Unexpected Cat Genetics Part 2 by Swiftbriar

leafpool1Hello😸😸! Today I’m going to talk about something that gets tons of discussions these days. Well… can you guess what it is? All right, then I’ll tell you. It’s…. cat genetics!! So a lot of people say that warrior cats don’t run in genetics, but you can find them in the most unexpected way.

Leafpool- She is a light brown tabby she cat with amber eyes and white paws and chest. Now here we go. We know that her pelt color definetly does not match with Firestar’s and Sandstorm’s. And Squirrelflight is an almost exact match as her parents so that’s out of the question. BUT NOW WE HAVE TO GO INTO THIS EVEN DEEPER!!! Let’s have a look at Firestar’s and Sandstorm’s parents. There is Nutmeg, but I don’t think she was a tabby, if so then we have one match. It’s definetly not Jake. So let’s take a look at Redtail. He’s most definetly not the one. But what about Brindleface? She was a tabby. But let’s go to the litter mates section. Sandstorm’s litter mates are not mentioned, but guess who is? Did you guess it, probably not. It’s Princess!! AND it was confirmed in the Allegiances in the first series, that Princess is a ligh brown tabby she-cat with disticntive white paws and chest. So she is basically a complete replica of Leafpool. So much for denying genetics. Let’s do another one though, because it’s not always the same.

We’ll do Squirellflight. She is a dark ginger she-cat with green eyes and one white paw. We’ll look at that white paw of hers.
Okay well right away we notice it can’t be her parents. Leafpool sure. Princess sure. But there is someone else in Sandstorm’s family. Forget her parents. But what about her mother’s sister. And her father’s sister. Okay Brindleface and Frostfur are both litter mates. Frostfur is pure white from top to bottom. That’s a pretty obvious one. But now let’s look at Redtail’s sister Spottedleaf. She was a tortoiseshell she-cat. And all tortoiseshells have some white or cream on them. You’re welcome for clarifying that.

Let’s do Ivypool and Dovewing. Something of a controversy has sprung up about these two sisters’ parentage. In other words, they think that Ashfur was their real father, mainly because Birchfall has a completely different color pelt. And that the pelts of Ivypool and Dovewing are an almost same match with Ashfur’s. Okay, well enough about that, let’s look at Whitewing. It’s basically a match. But now why don’t we look into Birchfall’s family. Ferncloud was his mother and Dustpelt his father. Now since we are talking about Ivypool and Dovewing, this is not a match. But Ferncloud, who is a light gray she-cat with darker flecks, she is a match. Hahahahahahaha!!😜😜😜😛😛. So much for that controversy. Sorry got a little carried away.

Okay, well let’s start with someone else. Okay we’ll do Leopardfoot. Her mother is Swiftbreeze, father is Adderfang, and brother is Patchpelt. So you could say that Leopardfoot’s pelt color was based from Adderfang’s pelt, but it still could be Swiftbreeze’s or Adderfang’s parents or litermates.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll make a part two tomorrow, because I can’t finish this tonight.

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  • Good article. I never really paid attention to cat genetics with my cats since they were all fixed at a young enough age that they never had kittens. My sister on the other had always had a mama cat who had several litters of kittens (4-6 each litter) that all were calicos and tabbies like Bramblestar and Tigerstar. I will say when I try to match real life versions of each cat in the book series (there are around 1000 cats) on my pintrest boards, some of the cats have been difficult to find. I’m still searching for the perfect Cinderpelt. Though I found a perfect Squirrelflight (her paws are not shown).

    • Ooh, that sounds like fun! Mind if I steal your Idea and try to find real-life warrior cats? 😛

  • Great article, master at genetics!
    Here is a human one for yah that’s true:
    My father has dark brown hair, my mother has dirty blonde hair. My sister has dark brown hair like my dad. My grandmother had light brown hair. My grandfather had brown hair. Both on dad’s side. My grandmother and grandfather on my mom’s side both had dark blonde hair. HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET STRAWBERRY BLONDE HAIR!

  • But there are a lot of genetics through their parents…..

    Squirrelflight is ginger because of Firestar
    Breezepelt is black because of Nightcloud
    Silverstream is a silver tabby because of Willowbreeze and Rainflower (pale color)
    Leafpool is a brown-and-white tabby because of Nutmeg
    Brackenfur and Thornclaw are golden-ish because of Lionheart
    Poppyfrost is a tortoiseshell because of Sorreltail
    Swiftpaw is black-and-white because of Patchpelt
    Bluestar is blue-gray because of Stormtail
    Honeyfern is a brown tabby because of Brackenfur
    Stonefur and Mistystar are blue-gray because of Bluestar
    Feathertail is a silver tabby because of Silverstream
    Tigerheart is a dark brown tabby because of Tigerstar
    Bramblestar is a dark brown tabby because of Tigerstar
    Petalkit is creamy brown because of Appledusk
    Patchkit is ginger, black, and white because of Mapleshade
    Birchface is a dark brown tabby because of Oakstar
    Reedwhisker is black because of Blackclaw
    Seedpaw is golden-brown because of Brackenfur
    Brokenstar is a dark brown tabby because of Raggedstar

  • Never relised that! But let me point out something… I *think* the Erins confirmed Squirrelflight got her white paw to represent Scourge was Firestar’s half brother.

  • I imagine that two genes common in ThunderClan are cinnamon and amber. Amber is a rare gene only found in Norwegian Forest cats (whose descendants might be in the Clans). I imagine Sandstorm as a cinnamon torbie, and Firestar as a red false tabby covering chocolate. Chocolate is dominant to cinnamon, and so Leafpool would be a chocolate torbie carrying cinnamon. All three of her kits would be black, black tortie, or ginger covering black, and would carry chocolate or cinnamon. Leafpool would carry amber from her mother’s side. She would pass this on to Lionblaze, and him to Fernsong. Cinderheart would carry it from Brackenfur, so Fernsong could express the amber gene. Cloudtail could somehow carry amber, resulting in Ambermoon and Honeypaw. I imagine chimeric Redtail with Ss whitespotting (co-dominant) that ye would pass on to Sandstorm, and her to Leafpool, Squirrelflight, and later Alderheart.

  • I just realized that Spottedleaf is now Firestar’s “aunt in law” (I think I’m getting it right lol) uuuummmmmmm……….

  • All tortoiseshells do /not/ all have white on them. They are either called specifically tortoiseshell-and-white, or the North American term: Calico. Tortoiseshell cats are normally bicolor, which means mainly black and mainly ginger. There’s tricolor kitties who are black, ginger, and cream, or we have blue tortoiseshells/smoke torties, who are blue-gray, dark gray, and cream. The tortoiseshell-and-white cats are tricolor cats with only two primary colors, black and ginger, with small amounts of white on them, more specifically their “points”, so to speak. The points refer to the ears, muzzle, paws, and tail-tip. But calicoes can also be /much/ different. Lots of calicoes are mainly white with small amounts of ginger or black, or a moderate amount.

  • The genetics of cats don’t go that far back though. They don’t carry on coat colours from their grandparents or cousins or whatever, it’s only immediant parentage (though it’s different for white markings and dilutions but that’s because they’re not actual coat colours).

    But Ivypool and Dovewing could still be blue (blue and grey are the same colours) because Whitewing isn’t actually white, she’d be a level 10 White Spotting which means she /appears/ white, but is a different colour underneath, so she could be a blue tabby.

    Anyways, yeah. Leafpool is still impossible to be brown. She could still be a tabby since all red cats have to be tabbies (although not all are GENETICALLY tabbies and those are called False Tabbies), but she’d have to be red as ginger parents can only produce ginger kittens.

  • I’m guessing that maybe Leafpool is some sort of dark shade of orange mixed with some of Princess’s genes. It is possible, since Princess and Firestar had the same mother, and if you look on color chooser sites there are browns that are darker versions of orange. For Squirrelflight, I say she is mainly Firestar with some of Princess’s genes.

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