you anyway, fourth wall.

“ANYWAY.” Tigerstar yelled. “We will now shepherd you back to camp for the official ceremony. Look scared for the cameras, please!”

A bunch of Dark Forest cats that aren’t important enough for a name made a big circle around the two patrols and they walked back to camp without any fanfare and flourishes.

“Fanfare and Flourishes was one of my band pieces last year,” I informed everybody.



At camp, even more unnamed Dark Forest cats stood guard around the rest of BlogClan, who were gathered in a circle in the middle of camp underneath where Cakestar made announcements. True to Tigerstar’s word, there were paparazzi and newspaper reporters and cameramen around, trying to interview and get autographs and take pictures. I signed an autograph for my Wattpad friend before Amberstorm pulled me away.

Everyone was gathered, from Rainbowkit to Snowflower. Except BlogTeam.

I looked around. Winterpaw was there, with a bundle of herbs at his paws, between Sundance and Jetclaw.

It finally dawned on me as Tigerstar stood on Cakestar’s announcing place, which has never really been specified what it is so I’m going to call it a rock but keep in mind that it might be a fallen tree or something, and opened his mouth to speak.

But I got there first.

“OI, IT’S NOT APRIL FOOL’S, YOU FOOLS!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Oi Wavepaw, ‘oi’ is my line,” Emberdawn grumbled.

“Thanks for letting me borrow it!” I responded.

“Well it is now!” Thistleclaw announced. “Well- I mean- It’s not actually BlogTeam behind these masks, it’s really us. And it’s not going to go back to normal tomorrow. The Dark Forest is actually taking over your Clan. You can help us defeat the lake Clans! And SkyClan!”

“NO NOT SKYCLAN,” I cried.

BlogClan booed and threw conveniently placed rotten tomatoes.

“Dudes we don’t have a lot of time for arguments,” Brokenstar sighed. “Just go along with it. We won’t actually get to the Clans.”

“Oh ok,” meowed BlogClan.

“SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT,” hollered Wollowpaw.

The reporters booed and started to leave.

“YOU SUCK BROKENSTAR,” yelled Tigerstar. He jumped over and slapped Brokenstar in the face. Immediately all the stereotypical kits ran to the queens. Except there were no queens, so they all ran to the nearest who was older than them, which resulted in Maplekit huddling at Dawnkit’s paws, but Dawnkit was huddling at Lupinepaw’s paws. And Hazelburrow, who was a human adult, had three kits at his paws and was looking very confused.


“I’M NOT YOUR BRO AND IT’S PG NOW,” Tigerstar screamed back.

“But I want to watch it in school!” Stoatkit complained.

“Yeah, me too!” Foxpaw added.

Silverhawk who totally didn’t exist until now pointed at Stoatkit. “You can watch it. Boom magic powers!”

“Ok guys enough talk I have to get this done.”

Then they defeated the DF cats.

The end!

This honestly made me laugh and Wavey, this was honestly great.

Russetfeather & Goldenpaw’s fanfic:

It was a dark night, the clouds covering the moon. Goldenpaw paced restlessly, her friend, Russetfeather sitting beside her.
“Goldie, what’s wrong? We should get some sleep,” the russet she-cat meowed, flicking her tail.
“I can’t sleep though!” Goldenpaw gazed up at the sky. “Why aren’t there any stars?” She meowed, digging her claws into the ground.
“I don’t know Goldie, but I’m going to SLEEP. You can be tired during training tomorrow but I need to get some sleep for the dawn patrol.” Russetfeather got up and padded into the warriors den, curling up in her nest and falling into a deep troubled sleep, hoping that poor Goldie would be able to fall asleep.

Goldenpaw continued pacing throughout the night, until Jayfrost padded out of the warriors den.
“Have you been up all night?” The deputy asked, gazing at Goldenpaw’s ruffled fur. “You look terrible, go to sleep.”
“I can’t! Just send me on the dawn patrol or something, please!”
Jayfrost gazed at her. “No. You’ll just get hurt and I can’t have the warriors looking after you the whole time. Go to the apprentices den.”
Goldenpaw stumbled into the apprentices den, plopped down and just stared at her paws.

Goldenpaw finally managed to go to sleep after a few hours, having troubled dreams of strange monsters in her sleep. She yowled and sprang up, bristling after seeing a huge green twoleg. She fell back into her nest, whimpering.
Russetfeather came in after hearing Goldenpaw’s yowl. “Goldie? Are you okay?!” She looked around for invaders.
“N-no, I’m not. I keep seeing strange things in my dreams, and they’re all attacking us, and we’re losing…. A-a-and you died in my last dream.” The small apprentice shivered violently.
Shhhh, I’m right here. It’s just a bad dream.” Russetfeather meowed softly, curling up around the apprentice to stop her shivering.

Goldenpaw eventually managed to fall asleep with Russetfeather curled up around her, both of them sleeping ‘till the middle of the night.
Goldenpaw heard some rustling outside of the den.
“Russet..” She whispered, nudging the warrior.
“Wha- What’s happening?” The warrior meowed sleepily.
“I hear something outside,” Goldenpaw whimpered.
“It’s probably just a squirrel or something, go back to sleep.”
Goldenpaw crept outside, poking her head into the bushes.
A dead looking cat grabbed her and clamped their tail over her mouth so she wouldn’t scream, dragging her away.

Russetfeather woke up at sunhigh to yowls, looking beside her for Goldenpaw, hadn’t she gone outside in the middle of the night? Maybe she was hunting.
Russetfeather padded out of the den.
The whole Clan was writhing around, snarling and fighting with… monsters??!
Goldenpaw was nowhere in sight and Russet ran for the leader’s den, determined to defend Cakestar.
She finally got to the leader’s den and skidded inside.
Cakestar was nowhere to be seen.
Instead of Cakestar, it was the bright green twoleg thing that Goldenpaw had described in her dream, crouching and laughing maniacally.

“Wha…What are you?”, Russetfeather screamed. That’s when she saw her.
Goldenpaw lay sprawled out behind the monster, unconscious.
“What did you do?!?!” Russetfeather snarled, lunging at the monster.
The monster easily knocked her back with one paw, hitting her head on the wall.
Russet struggled to her paws.

She sat there, heaving in large gulps of air. “I have to save Goldie!”, she thought.
Suddenly, Flowerstream, Wollowpaw, and Flame burst into the den. They recoiled in horror and yowled for the other cats.
It seemed like the whole of BlogClan poured into the den, snarling. But it was so hard to fight with so many cats in such a small den.
Cats got flung back into the wall, some falling unconscious.
Flame and Emberdawn clung onto the monster’s back, while Jayfrost clawed at it’s face.
It growled and Flowerstream leaped into the air and clawed at it’s eye.

After a few heartbeats of more and more cats clawing at it, the monster flung all the cats off and ran out of the den.
Russetfeather ran to Goldenpaw. She began to frantically lick her friend, trying to revive her.
The very small she-cat opened her eyes slightly. “Wh-what happened?”
Then they heard Hazelburrow’s stricken yowl.
Cakestar lay bleeding and unconscious, but alive, in the middle of the clearing.
Kat sniffed the leader.
“She’s lost a life, but she’s okay.” The calm medicine cat comforted the Clan.
Winterpaw, the medicine cat apprentice, treated Goldenpaw, while the rest of the Clan relaxed and treated their injuries. Once Cakestar woke up they held a feast to celebrate their victory against the monsters.

Soon all was well in the Clan, or was it?
Dark eyes watched the Clan from the bushes moons later, waiting to strike again.

Again, I loved it. It was well written and descriptive. It was wonderful.

And, in first place, bringing 8 points to the Stoats is…Winterpaw! This fanfiction was short but the writing was amazing.

This is not a monster. A monster is something that lives in your dreams and screams in your mind. A monster carries you throughout life and gives you the fear you need to be living. A monster is not a killer, it’s a antihero. It’s on it’s own side.

This is a beast. A beast is violent and overturned and a horrific mess. It slides along the rugged ground with its jagged limbs and broken teeth. This is something that you see once in a lifetime, and tie something you couldn’t never forget.

Cakestar shouts orders to the Warriors. Jayfrost leads the remaining people who are trapped out of camp. Carnage and chaos are ruling our world with tight grip.

Kat is strong. She puts the determination in the sick cats as warriors like Flameshine and Hobbitheart help them exit the smoggy den.

I am frozen in place. I am useless and no one and am sliding under panic. I’m no help, I’m the problem.

Kat rushes over to me in our crowded den. Roars and bellows echo outside in the clearing as cats run for their forsaken lives. The beats is unnamable and indescribable. It is the war, the battle, the destroy of all things. It does not have a colour. It is every colour and every touch of brutality.

“Winterpaw. Listen to me. It’s okay. You have to gather as many herbs as you can and GET OUT. Listen, you’ll be safe, you’ll be fine, just leave and make sure everyone else gets out.”

I do not have a sassy response, or some in-the-moment joke. That’s in the stories. Right now, I’m solidly broken. I shake and nod my head weakly. I gather a crumple of smelly herbs and uneasily exit the den.

I see the beast swarming around knocking cats side to side.

I drop. The herbs tumble across the sodden ground. My chest is constricted with ferny wires. I cannot breathe. Kat screams to me, and the beast turns around.

It’s deformed. It’s head is mushed together with horns and whiskers and body parts. It is no longer indescribable. It is so terrible that nobody would ever want to describe it.

And then I see that I am the bait. As the beats stomps towards me in its full-weighted gristle, Jayfrost gathers warriors behind me. The brave ones. The quiet heroes that are the biggest part of our Clan. Jetclaw, Flowerstream, Stonestripe, Hazelburrow, Frostflower…so many gather together in a rebellious form of defence.

The beast does not look behind itself. It is a mistake, but it is so huge that it cannot make very many mistakes.

Kat grabs me roughly and shove some in. Any other day and I would protest, cause a scene. I am a cat who defies all rules because he can, because he likes to be different, and HAS to be. I like talking back and making everything about me, because I get a sense of being something for once.

As I get lost in translucent thought, the Warriors make their first and final strike.

They surge up in a defiant wave. Claws and jaws and angry howls. They slam into the beats on all sides in dark attack. It is one versus all.

It does not take long. Blood spatters the ground all around the beast. Some cats die. Some cats strike. Some get into the eyes, or deep into the fur (or feathers, whatever this beast has on its hideous back).

I’m choking. My eyes are wide. I am not brave. This would never be a story to tell the kits about how I courageously defended the Clan.

I am just a medicine cat who hides behind his words. I am really not that big, I talk games, and then cheat.

I accept what I am as I curl into the shadows, and the beast falls to the ground, torn on all sides.

BlogClan has won. My friends and clan mates were strong and resilient, brave and smart, careful and cool.

They faced a beast we’ve never seen before, yet they won, with the strength.

Cakestar led us. Jayfrost ordered us. Kat healed us. Flowerstream cheered us.

The kits fought back.

And I was a coward, the bait, the nobody.

“You did good, Winterpaw,” Kat says quietly. “You had a role just as important as fighting. You risked your life without knowing it.”

That makes me genuinely smile, whether I was a coward or sudden hero. I was apart of a perfect Clan, and it seemed that mattered most.

The fanart and fanfiction contest leaves the points like so:

Relatively Excitable Stoats 32 points. 32 points. You guys got 32 points.
Time-Travelling Otters 5 points Sorry Otters. You’ll do fabulously next time.
Neon Weasels 12 points Good job!
Freewheeling Ferrets 15 points I’m proud! We didn’t win, but we did well!

I just want to thank everyone for coming to the Gathering and (hopefully) it was a success! You all did fabulously and yeah I know it was a bit chaotic, but things kind of came together. Who knew the Otters would ever not win the Gathering? Who knew the Ferrets could come in second? 😛

I loved reading each and everyone one of the fanfiction and all the fanart was amazing! Congratulations, Stoats, for stoatally dominating this month’s Gathering. But again, good job to all the Teams!



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