The Top 5 Dumbest Deaths of Warrior Cats by WidowPelt

speckletail_and_cloudkit_by_tombstone_it_is_cool-d8r4zk4Hello warriors of Blogclan ( I hope that’s what everyone calls you) like Ivymask who was featured on the front page (congrats) this is my first article on BlogClan. These are the Top 5 Dumbest deaths in Warrior Cats. Please be aware that I will be listing by how stupid of a reason they died. I am also only up to Sunset as a Series Newbie but I know most of what’s going on, like what happens in the Power of Three and so on. So, get ready to get triggered at me and let’s begin this Top 5.

5. Snowkit
Snowkit was my favourite kit of all time. The fact that he was deaf made me love him even more. But, since it was Goldenflower’s last kit, the Erin’s (CakeStar don’t take me down pls) just killed him off to throw Goldenflower in the elders den and forget about her until when the cats traveled to their new home. Snowkit could of had so much potential with his injury/disability. That would of made for a perfect super edition. I mean, Come on, Brightheart had a serious injury on her face but she could still become a warrior. Why not the same for Snowkit?

4. Lionheart
When I first was reading Into The Wild my favourite character was (and still is) Lionheart. So when he died in a battle with Shadowclan I was like ” LIONHEART NOOOOoOOOO” as a youngling of the fandom. But he died the most disappointing way. Like, couldn’t Tigerclaw/Tigerstar kill him or he turns evil and kills some cats so he actually deserves it? (Note: I have not read any of the super editions, mind you.) He died honourably, but his death just wasn’t interesting. Brokenstar’s death was cool. So was Bluestar’s and Dappletail’s (which is hilarious by the way). I just hope with the new books coming out that the deaths will be more interesting.

3. Ashfur
Ok, I know that Ashfur kinda did deserve to die, but the reason Hollyleaf killed him is just dumb.
“Oh no! Ashfur knows the secret! Now he’s going to tell everyone at the gathering about it! Better kill him!”
You know, I would of been fine if Hollyleaf just did that, even though Ashpaw was my favourite apprentice of all time. But then, she just tells everyone at the gathering anyways! Like seriously!

2. Hollykit
I’m putting Hollykit here because 1. I don’t remember the names of the other cats that got affected by the same problem and 2. It was the most suttle death ever. Why do those cats just get killed off? Starclan couldn’t do anything about it even though they fought against the dark forest cats and living cats AND can make prophecies that will change the future (multiverse stuff) but can’t give some kits a little more food? Also, it is barely mentioned in the fandom, and barely mentioned in later books. It’s like Starclan is punishing the whole forest because Leopardstar and Blackstar won’t do as they say.

1. Spottedleaf the first time she died
Now before you start reporting me to CakeStar, hear me out. Spottedleaf, like Snowkit, only died to further the plot. But she could have died gracefully, but no. We just see her lifeless corpse after Clawface kills her. Then she becomes the prophecy messenger (Starkits Prophecy anyone?) and everyone’s happy. But nobody even remotely talks about her first death. No honourable phrase before she dies, because that doesn’t make sense when she’s going to be the prophecy messenger and special one of Starclan. She just dies and becomes all holy. But atleast they made up for it when she died the second time. Man, that was sad.

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  • Actually snowkit was speckletail’s last kit not goldenflower’s.Goldenflower had Bramblestar,Tawnypelt,Swiftpaw(with Whitestorm from what i’ve heard) Proof of snowkit being speckletail’s last kit 1. The warrior cat wiki 2. A dangerous path Snowkit was carried off by a eagle/hawk I’m not trying to be rude or anything im just ocd about ppl getting warrior cat facts wrong.

  • Speckletail had Goldenflower,Lionheart and snowkit which means that Tawnypelt’s kit Tigerstar(heart) who was with dovewing is related to their kits ik interesting right? Speckletail being related to cats related to Tigerstar( the first one )

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