Comparing BlogClanners to Warriors by Wollow and Lupinepaw (it’s really late for us okay)

depositphotos_14077455-funny-cartoon-cats-seamless-pattern-905x1024(Note: This might get complicated. On the original Google Doc, instead of putting (Lup:stuffthings) or “Lupine is now typing”, we’d put italics for Lup and normal for me.)

Hello young geese. Welcome to an article by the mysterious Wollow and Lup. Wollow is currently writing this. It’s currently 3 for Wollow, midnight for Lup (12). This will turn out interestingly. and goose. There will be many geese. (Lup: hundreds and thousands of geese join gooseclan goslings)

(goose edits)
(a lot of them)

Anyway, onto the point of the article. (just look at the title) The point of the article is comparing BlogClanners to Warriors, which we didn’t rip off any other old article at all (yes we did it was wollow’s idea) and we’re not including the obvious Wint-Jayfeather one.

(lup: get your burritos at nationwidedotcom.gif)

Welp, first comparison thingy yay. (lup: woohoo)
Sundance is Squirrelflighttttttt

We say this because umm umm they’re both crazy and funny and amazing and just plain amazing (lup: outstanding) 😛

Okay serious time or this won’t be accepted

Sunny is like Squirrelflight because they’re both crazy (in a good way), hyper, funny, really fun
(AAA SPIDER IN MY BED HELP) (lup: i told you to not sing muffet or spider dance mwahahaha) (OKAY ONTO THE ARTICLE)

Sunny is like Squirrelflight because… (insert interruption here jk jk) (lup: food) (now you made me hungry aa)
(lup: Soup)

Lupine is now typing.

Sunny (Sundance) is like Squirrelflight since she is really funny and also fun to be with. She has the matching good type of craziness, which of course makes it even funner to be with her, and she is really wise! (Wollow: She also is sometimes serious and is really good at being serious and in charge and aa)

Wollow is now typing.

(lup: summon the thinking geese)
(wollow: go think at the chat thing with me lup)
Okay, after a lot of planning, we’re back.

(wollow: brb getting candy) (lup: and getting burritos at nation wide) (wollow: back finally) (lupL woohoo)



Maplekit and Spark(le)pelt are both very cheerful and amazing, crazy (lup: and the fun type of crazy), and they both idk idk have siblings and stuff? They just have a pretty nice life and I think Maplecookie is athletic and Spark(le)pelt is like a good hunter and fighter so YAY.

Lupine is now typing.

Now that our soup stands are running out of soup lettuce get onto the third one, which is…
Wavey and Sandstorm!

They just match omg like seriously Wavey is kind like Sandstorm is, smart, and caring. (oi pages) And also, she’s swift as Sandstorm (and by that she replies quickly omg)

Wollow is now typing.

Anyways guys, that concludes (oh my goose fancy words) our article (lupine: artichokes) for today and stuff and things and yay. We’re finally done rambling. Don’t forget to hail the goose lemonade stands and remember Jayrost. (not a typo) (lupine: also don’t forget to visiit nationwidedotcom.gif for your golden tickets or nation wide won’t be at your side! STAY TUNED FOR THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF sparkleFur!!!1!1!11!!!!!1!11!) Goooooooooooooooooooooosebye. (lupine: goosebyeee) (wollow: last word haha i’ll submit it okay nice got it bye) (lup: and food is exercise) (wollow: LAST WORD IS RIGHT HERE NO DENYING IT)

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  • WAIT

    wouldn’t I be Wavepaw? 😛

    Wavepaw is a reincarnation of Sandstorm 😛

    • XD

      Up in StarClan…
      SANDSTORM- Oh no! I can feel my beautiful daughters and grandchildren pining for me! I should reincarnate myself…into a RiverClan apprentice!
      FIRESTAR- *spits out whatever they drink in StarClan* BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEEEE
      REST OF STARCLAN- Yes, that makes a whole lot of sense! *Yellowfang snaps her fingers*
      SANDSTORM- *is transported down to RiverClan* WHEEEEEEEEE

      THE END XD

  • I’d be someone nobody remembers, like Smokepaw who DIED AND I CRIED FOR TWO DAYS THAT POOR SHADOWCLAN APPRENTICE!!!!

  • I think I am Hollyleaf. I have not gotten to the point in the book, so I looked up her personality (You know it’s sad at that point XD). When I read it I was like “This is me… *passes out*”. XD I think she is just like me. Prepare to hear what is said:

    Fierce, strong, determined, intellegent, cunning, loyal, rule-follower, perfectionistic, outspoken, bold, sharp-tounged, aloof, dignified, blunt, thoughtful, compassionate, dedicated, ambitious, sassy, independant, strong, observant, self-righteous, serious, passionate, mysterious, tough, courageous, and a go-getter.

    COULDN’T HAVE DESCRIBED MYSELF BETTER! MY PERSONALITY IS SO CONFUSING! Just add bad-pun and bad-joke maker and it’s me in a nut shell. :3 I am that one weird child that everybody avoids XD

  • I have no idea who I’d be… maybe… that’s a tough one. I think bright stream, because I am hesitant, but I go for it in the end! Good article!

  • I wonder who I am. If anyone has suggestions I’ll gladly take them.

    I’d say I’m introverted, and doesn’t like to be around a ton of people. Quiet around unknown people, but tries to talk a lot around friends. But then again, I don’t think I have a lot of friends, if any. 🙁 I would be talkative if people listened to me, but they usually don’t. They either really can’t hear me, or purposely ignores me. I’d say it’s the latter. You know, I don’t think I have a Warriors counterpart, but who knows?

  • I am…. any cat with an injury. (Cinderpelt/heart, Brightpaw/heart, BLAH BLAH BLAH…)