Dawn of the clans jumbo article! (part 1) by Kindheart (Contains Spoilers)

9780062410078HELLO BLOGCLAN!!!! It is I Kindheart and today well over the course of the week I am going to be looking over my favorite series I will pick it apart until we can see every aspect and every little detail in it! So lets begin

Today we will look at the bare essence of the series what’s the point and such!
The dawn of the clans is basically the Erins way of showing us this is how the clans began! However there is more to this series much, much, much more! For me personally only a couple of warrior books have made me cry half of those books where from this series… that is a large number (6-7 books have made me cry and I am NOT ASHAMED!! SOOOO JUDGE AWAY I DON’T CARE!) And because I like to give myself brain damage I asked myself. Hmm I wonder why this is… (Yes I ask myself things sometimes I need expert advice!) this series has a lot more emotion and feeling than any other. So today we will peel away one of the layers of why and how it came to be this way! (This series obviously has many layers sooo it will take a fair amount of articles to peel them all away! Like a banana) we will start by looking into the characters minds… we shall start off with my all-time favorite warrior character GRAY WING!!! Gray wing is a very calm and intelligent cat. However he is also fierce and loyal to those he knows and loves (this is proved when he stands up for Clear sky even though everyone hates him and thinks he’s a jerk which he sometimes is) We see in the series that gray wing encounters a lot of problems but I think what makes him different from firestar is that we can easily relate to his problems and how he deals with them. Also his problems are a little more realistic. Brother can go against brother and start a war. A fire could burn someone’s home etc. because of these facts this series hits us closer to home because we can imagen ourselves in those very situations, or we might have been in a situation like it before. So that explains a bit why this series is a lot more emotional than others. Next we will look into clear sky’s mind…

Clear sky is a cat that does something before he thinks he’s a lot more active than gray wing. He does what he thinks is right and try’s to learn from the past even if it doesn’t always end up as he planned… like gray wing his problems are relatable. However what makes him special and essential to this book is how he reacts to things and his *ahem* issues. We see in the first 3 books that he is quick to anger. After that he learns to more or less control his temper. But he still can’t seem to get along with everyone. This character is so flawed that it brings excitement and even more realism to the series. Because off clear sky we see how some cats(people) can make bad choice after bad choice yet I think gray wing was made to stay loyal to clear sky to show that there is someone who can stand up for you always. Normally it will be the person you grew up with!

This is just part one and I will stop here before I give us all brain damage! Please let me know your thoughts but trust me this is only the beginning! Part 2 is already in the making! 🙂 have a great day so until the next article Cyo! 😉

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