Top 3 Firestar mate’s, Spotted Leaf, Sandstorm or Cinderpelt? by Golden

Golden discusses the best mates for Firestar.

Hi Blogclan and hello fellow cats! My name is Golden and this is my first post there, as you probably saw on the title i’m gonna discuss with you guys who of SpottedLeaf, Sandstorm or Cinderpelt would be the best Firestar mate, now we all know that Sandstorm is Firestar formal mate in the series, but i’ll ignore that in my top 3 ‘list’, and PLEASE remember that i don’t want to cause a flamewar on the comments so PLEASE respect my and others opinion about this, whitout further ado let’s begin!

3- Sandstorm: Well, well, well… just because Sands is Firestar formal mate that doesn’t mean i have to accept her, She’s loyal, it’s a great cat (atleast after being a warrior), and like’s to do important things (Apprentice’s Quest). But i just don’t feel that Firestar ‘always’ liked Sandstorm, even after Fireheart saved her life (which is the only cause that made they start a relationship), he only start liking she then Sandstorm changed his behavior towards him, i fell like if Firestar only took Sandstorm as a mate to forget Spottedleaf, so sorry Sandstorm and Sandstorm Fans, but she’s 3rd.

2- Cinderpelt: Uh, that we can talk about Cinderpelt… (Well, enough words to place her 2nd), CinderPelt has pratically evey good characteristic a Medicine cat could have, She’s Nice, wise, intelligent, care about others, loyal, is funny then she wants to be. Now just think if Cinderpelt had all of those in a Warrior life not a Medicine life? Sure, Firestar always saw her like a sister, but he had way more contact with she (than Sandstorm) and the first cat Fireheart always visited then he has troubled has Cinderpelt (Until Fireheart begin his relationship with Sandstorm *Cries in the corner*) in the medicine den, and she had feelings for him! tell me a better mate than that one? (Actually there is one, the 1st place in my top 3).

1- SpottedLeaf: I know, you guys are wishing for me to die now, but let’s all sit and calm down, SpottedLeaf couldn’t have a relationship with Firepaw (C’mon Spotted look you’r age), because of the ‘medicine-cat rule’ and then she started liking him (Which is probably after Firepaw started taking care of YellowFang) she got murdered (i hatz u Clawface), but even dead she had an ‘relationship’ with him from apprentice until he turned a leader, in this case, nothing much special happened for either Firepaw start liking she, and neither for Spotted liking him (*Insert here Sandstorm*) and talking about Sands, she acutally worried about losing Firestar to Spotted as she knew about their ‘Relation’ (Firestar’s Quest), and on the battle agains’t Dark Forest (The last Hope) is the book there we saw how much Firestar still love her as he says that she promised to be there then he went to Starclan, and later Bluestar says that SpottedLeaf gave Firestar the ‘life and gift of love’. So, yeah a ‘Happy Ending’ between those two would be sweet, don’t you think?.
So yeah guys that has my opinion, hopefully you enjoyed, and comment that do you think about it (But please respect it, pliz :|) So that’s it. Bye!

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  • Okay…here are my opinions
    Sandstorm: Okay, I think Sandstorm is actually the perfect mate for Firestar. She started loving him because she realized that he was such a good cat. He wasn’t a kitty pet anymore. Firestar loved her when she stopped “annoying him” with Dustpelt. All he knew her as was the cat who annoyed him. He hadn’t seen her true personality, or who she could be. They became best friends and mated. Yeah, I’ll admit Cinderpelt did kind of enforce their relationship (I’m rereading the first series.) But I think their perfect together.
    Spottedleaf: Oh, the perfect Spottedleaf. (I used to love her, i started reading warriors in 1st grade don’t blame me lol) Firestar loved her at first sight. The perfect she cat. Well, sometimes I think all Spottedleaf did was to distract Forepaw from his duties. She was the perfect one, and when she died it was tragic. I’m actually very grateful for that. If Firestar would have mated with her, he would have broken the warrior code, been distracted by love, and probably would never have been as loyal or great of a leader. Sandstorm wasn’t perfect, and Firestar recognized that. Once he realized she had a good side, he couldn’t stop loving her. If he mated with Spottedleaf, he might expect all of his she-cat friends to be perfect. (Just maybe). I was very grateful for her when she admitted Sandstorm would be a better mate. It let Firestar realize Spottedleaf wasn’t the cat to love, especially after she joined Starclan. He needed his attention on the she-cat that loved him in the modern world.
    Cinderpelt- Cinderpelt. I personally love her character, but her relationship with Fireheart was one I never particularly loved or hated. I do really love her to be one of his best friends ( Yes I didn’t forget Graystripe.) But mates, that might have taken it a little far. Yet this is true for any cat, if he became mates with her she might have a burden on her and have been eager to take care of him first. Especially as a leader, it would’ve been very hard to keep a secret like that, as you saw from Bluestar. Just imagine sharing tongues with your mate and then guiltily walking away, forgetting about your duties. Cinderpelt was the best medicine cat, and I wouldn’t want anything to change that. Having been mates with Firestar or any cat may have distracted her from her duties, or training her apprentice. Plus, it would have created more drama when the clan is already suffering. (Sorry if this was too long)

    • Firestar saved Sandstorm from falling into the gorge, that’s why she started to fall in love with him

        • Sandstorm was kind of a jerk, and they were always fighting, spottedleaf was kind of stalking him, and some theories fans have made say she tried to pull him into the dreams so far he couldn’t get out. Spottedleaf was sandstorms aunt, which seems creepy to me so get out of here spottedleaf x firestar shippers if you want your lives! Cinderpelts really nice to him and loved leafpool, and she calms him down and helps him while sandstorm starts fights about everyone who’s a she cat he is friends with. Heck, she’s overreacting about everything! So cinderpelt x firestar forever

    • Also, in “Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer”, it says that Spottedleaf would have become a warrior.

  • All the Firestar drama has never really been in me. I know that FireXCinder is never going to work. They were much better working together to help ThunderClan….
    FireXSpotted was okay….so was FireXSand. I just feel like I would ship Firestar with someone more if all these ships didn’t have so many flaws…
    All the Firestar ships are ships that I won’t fight for. But I will disagree with FireXCinder people.

  • My top 3 list 3-spottedleaf I DOOKIE hate her with all of my soul

    2-cinderpelt um shes ok but im glad she got hit >:)

    1-sandstorm!!!! Now that im thinking I messed up here is my list again




  • I really don’t agree with FirexCinder. I don’t think there were many romantic feelings there. Honestly, my favorite ship is SandxFire. It was a classic case of hate then love. Sand didn’t know much about him at first and teased him. Later, they slowly fell in love. Spotted, I feel, was more of a celebrity crush. He was basically a kid, and he had a crush on a beautiful young adult. It was not well developed.

    I agree Spottedleaf and Firestar would have never worked out, because of her dying and being a medicine cat and all. I think Cinderpelt and Firestar were just friends because there was nothing written about them liking each other, or ever having a relationship that was greater than just friends. I think we also have to realize that when Cinderpelt died she was brought back by Starclan, and given a second chance as Cinderheart, where she than found love with Lionblaze. I have nothing against Cinderpelt because she moved on and never tried to tear apart the relationship between SandXFire. Back to Spottedleaf she is my least favorite cat, because in a way she tried to break up SandXFire because of her jealousy of Sandstorm… She did this by finding Firestar in his dreams and kinda flirting with him, which really made me mad because she was the one who gave him the life of love and said ” Use it well on Sandstorm” if you think about it this is kinda evil, why did she feel the need to interfere with Sandstorm and Firestars relationship. Also if any of you have read the prologue of the Apprentice Quest the topic of Spottedleaf and Sandstorm is brought up while Bluestar and Firestar are talking. Bluestar does not approve of Spottedleaf but she does approve of Sandstorm because she is a loyal warrior. This does come from Bluestar who is a respected cat in Starclan, so if she does not approve of Spottedleaf many other cats would have shared the same opinion on Spottedleaf.
    I think we also have to put some blame on Firestar although he is a beloved cat, he showed that for some while he could not choose between Sandstorm and Spottedleaf. He did end up choosing Sandstorm in the end. But he still was disloyal to her for sometime, until he realized how much he truly loved her and valued her more than Spottedleaf.
    In the end Sandstorm is the cat for Firestar she is loyal, brave, tough, and a beautiful cat. When she becomes a elder she is considered a very wise cat by countless others, including The clan leader Bramblestar, who went to her for advice before anyone else. When she did go to Starclan she was mourned by many living cats because she was so popular.
    One more thing without Sandstorm the power of three Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze would have never happened and her two daughters Leafpool and Squirrelflight would never have been born along with, AlderHeart and Sparkpelt. These cats have all played important roles in almost every series after the first. Many bad things would have happened to all the Clans including Starclan if they were not born. Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt would have never been able to produce the same cats Sandstorm did, making her the best choice, and best mate for Firestar.

  • It was none of them, In a script by the Erin’s, BlueStar and FireStar had became mates, but otherwise I had shipped SpottedLeaf with FireStar.

      • well yeah, but you like ivypool and her mate was a kit when she was a warrior and you say nothing about it? are you guys just picky or you dont know that fernsong is lionblazes son?

  • I think Sandstorm is the best mate for Firestar. Their relationship actually took time to develop, not like Firestar and Spottedleaf, where Firestar barely even met her, and then when Spottedleaf died, was all like oh my gosh, Spottedleaf, I love you and I wished you hadn’t died and all like that. If Spottedleaf didn’t die, it wouldn’t really work out since she is a medicine cat (unless they do it in secret but that’s against the medicine cat code). If Spottedleaf was a warrior instead of a medicine cat, I would agree that Spottedleaf might be a better mate for Firestar because her personality is kinder than Sandstorm’s but Spottedleaf is a medicine cat so that wouldn’t work. For Cinderpelt, I guess she’s okay, but they do seem to have a little of an age differnce. Sandstorm is kind (when she wants to), encourages Firestar to make decisions that he’s reluctant to do, and just really makes Firestar happy. Sure, she first treated Firestar as sort of an outsider since he was a kittypet, but in the end, Sandstorm accepted Firestar and they became really good mates.

    • I truly believe Firestar should be mates with sandstorm . I never liked Spottedleaf. She took firestar away from sandstorm .
      Sorry for spottedleaf lovers and fabs but i truly hate her.

  • hay Kate Cary if you liked it the way you said it why did you kill spottedleaf instead of making her a Madison Kat apprentice and having her and firepaw fight claw face and have him escape and spottedleaf becoming a apprentice and firestar mating spotted leaf with sandstorm still the bully.

  • Ok, I don’t know how the whole CinderpeltxFirestar thing started but it is a big lie there just friends 👫. Spottedleaf is to old for him. I HATE IT WHEN THE COUPLES HAVE AN AGE DIFFERENCE!!! Sandstorm and Firestar are perfect

    • FireXSand makes the most sense ,but I like CinderXFire. Cinderpelt was a really good friend and could have been a possible mate. I honestly like CinderXFire way better than FireXSpotted. Spottedleaf died too soon after Firepaw joined the clan to have a close relationship. I did not like how she kept on visiting Fireheart/ Firestar and trying to take him away from Sandstorm . Also Spottedleaf was dead. Then she died again. So yeah. I think Firestar should have a living breathing mate when he lived. I also might have a little bias for CinderXFire. I loved Cinderpaw/pelt. She was kind, wise and full of energy.

  • I do not think your opinion. If Firestar and Sandstorm hadn’t met, the clans would be gone. Let me explain, they met had two kits, Leafpool and Squirrelflight, Leafpool had Jayfeather and Lionblaze, and then they worked together with Dovewing to stop the dark forest. And let’s be honest, Firestar could never really be with Cinderpelt or Spottedleaf.